To Facebook or not to Facebook

I recently deleted my facebook account entirely in September of last year. I was an active facebook guru for about 2 years. I initially thought this would be a good place to connect with family and keep up with my daughter while she was in college. But unfortunately, my family still never spent time communicating with me on there and well, me and my daughter text all the time. What Facebook did was took a lot of my time away from the things I needed to spend more time on such as house work, family time and, yes, even my full time job. Since my job requires me to sit in front of a computer all day long, it was just way to tempting to log on and see what everyone else was doing. Usually, after logging on to the famous social site, I would be disappointed in most of the updates everyone would post.

I just got really tired of all the drama and distasteful updates I would come across. Most of the time Facebookers would post depressing post and never happy about life. They had to tell everyone about how sick, tired or poor they were. There were even couples that would argue back and forth about personal conflicts and then I felt like I was in a courtroom. Some would post bible verses (which I love spiritual quotes ) but then would live life differently. This really bothered me. Love one day, hate the next, bla bla bla.
Then there were the ones that had to tell everyone where they were all the time and what they were doing. They should be glad that out of the1000 friends they have, none are thieves.

I felt so good when I finally left facebook. It was nice not being tied down to everyone elses business all the time. I felt a since of freedom and security. It kind of felt like I was in hiding to live a normal life.

Since being off Facebook, I have accomplished some things. I started this blog, did a few crafts on my free time, spent more time talking to my family about "us" instead of everyone else in the Facebook world.
Some people would ask me "why not just deactivate your fb for a while then come back later?"  I didn't think that would work with me. My fb really needed to be cleaned out and I had to completely delete it so I was not tempted to log back on.

Now three months later, I'm debating on whether I should make a new account or not. With the demand in this day in time, its almost impossible to get involved with anything unless your a facebook user. I have missed out on alot of things such as activities I could get involved in, whats going on with my dance class, I miss my close friends and I want to join Pinterest. Ha!

I'm holding back as long as I can but really thinking about joining again. I would be more choosier on my friends, and better control my account. Maybe just leave it open to only the information that I need and only "friend" the people I want to stay in contact with. Im still enjoying my privacy but who knows, maybe ill be back on.


  1. yes the world of facebook can be addictive, however I supoose it comes back to how much you choose to add, I only add some information and try to not update my status every minute of the day!!!
    Good luck with choosing whether to re-enter teh world of facebook or not!!!
    though since you have a blog it seems that you have a new addiction, blogging is so much more fun.

  2. It's very hard to find a healthy balance. I tend to binge for a couple of days and then stay away for a month. What on earth did people DO before facebook?