Cleaning Away Summer

It was was beautiful day with temperatures in the high 60’s. I have been itching to go outside. I do not like going outside in weather colder than my age. It was a perfect day to get out.

Looking out the windows I noticed the yard was covered in a blanket of leaves from our huge Dogwood tree. The branches were bare so it was a good time to clean up the yard. Though that is the only tree we have in the back yard, there are neighboring trees that frame our property. We get all the leaves.

Nick asked if I would like to go out and help him rake leaves. “Sure!” I said with excitement. This would be perfect to help me overcome this cabin fever. I threw on some old jeans, boots and garden gloves and headed outside. 

“Here are two rakes you can use”.He said. “I will be on the mower sucking up the Pin Oak leaves while you rake the larger leaves in a pile”.

We spent three hours cleaning up the yard. I raked while he mowed. It felt good to do some laboring work. It was a great work out. I also cut back our butterfly bush in the front yard. It was still holding on to it’s leaves, but I knew it would be shedding them soon. This time last year it was already bare. We have had a warmer than normal Fall this year. 

Today I am sore and my hands are slightly blistered. My yard is groomed and there are no more signs of Summer. Now we sit and wait on the cold weather and frost in the weeks to come. 


  1. We share our pine needles with our neighbors and they share their leaves. I cut back all my roses and burind them in dirt to get them winter ready. I hate saying good bye to summer, but we've already had flurries up here. That's nature's reminder that it's inevitable.

  2. It feels good to get something like that done! “The desire accomplished is sweet to the soul! “

  3. the last leaves of autumn. sounds like a great activity.

  4. I detest raking leaves!! I leave any in the gardens down to provide a layer of protection for the plants, and clear them out in spring. For the grass I have a mulching kit on my mower, so they get mowed right into the lawn to feed it. I can't believe you were in the 60's - meanwhile we've gotten down to single digits already and had 3 snowfalls!

  5. I never minded raking leaves but now that we live in the woods we don't have to rake them up anymore.

  6. I was doing leaves and burning fallen limbs today also. Over here in the B town.. We are getting ready to close down for the year ad head south. Glad yo were able to get out, and yes we do get that fever if we stay cooped up.....

    The best to you both,
    Sherry & jack