Gone Greek

This weekend has been pretty crazy. While my daughter has been rushing to get into a sorority, we have been rushing to get the things she needs. Between here and there and help in between, We were able to accomplish the task. I mean really. How many girls just so happen to have a white dress and white shoes in the middle of the winter at college?

She is pretty excited about getting in. She is now a Kappa Delta!

She is on the far left of the picture. Doing there little signature hand sign of KD

My daughter is seated sixth across on second row beside the girl with the yellow notebook.
We are all proud of her. We are excited for her to take this opportunity to make new friends, get more involved on campus and keep up with her grades. [brag alert!]-she made chancellor's list last semester.
She has always been a blessing and we have always been like best friends. Its is so fun having a little girl. Its fun to watch her grow into a mature young lady.
Way to go Ashley!


  1. WHOOO-WHOOOOO Ashley....way to go!!! So proud of you girlie...hope you have a blast and make a ton of new friends that last a lifetime. What a lucky girl you are and what a wonderful Mommy you have.

  2. WAY TO GO, ASHLEY!!!! love and hugs! the wilcox family