DIY Boxes

One of the hardest things to find when you need one is a little box. Sure you can find big boxes everywhere but its hard to find a small box for things like jewelry, candy, cookies, etc..
Well, while I was looking around on Pinterest and other blogs, I found this one smart and generous blogger who offers free box templates you can download and build yourself.  Visit it here
I was just playing around with these to see if it works and it does. Since I like to doodle, I just had to color some. I used regular paper but you will want to use card stock paper or they will be flimsy. Another idea would be to use one side of a printed folder. If you have school kids, then you probably have a lot of old ones laying around not being used.
There are many different template styles and sizes to choose from. The largest one I saw on the site was 3x3. My mission now is to redraw a template for a slightly larger "cupcake" size.
These would make great candy boxed for valentines day.

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