Estate Sale Finds

Nick ventured out on his morning walk while I stayed in cleaning the house, dancing and singing all to myself! That's usually how I start my Saturdays.

While I was dusting, I got a text. It was Nick letting me know that there was an estate sale in the neighborhood if I want to check it out. He mentioned there was a couple small coffee makers that our daughter had requested wanting. She does not care if it is new or used, as long as it will make her a cup of coffee. Hers broke and she needed a replacement. She doesn't like the fancy ones with the timers. She just wants an off/on switch.

I threw on some decent clothes and headed up the road. Sure enough there was two nice little coffee makers waiting for a new home. I picked the better of the two and headed to the pay table.

This coffee maker costed me $2.00. After a good wash and sanitizing, it’s like new.

Before leaving, I noticed a table of old costume jewelry. I'm a sucker for old jewelry but rarely wear it. I found this set of clip on earrings and thought about my mom. She does not have pierced ears and likes small dainty clip-ons. I thought these were really pretty and looked like her.

I purchased these gold/rose clip on earrings for .75 cent and she liked them and actually had a necklace to match.

Oh but that's not all. I also kept eyeing an old coat pin. I could tell it was pretty old by the shape of the pin itself. It had five little hand painted wooden Russian nesting dolls hanging from it. I kept questioning myself if I really want it or not. That's when Nick walked up and told me to just go ahead and get it. It was different. So I did.

This little charm was only $1.00.

That's all I picked up this day. I usually like to go searching estate and yard sales for vintage tea towels. As summer approaches, there will be more sales spotted around the neighborhood.
You never know what kind of goodies I might find. 

Daddy Did You?

This is not deja vu. You may have read this one before. 

Today is Fathers Day.

I'm sitting here thinking about my dad. How great a dad he is and how glad I'm his daughter. Shamefully, I also think about some of the ways I acted out and treated him in my rebellious years. I'd undo a lot of things I said and did in my teenage years. I thank him for his patience. He loves us all unconditionally and I never doubted he did.

Me and my sister were going through old photos and she came across this one. 
Here is a picture of my dad in his 20's. Wow, he was so young. Isn't he good looking? 
(He has that Clarke Gable look dontcha think?)

was not even a twinkle in his eye. 

He was young and handsome (still is handsome, but old). He has so much life ahead of him here in this photo.
I wonder if hes happy how it all turned out? Would he do it all over again?

As I look at this photo (which I hope he don't mind me sharing), I cant help but think what he thought his future would hold. Did he know or even wish to be a father some day?

I stared at the photo for a long time while wondering what was on his mind back in those days.


Did you ever think 
you'd have four children?
Two boys two girls 
two with straight hair 
two with curls?

Did you ever wonder
of those four children?
Any idea at all?
Two would be lefties,
Two would be tall?

Did you imagine 
Where they would work?
What they would become?
They will all have homes
and a good income.

Did it cross your mind
the emotions they would cause?
Without even trying
make you laugh
or leave you crying?

God knew before you
that you would be a Dad.
I'm thankful for this plan.
You gave us guidance
and we took your hand.


Soon we will be heading off to church to honor the fathers and praise the main Father up above. 
Later the whole family will meet up for dinner at one of daddy's favorite pizza joints with the rest of the dads in the family and celebrate! The father job is hard and the good ones need to be praised.

Happy Fathers day!

Easy Tzatziki Sauce

One of my favorite sides when I visit a Greek restaurant is the Tzatziki Sauce they add to the Gyros or on the side as a dip. I'm not a big fan of Gyros but I love Greek pita bread dipped in this creamy  sauce.

Tzatziki sauce is a creamy cucumber sauce usually made with yogurt and added spices.

I have had this sauce from a local grocery store before but the taste just did not add up to the restaurant style so I went searching for a recipe. I found many different ones but they all seem to make too much of a batch. I just wanted a little bit for my dinner as it does not keep more that a couple days.

I took bits and pieces of other recipes and broke them down to smaller portions until I found the right ingredients for a small jar. And the fact I only had a small yogurt in the fridge. 

I think it turned out great.

With homemade Tzatziki sauce, the main instruction is to make sure that the cucumber and yogurt are drained well. You do not want watery sauce. Mine turned out watery but it did not take away from the delicious taste.

Easy Tzatziki Sauce

1- 5 oz. Plain Greek Yogurt.
1/2- Finely chopped Cucumber (remove the seeds)
1- Pressed Garlic Clove
1 Tbsp- Dill Weed
Juice of lemon a wedge
pinch of salt

Make sure to squeeze all the water out of the chopped cucumber.
You can mix by hand but I added it all to a food processor until creamy. 
refrigerate for an hour for best results. 

