Socially Awkward

[None of this is proven facts or focused toward any person.. It's all  just my opinion.]

Do you feel socially Awkward? Do you feel like you just don't fit in no matter how hard you try? I know I do.

With Social events such as visiting colleges, Valentines day dances and proms approaching, many young girls and boys will experience this. No matter how friendly you are or how good of a friend you would make to anyone, you just cant seem to be accepted. You feel left out and ignored and just can not get into the "click". You will often find your self talking to someone one minute and all of a sudden standing alone.

Most of this problem is due to the lack of self esteem. You feel as if you can not compete with others. The word is "Intimidated". There is always that one out spoken girl or guy that's loud and bubbly. The one that everyone just seems to love to hang out with but still they never approach you (and you dare to approach them first). Then there is the ones that look like super models in your eyes, the ones that are really cool and fun, they have the cars, the clothes and cool technology and just seem to have it all together and know every thing. Even thought you may have some or all of these qualities, you still cant seem to mingle and if you did mingle, you feel odd and everything you say and do just seems to come out all wrong so therefore, you just keep to yourself and if anyone wants to talk to you, they can come to you . Right?

You need to over come it! No one is better than you. The ones that are out going do not understand why you are standing alone. They have a different personality. If you find yourself in this situation....
  • Do not make yourself look like you don't have friends.
  • Don't look sad or depressed.
  • Don't look bored.
  • If you find yourself alone in a corner, act like you want to be alone while maybe counting guest or fixing something on your outfit, have something in your eye, reapplying your lip stick or fixing your shoe.
  • Smile at everyone that looks at you as if you are glad to see them.
  • Walk around with you head held high (you are one of a kind).
  • Do not snub anyone (remember, we are all the same and you also are no better than anyone else).
  • Walk by others and just pat them on the back and say hey and walk on. This gets you noticed but your not overdoing it. They will just know your nice and available for conversation.
  • You can start a conversation by complementing someones something.
Now that I'm over 40 I still find myself being a social outcast no matter what I do. But at my age I refuse to work so hard to keep a friend or stay in a "click". I found that just being nice to everyone, eventually they will confide in you when all others fail them. I love everyone and choose to be friendly to everyone no matter their background or lifestyle. I am very easily intimidated but I have learned to look at the intimidator in a different way and will often still find them interesting and no different than me. I will now go up to the ones that I see having a problems socializing and will start the conversation and try to make them feel comfortable. Heck, at my age you don't care if you say anything stupid or not. Just make some fun out of it. If I get embarrassed, I laugh it off.

So, all of you out there that just cant seem to make friends or meet everyone else's expectations, Remember, we are all special and beautiful and all you have to be is friendly and caring and if no one wants to have anything to do with you, then its there loss and they are the ones with the problem. If you are not invited to the next get together, Its not because they don't like you, Its because they don't know you. So be patient. So what if your not the sports fanatic at the next Superbowl party, That's just not who you are so defend yourself and be yourself. Yes, just be yourself. You will be suprised at how many people will like you just for that reason. Eventually they will come around.

Am I wrong on this? Am I right? Leave a comment, Id like to know my readers opinions.

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  1. speaking of would think being 41 that i would be over social anxiety. i still struggle with that to this day. new situations and especially around new people i get the initial anxiety but after a bit, i may still feel awkward but the anxiety subsides. example...i'm part of a small group at church. we do outreaches in the community. i'm fine at church in our small group but when we head out to serve at the addictions group, nursing home or evangelism on the streets, anxiety will rear its ugly head and i get to where i don't want to go but i make myself. once done with these activities, i feel so much better and i remind myself of that the next time we have an outreach. social anxiety...something that i work on daily :O)