Another year is gone and a new one has just begun.
As I sit here thinking about the new year, I was thinking back at the first of last year and the resolution I made. It goes something like this...."eat less, dance more, and pray often".
Can't say I really accomplished any of those, However, Here are a few things I did accomplish last year.
  • I lost 10 lbs
  • made new friends
  • created this blog
  • Tithed regularly
  • read a whole book for the first time
  • visited the beach more
  • deleted my face book account
  • learned to like sushi
  • started drinking water at meals
I have been pretty busy this weekend getting things ready for new years dinner. I have twelve to fifteen people over.
First, my daughter made some toffee apple cupcakes from scratch for the first time.
 While she was baking, I was busy washing and cutting up collards and sorting through the black eye peas to get things ready for my traditional dinner I make every new years day for my family which includes: eight bundles of collards, two bags of black eye peas, fifteen lbs of meat (usually pork), ten lbs of mashed potatoes, crock pot macaroni & cheese, thirty rolls and two cobblers.
 Ill say it again....."eight bundles of collard greens"
We cook them outside. If any of you have ever cooked collard greens then you can imagine why.
After the family left with full tummys, me and my daughter found time for a little game of  tennis while the weather was nice.

Now that its a new year, I will also make new goals for myself. Here are a few of them:
  • loose at least 20 lbs
  • better manage my money
  • stop interrupting in the middle of a story someones telling me. (I caught myself doing this a lot)
  • be at work on time
  • attend zumba classes more than my regular 10 times a month
  • eat healthier
  • complain less
  • keep my house cleaner
I can hardly keep my eyes open right now so I'm ending this post now. "I wish all my readers a Happy New Year all year!"


  1. Wow! 8 bundles of collards is a LOT. I only cooked one bundle for our little family! Ha! Your goals are a lot like mine, except I need to clean and declutter like crazy!!!

  2. sounds like you accomplished a lot last year :O) Happy New Year to you and your family! HUGS!

  3. Gosh, collard greens..??? They are so bitter, I can't enjoy them....

  4. your stems turned upside down are great...