DIY T-shirt Scarf #2

I got busted going through my husbands closet looking for another t-shirt to slash up. He came into the room and saved one or two that was just about to be transformed into "me" something new to wear. He then helped me find one he doesn't wear any longer and it was perfect.
This one requires no assembly. Just cut and snip and you have a cute little fringed infinity scarf to wrap around your neck. These scarfs are light weight and are great for fall or spring too. I like the way scarves look with tank tops.

Here is how I did it:
1. Get an old t-shirt that does not have side seams (large does better).
2. Lay it flat and cut from arm pit to arm pit.
3. Cut off the hem
    Now you have a tube.
4. On each "open" ends (where you already cut), just cut about one inch wide strips about 3 or 4 inches long.
5. Take each cut and stretch it. This will narrow them and make them fringier. (Is that a word?)
Thats all!!! Have fun with it, you can't mess it up.

I had made my first t-shirt scarf a few weeks ago using a different style you may like also. You can see it on a previous post HERE . I like it and I actually do wear it a lot.

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