Tzatziki Sauce (or cucumber sauce) is great on salads, sandwiches or used as a dip for breads and veggies. I will be enjoying this at dinner tonight with my Felafel's 

Beach With a Chance of Rain

We enjoyed another long weekend at the beach. The forecast called for rain and storms everyday.
When we arrived on our campsite it was cloudy skies and misty rain.

I started as usual of hanging the close line, putting out the mats and chairs while Nick levels out the camper. Then I get the thumbs up to let out the slide.

Oops, the slide did not come out. We just looked at each other and rolled our eyes. If you have a camper, you know there is always a chance of something going wrong. Nick pulls out the tool bag and crawls underneath to investigate.

He took the slide motor off for a closer look. It seemed to be ok, so he put the motor back in place and the slide finally came out. We think the motor could be weak or just some debris was keeping it from turning. We have a new motor on hand just in case. I love that he thinks ahead like that and is always ready for the unexpected.

We did have rain every day but only in the afternoons. Each morning we woke up to sunshine and blue skies. Nick would go ahead of me on his walks then I would meet up with him after I tidyed up.

Then.....I always make a run for the ocean.

I found some really cool shells. I put them back after I snapped a photo. A couple of them still had hermit crabs inside so I let them live.

I'm really excited to have found a piece of drift wood along the coast. Driftwood is a rare find on these beaches. 

This is pretty much the view each afternoon. It was almost perfect. We did not let the clouds dampen our beach vibes. I love the cool storm breezes. We would sit and watch the black skies move in as long as we could. 

"Life is always better at the beach".

The pineapple bag pictured can be purchased at RiceLovebags
Click the link and get 20% off any items. 
Or use my coupon code: LILIDI_MEO at check out. 
Every purchase made helps feed a family. 

Sunday Lunch

The weather has been hot here in North Carolina and very sunny. It is just too pretty to stay inside especially on a nice Sunday afternoon.

After church, Nick and I decided we wanted just a sandwich for lunch. Unfortunately it was grocery shopping day so we were out of sandwich fixings. That's when we decided to go out for another adventure to find a little spot to sit down and have a lite bite.

We ventured out to a little town close by to try a place everyone raves about called the Table and Market. As we walked inside it took us back in time. This restaurant was structured using old materials recycled from the towns historic buildings.

The bricking and roof are all original structure of what used to be an old supermarket. The shelving are from the town library which was the first library in the Piedmont of North Carolina. The bar tops and wine racks were taken from a Parr Yarn Mill.

We found a spot to sit down on the outside patio. It was so peaceful as we observed our surroundings. Service was great and the food was delicious. Oh, and we did get a sandwich but it was not a small sandwich. 

I ordered the BBQ sandwich with a side of slaw and Nick had the Italian club with a side of tomato. It was delicious and the meat was fresh deli meat prepared right there in the restaurants deli. 

We will definitely go back to this one again. They had a good looking brunch menu I’d like to try. It’s just hard to eat “brunch”. I’m old school where it’s either breakfast or lunch. Nothing in between unless it’s a stale danish with a cup of coffee. 

Birthday Sandals

My 50th birthday has come and past. It was in May. I had a wonderful time and lots of cake. So far, 50 ain't that bad.

As a birthday gift, my husband wanted get me a pair of summer sandals but he didn't have any idea where to start so he just gave me some money to pick for myself. I was in limbo on what style I wanted.

I tried on hundreds of wedges and shopped every store in three different towns. No luck. I just could not make my mind up on a style or color and if I did find something I liked, they didn't feel good on my foot. The struggle is real. Am I right girls?

I had almost given up on getting a new pair of sandals. I mean, It's not like I don't already have seven pair. As we were walking through Belks department store, Nick pointed to a pair of cute little platform sandals . "I like these" he said. I walked over to take a closer look. I was not sure about the printed design since I'm such a plane Jane, but I did agree that they were rather cute, so I grabbed a 7.5 and tried them on.
Perfect! I like them. Though they have multi colored yellows and browns, they will still go with so many different outfits.

“Do you know, it’s hard taking a photo of your shoes yourself? The neighbors must have thought I was crazy as I struggled to keep a balance”.

