Bread and Milk

As I sat this morning enjoying my breakfast, I was watching out the window and listening to the weatherman. Snow is on its way for today.

They can be calling for one inch or just a flurry and it turns into a big deal here in the Carolinas.
That means everyone will rush out to the stores to get bread and milk. The shelves will be empty so I'm glad I stocked up yesterday. I'm ready.

But have you ever wondered why people do this? What is it with the bread and milk combo?
Its quiet simple and actually a great idea.
  • Everyone always has can foods and pantry items that keep for days. What everyone runs out of first is bread and milk. 
  • The shelf life is short on both of these items and its the two things people always need the most. 
  • Therefore store shelves will empty quick and what if the trucks cant get out quick enough to restock. Can those trucks really get stuck in the snow?
  • People don't realize how much both of these items are consumed until its gone. I mean here I am with a breaded bagel and coffee with milk creamer. 
  • When they say bread it can be crackers, cereal, biscuits, a loaf, buns, etc..
  • Milk is needed for babies and children. 
  • Milk is used in cooking and can also be used to make foods go further. It can be drank warm or cold. 
  • And if it does snow, you will need it to make snow cream. Ha.
  • If this was all the food you had, you could survive on either of these two items.

But Here is my theory:

I think it all goes back in time when milk was delivered and bread was made. Going out for bread meant they needed flour, cornbread, yeast, eggs and milk. Everyone knows, Grandma needed these items for nearly everything.

What I really wonder is why people don't rush out for toilet paper and coffee?


  1. Well done, thank you for bringing this to us

  2. Oh yes, French toast season; I rather prefer the medieval version which used manchet (a type of bread) with milk or cream, eggs... only a couple... and honey. I add a bit of cinnamon as well. Mix together well, let set overnight and bake in the morning. Yummy!

  3. Enjoyed your amusing viewpoints! It's fun to see how so many things change through the generations.

  4. Okay, I will admit I am laughing. Toilet paper and coffee!!!!!! I do love your thinking. It is always fun to come here for my surprise of the day. Being raised in NC, I know about the Bread/milk thing. It is funny, even thinking of coming home early, we saw the forecast of snow and I said maybe we had better stay in SC an extra night to allow the snow to melt in Belmont.
    BUT that aside, I think you even opened my eyes a little to the reason of TAR HEELS rushing out and emptying the shelves, because I KNOW it does happen and I still smile. since most of us know it will be gone in a day or two. LOL
    AS always, a fun visit! THANKS!
    We will be in NC Tuesday, if it does not snow a bunch!!