Mexican Bakery

It was Sunday morning. My daughter was home for the weekend and we decided this time to skip church, sleep in, and have a nice relaxing breakfast without having to rush around getting dressed

When the afternoon rolled around, we decided to head out for some thrift store shopping and chinese takeout. Right beside the chinese restraunt we spotted a Mexican bakery, it was just a small hole in the wall type place with a tiny "open" sign on the window. It was nothing fancy and sorta run down. This spot has been empty for some time and aparently it was not important to them to make it attractive.

The smell of fresh bread and sweet pastry filled the air. As we walked in, We were in awe. Everything was giant size! 

My mind drifted away from the torn carpet and crumb dirty pastry stands. The baker gave us a tray and a set of tongs, then told us everything was only 90 cent each. Wow, now I didnt even notice the dirty windows. 

It was a hard decission but we only chose four different items. We had no idea what anything was called and really didnt care. It all looked amazing. We grabbed our bakery bag of goodies then headed next door to pick up our chinese food we had ordered. 

Once home we had to try a bite of each item as it was all very fresh and tasty.

I'm not sure what the Mexian word for this is, but in the south, we call it a cherry turnover. 

I will have to make another visit soon. This can be dangerous for my diet as its only three miles from my home.



  1. We don't have many straight-up bakeries over here, I don't think we have a Mexican one though.

  2. I'll be right over to help you sample of those yummy pastries. I'm sure you could use a little help! Hope you enjoyed your time with your daughter. Blessings

  3. I like the fact you and daughter spend special 'lady' time. She is making memories to feed her through life. Good memories help thru tough times that WILL come.
    I love a bakery! The smell alone can lasso you and drag you in. LOL
    This is a fun (smiley) entry!

  4. I'm from El Paso...where these are on every corner :)

    Haven't had any Mexican pastries in forever.

  5. They look SO good!!

  6. Very enjoyable, thank you
    But I love Mexican food