I wore my new sandals to church Sunday with a dress I had bought a couple of years back from a cool store we used to have in town that carried several new boutique vintage style dresses cheep. I really miss that store. This skunkfunk brand dress is regularly $59.99. I got it for $3.50. What a deal!

Platform espadrille Sandals: Jelly Pop
Tribal Print Dress- SkunkPunk

Fruit Coasters

I haven't really be feeling up to par the past few weeks. My Menier's has been at about a level eight. It will literally just wipe me out. I fight it. I still go on my walks and keep doing my normal daily activities except drive. I do not trust myself behind the wheel during my episodes so I get my sweet husband to take me to work. There I struggle to get things done because my concentration level is berserk.
What is Menier's Disease? Check it out HERE.

I have a few Ambassador task to complete with a new company I have been playing with lately. I will share more on this one soon. I feel a little overwhelmed and need to do some thinking.
In the meantime I have done some relaxing and enjoying a little crocheting for my own good. It gives me time to clear my mind. I do a lot of thinking while I crochet.

I made these fruit coasters to add to my Etsy shop. Are they not just the cutest thing ever? They scream summer picnic to me.

They were fun to make and I plan to do other fruits later. My attention span is about that of a two year old. I get bored making the same things over and over so I move on to something else.

Once I shared these cute fruity rounds with my social media followers, someone reached out to me and asked if I could make some Kiwi coasters. "Sure", I said. That was actually in my next plan. I made them using the same pattern as the fruits but the details were just different.

They turned out cute and as soon as I posted them online, they sold. I wasn't even finished writing the description before I heard the "Cha Ching" chime in from the app alerting me that they had just been bought. It was from the lady that had asked me to make them.

HERE is the pattern I used for the coasters if you would like to make some for yourself . If you can't crochet and want a set, I still have the fruity ones listed. I plan to make some pineapple and pear ones soon.

Beauty and The Bee

Every day as we walk, we past a home where an old man and his wife passed away and left no one to care for their now abandoned house. It has been over a year.

We shake our head in disgust as we walk around this neglected yard that corners the street. We gripe, "I would have already called the city to get this cleaned up". or "What a mess! This is ridiculous and makes the neighborhood look bad". The complaining goes on every time. I guess you can say it at least gives us a conversation.

Rounding the corner and eyeing what once was a well kept yard full of roses and mixed flowers, we noticed some life in the mix of rubble. It was a bumble bee working diligently to gather pollen from an onion flower. I left my phone at home to charge so I asked my husband to be a photographer. He pulls his phone from his waistband and steps in to the snaky brush to get a closer aim. The complaining stopped and our conversation focused on the bee the rest of the way home.

I think God throws out little reminders for us to stop looking at the negative in things and focus on the beauty. The bee didn't care what his surroundings were, he just knew he had a job to finish and all he needed was in that place.

"The flower doesn't dream of the bee. It blossoms and the bee comes". 
                                                                                      ~Mark Nepo

Out For Ice Cream

Sunday, I wanted some ice cream. My husband suggested Sweet Frogs yogurt shop that we often visit. They had some specials going on if I had an account loaded on the phone app. After several attempts, I could not get the app to work. I was so frustrated. That's when my husband suggested we ride down to Cramerton to a little creamery we have only heard about. I was on board in a jiffy.

Cramerton is a small town where I attended middle school at the base of a small mountain. I have not been through there in years. 
We arrived at the small creamery and coffee house called Floyd and Blackies. Walking in was so inviting as there was no crowd and the atmosphere was set for comfort of a cozy coffee house. We made our ice cream choice as we stood in line. They carried my favorite brand, Hershey's Ice Cream, with several different flavors to choose from. 

I would have loved to try them all but choices are not something I'm good with so I went with my typical favorite of Salted Caramel Truffle. Nick had Raspberry Roadrunner. One scoop in a waffle cone hit the spot. 

We decided to go for a walk around the little town while we slurped the melting ice cream from the rim of our cones. The temperature was soaring in the upper 90’s.

Out back was a place to picnic by the muddy river. There was canoe rentals for the brave ones. 

Looking over the trees I saw a foot bridge and suggested we go a little further to see where it lead us. It was a nice little half mile walk to a park called Goat Island Park. A place I have always heard of but never knew where it was. 

Well, we just so happened to accidentally enter into it. There were sand boxes, a play ground and picnic areas for families. Throughout the park was a disk golf course. 

Our ice cream was gone by now and we headed back to the car then rode around more to find some new eating places to try in the future. It was a nice little afternoon outing. 

