Diet Soup and wedge

My husband knows I've been trying to loose some weight lately so he whipped up some of his special soup. We haven't come up with a name for it besides "Nick's Vegetable soup" or "Cabbage soup". No matter what we name it, its still called "Good".
It worked out great for a cold day and since we are both fighting a cold,  It hit the spot. I know, It does not look or sound very tasty but it is.
It's made up of mostly cabbage with a tomato base. Chicken, celery and onions are added. Best of all, it barely has any calories (if any at all), so you can eat all you want while your trying to loose weight and it will not matter unless you are like me and have to add a muffin or crackers with it.  It really is good. There is not a "recipe" for it. You just throw it together according to taste and add a little salt and pepper. I like to add hot sauce just to give it a kick. You should try it!

While I'm talking about vegetables..........
I had another salad the next evening and my favorite way to eat a salad is beside my steak and that I did. I like to do the "wedge" when I can. This photo is not the best (excuse the fact that the salad seems to be staring back at me) but it was actually better than it looks.
The first time I ever had a salad like this, was at the Old Stone Steakhouse. I found it odd and different but really liked it. Since I prefer my salad on a plate instead of a bowl, this works for me.

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