Less Wisdom

We had a pretty interesting start of the day. My daughter had four wisdom teeth removed this morning and is now resting. She did really great with no swelling or soreness and as of eight hours later, she still has no pain. I did the same way when I had mine removed and it was not even by the same doctor.

She has beautiful straight teeth and her dentist was afraid the wisdom teeth would mess them up. Even though they ended up coming in nice and straight also, They were still afraid with time, it would cause problems. So after putting it off for a couple years, she finally had it done.

While in the waiting area, we were all pretty nervous about the whole procedure. There was tons of paper work and questions to answer. While I was busy filling out her life history (and mine) she came across the instructions to go by after the operation.
After the first instruction listed here. She was really excited about the whole thing and was ready to go back. Its a wonder she didn't try to pull them out herself after reading this.

So, after it was all over, we went to the nearest McDonalds and got her a chocolate milkshake for lunch.
We are hoping she will be 100% better by Monday when she heads back to college.

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