Weekend Celebrations

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend. I have trouble saying “Happy” Memorial Day because I feel it’s a sad day, but a day worth remembering and respecting. So many lives were sacrificed for our freedom. I can’t help but think of how young most of these soldiers were and the pain of the Mothers that had to let go of them.

My weekend had lots of celebrations. Four birthdays were celebrated. Mom invited us all over for steaks on the grill. My dad, brother, sister and me all have a birthday in May just days apart. Mom makes us our own cake. I requested a pound cake. It was delicious. I just can never seem to get a good photo of the food at Moms because everyone starts digging in as soon as the blessing ends. No one in my family understands why I want to take photos of food and when I say the word blog, I get funny looks. They have no idea what a blog is. My mom is the only one that reads my blog. All the others could care less. 

Just look at these two cute gifts from my sister. A hat and a bucket list bucket. Haha.


I had to work on Memorial Day but the boss let me slip out early. Me and Nick spent the rest of the day walking the strip malls and then to the grocery store. We were gonna put some fish steaks on the grill but we both agreed to settle for a good ole fashion hot dog instead. He threw some wieners on the grill while I made homemade slaw and tossed some french fries in the air fryer. Afterward, we enjoyed a nice walk around the neighborhood and settled in with a slice of cheese cakes later. 

Now it’s back the regular work days and routine afternoons. 
What did you do special for Memorial Day?

Watermelon Margarita

I can feel the heat of Summer finally approaching as the temperatures are reaching the 90's some days here. I am not complaining. I love Summer. I do not mind the heat. I'd rather be hot than cold any day. However, I will slip into the air condition if the heat is too much.

Here in the South, there is nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than a glass of sweet ice tea or cold crisp watermelon. It's hard to find a good watermelon at times but I love the little baby seedless watermelons. They are perfect in size for two people.

Speaking of watermelon. I seen a recipe floating around on facebook the other day. It was for a Watermelon Margarita.  Now, I am not much of an alcohol drinker other than an occasional glass of wine, but when I seen this recipe for a watermelon margarita, I just had to try it. There is just something about sweet and salty that tickle my taste buds. Since I just so happen to have all the ingredients on hand, I went for it.

Watermelon Margarita.

2 cups cubed watermelon
1/2 cup cold water
Put in blender until juice forms.
Stain juice through a strainer. Now you have clear liquid.
(If a few slushy chunks get through, its fine).

In a cup or shaker add:
4 oz. Silver Tequila. (this is clear tequila that is light and low calorie too).
4 oz. of the watermelon juice.
1 oz. *watermelon simple syrup (instructions below).
Juice of one lime (approx 2oz)

Shake and pour into your salt rimmed margarita glass.

*To make watermelon simple syrup it is two parts watermelon juice, 1 part sugar. 
(I made mine using 1/2 cup of the leftover watermelon juice and 1/4 cup sugar).
remember, you only need 1 oz.

The original recipe for this drink can be found on Southern Living.

Warning: (1)Women should not drink alcohol while pregnant because of the risk of birth defects.(2)Consumption of alcohol impairs your ability to drive.(3)Drinking to much alcohol may impair your thinking and make you stupid.

Beach Time

We took us a nice little beach trip this past weekend.
It's always nice to get away. We celebrated more of my birthday while we were down there. 

My daughter, husband and brother in law took me out to a nice dinner at LuLu's on Friday night. I failed to get any pictures of my plate as there was just too much going on. I know I know, as a blogger I should be required to take photos of my food. I just sometimes prefer to never bring my phone out at the table and this was one of those times. I enjoyed a fried oyster po-boy with fish soup. It was pretty good. It was not worth the price but the atmosphere is almost worth it. This was our 2nd time eating at LuLu's. Our first visit was back in October. You can read about it HERE.
Unless we are invited again, this will probably be our last time.

We never saw rain and were able to soak up lots of sun on the beach. It was in the 90's at times but there was always a cool breeze. We didn't even need to put up the beach umbrella for shade. It was gorgeous!

We normally get up and leave out in the mornings to head home but this time we stayed until after lunch. We spent the morning walking the beach and eating ice cream.

Later while Nick cleaned up some things around the camper me and my daughter sat around the pool until time to eat. We rarely visit the pool. I mean, why go to the beach if your gonna go to the pool? But we did.

Nick met back up with us and we sat around the campground lake to eat. Me and my daughter took a few photos then headed back to the camper to pack up and leave. It is a 4 hour trip and we made it home before dark. 

Our next trip will be in June. My little niece will be graduating and we want to be there to capture this special time with her.

Shop high-waist bathing suit at

Sweat Treats Skin Care

I have mentioned before that I am trying to resort to more natural products for my skin and even in what I eat. I just feel that natural is always better when it comes to self care. When you use natural ingredients, you are eliminating harmful substances that can lead to health problems in the long run.

A couple of weeks ago I received some products from Sweet Treats and I can't be more excited to share with you these awesome items that are hand crafted with natural and safe ingredients.

Sweat Treats is a mother daughter owned company that have a passion for making quality natural bath and body products that are safe and effective for any skin types. Ingredients found in Sweet Treats skin care are sulfate free with no harmful toxins, or strong perfumes added. Best of all, no animals were used in making or testing of these products.

I have been starting each day using this Pearl Micellar Water. The pear brightens my skin for a more radiant glow. It works great as a toner before I apply my makeup in the mornings. In the afternoons I use it as a makeup remover. It even removes mascara.   

It is PH balanced to gently cleanse my face. I simply saturate a cotton round or cotton ball and gently wipe across my face. The best thing is, there is no need to rinse. Also, there was no burning or irritation and left my skin feeling fresh and clean throughout the day and night. It is gentle enough to use every day.

Another product I am enjoying is this awesome Coffee Face Cream

Wait, coffee on your face? When I first applied this cream on my face I could smell the aroma of coffee. I thought for sure I was going to smell like a Starbucks, but within minutes it had absorbed into my skin and there was no leftover coffee smell at all. 

I have been applying this cream to my face before bed or under my makeup in the mornings.
Coffee has been known to reduce signs of aging in mature skin. This cream leaves my face feeling firm and soft, and at my age, I sure could use something to fight those pesky wrinkles. After about the 3rd day, I could already feel a difference in my skin and complexion.

If coffee is not your thing, Sweet treats offers other face creams to fit different skin needs such as Green tea (great to reduce redness), Pearl (heals scars and acne), Papaya (antioxidants great for over night) and Orchid (prevents aging).

I can not wait to purchase some of the other facial, bath or even candle products they offer. It feels good to support small business while knowing your getting quality products that are naturally made. I do not like having to worry about allergic reactions due to chemicals or harsh ingredients.

As a bonus, I received the cutest lip balm also made with natural ingredients.

I like this lip balm because I can apply it any time I need to hydrate my lips and I do not have to worry about the waxy residue left behind like some other chap sticks or lip balms. I love anything made with coconut oil. Oh and did I mention, it smells sweet too?



These items were provided to me free of charge 
in exchange for my honest review. 
Results are after two weeks of use.
All opinions are 100% my own.

Hello 50

Hello 50. 
I see you.


I saw you this morning when I looked into the mirror.
There is a new wrinkle that was not there yesterday.
I heard you laugh when I thought of how in the world did I make it this far?
I also saw you smile back at me when I realized I have no serious health issues.
My hair is a little more gray today and I think I see another hair on my chin.
My eye sight is not 20/20, It's 20/happy according to the optometrist.
I can’t hear as good as I used too but I'll consider that a gift.
I am told that you bring friends when you arrive such as mood swings and hot flashes.
I sure hope I never have to meet them.
It’s ok that I’m older than Sesame Street or the Internet.
because I do not feel a day over 30.

Until I saw you when I looked in the mirror this morning. 

My famous birthday twins are:
(also born May 16, 1969)

David Boreanaz & Tucker Carlson

Image result for David boreanaz              Image result for tucker carlson

Homemade Tahini Sauce

While shopping for some new foods to try that were healthy and didn’t cost an arm and leg, I came across some Boca Brand Falafels. What are Falafel? . 
They are a middle eastern food made with Garbanzo Beans AKA Chick Peas. They are sort of dry and have an earthy taste. You can learn more HERE

I had them once at a restaurant uptown but did not like them so much. I also had no idea what I was really eating. After I learned what they were made of, I wanted to try them again. So I bought a bag from the frozen foods and poured them into my air fryer. 

But I needed a sauce. Falafel are good dipped in cucumber sauce or Tahini Sauce. 
What is Tahini? Don’t worry, I never heard of it until now either. 

Tahini is a thick paste made from sesame seeds. Once you have Tahini paste, you make the Tahini sauce. You can find Tahini paste in most grocery stores but here on the West side of town, It was not found. That's when I decided to make my own. It was easy and way less expensive. 

Homemade Tahini Sauce
1 cup sesame seeds
4 tablespoons Olive oil.

Directions: Add sesame seeds to sauce pan and stir until to desired brown. 
They will brown quickly so make sure to keep an eye on them. 

Remove from heat and let cool for a minute or two .
Place seeds in food processor and grind until fine.
Add the oil a little at a time and keep blending until it becomes a soft paste. 
You may not need all the oil but I did.

Now you have your paste.You can keep it in the fridge over a month until ready to use.

To make the sauce, just ad
lime juice (1/2 lime should be enough).
Salt and pepper.
1 minced garlic clove
 1/2 cup yogurt.
You can adjust the thickness to your liking by adding more yogurt, or water.

There you have it. A nice little creamy dip that can be used for veggies, on salads, sandwiches, Falafels and more.

Tahini sauce reminds me a lot of Hummus.
NOTE: You can make the sauce without adding yogurt for a more vegan style.

Next time I make Falafels, I plan to make a cucumber sauce dip instead.

I'm always open for ideas if anyone has a great idea for a dip or side to go with Falafels. 

Let Me Tell you About My Mom

Happy Mothers Day to all you Mothers out there!

Let me tell you a little about my Mother.

She is the best mom I could have ever asked for. There were times in my life that I didn't let her know this enough. Growing up as a teenager, to hear her tell it, I was a struggle. Now, days it makes me sick to think of how rebellious I was at times. There are may occasions I wish I would have listened to her more. Being a mother now myself, I know how she must have worried and stressed all the time.

In a Christian home, she raised four children of her own and was a foster Mother of several others. She was so strong and I'm sure we kept her busy. She was our hair dresser, our tailor and chef. Momma did it all. She was tough, kept us straight, gave us plenty of spankings and put the meaning of grounded in the dictionary.

We didn't have cell phones back then. Didn't need one. When she called for us to come home, It was from the screen door. And we heard her from across the neighborhood. If we didn't, someone did and would send for us. Our collie dog stayed with us and would also let us know when mom was calling.

But momma was loving. She gave the best hugs and was the best at fixing boo boos and showing us how to do things on our own. She always gave the best advice and the most simplest advice she gives is when she says "Just pray about it". She always made sure we had nice clothes to wear to church and school. She is a wonderful seamstress and made most of our clothes. It was always exciting to go to the cloth store with her. She would let us pick our own pattern and a fabric.

Now I find myself just like her in a lot of ways. I even think I look like her and that makes me happy. I still call on her when I need an answer to something or little does she know, I sometimes just need to hear her voice. There are times like when I change the bed sheets, I remember how she used to tell me to do top corner to bottom corner. When I fold towels, I do it just the same as she taught me. Even the little things like, putting a paper towel on top of the lettuce when saving it, how to tie a sash or how to tie a knot at the end of my thread by rolling it between my fingers. Something every day makes me think about her. Often I wonder if she misses me when I'm not around like I miss my daughter when shes not around. I bet she does. ha!

My daughter is home this weekend and we have been having fun. We will go to church for a nice service and honer our Moms, then we will come back home to rest and maybe bake something. My daughter always likes to bake. Later we will be taking Mom out to eat to one of her favorite restaurants. 
I plan to celebrate many more Mothers Days with her.

I love her and feel so blessed.

Getting It Together

Once again I am on a mission for a planning technique. I love my Rocketbook erasable notebook and have used it since the first of the year. I do not need an event or life planner. I use my Google calendar for that. What I really need is a "blog planner". I really enjoy blogging and I want to get it more organized and I need a place to keep my blog ideas, keep up with social blog interactions, reviews, numbers, influencer task and more.

Image result for blogging

My problem is organizing. I love being organized and I just can't accomplish anything if it's not.
Though my Rocketbook seems to work pretty good for me, I am just tired of loading everything up and taking it with me everywhere. I use an iPad for blogging and therefore, I want to keep everything in the palm of my hand. I do not want to have to take out a notepad, and special pens just to jot down a note or idea. I want to open and close with just a click of a button.

I also enjoy hand writing and drawing. My husband got me a really cool iPencil which allows me to take handwritten notes, draw and highlight on my iPad. I still have so much to learn.

I am ready to go digital. I have been searching for a digital blog planners. I have found several. Some are already to go and some you have to add your own pages and create yourself. I am somewhere in the middle. I think it will be nice to have everything I need for blogging in one place.

Do you use a blog planner? Do you use a program on your computer or tablet? I would love some ideas and input on this matter. I have some really creative and successful blog friends out here.