Luminance Skin Care

Have you ever used a skin care that felt so good that you couldn’t wait to use it again? That’s how I feel when I use Luminance skin care.

I received a sample in the mail and thought it would be just another face cleansing product. It was more. I fell in love with these products after the 3rd day of using it. I would have said first day but I always give it couple days just to make sure how my skin reacts to it. It also takes a couple days to get a true opinion. 

This sample kit came with a delicate cleaner, rosewater toner, and a deep hydrating moisturizer. Each are made with a list of good ingredients and all products are organic, vegan and non-synthetic. 

At the end of the day is when I prefer to wash my face. This is when I experienced the Luminance Delicate Face Cleanser. 

This face cleaner is PH balanced and excellent for all skin types. I could smell the tingling aroma of Tangerine. Just a small amount is added for the scent. Rosemary seed extract is added as an antioxidant along with other natural oils. My face feels clean and my skin feels rejuvenated. 

After washing my face I spritzed on the Luminance Rosewater Toner

I have to admit that I have never used a toner other than micellar water. This toner is PH balanced and made with 100% pure filter rose water. I loved the sweet smell of the rosewater and it made my face feel so fresh. I noticed almost immediately that any redness in my skin had disappeared. 

This moisturizer is great for sensitive or mature skin. Get this: “It works as a collagen to help skin retain moisture and regain elasticity”. Now that’s what I like! It is also a great moisturizer if you are in cold climates where your skin goes up against the dry and cold temperatures.

I wake up in the mornings with my face feeling soft, fresh and clean without feeling greasy or weighed down. I think my skin feels tighter too. 

I can actually feel results using these products and that’s what makes me excited to keep using it. I plan to order some of the other products to try such as hair care, eye creams and more. 

If you are looking for A great skin care, you can get a free sample of these three products by visiting their site. You just need to pay shipping. 
All products are alcohol free, non-toxic, and no animal testing or animal products are used. 

I am not affiliated, paid or asked by Luminance skin care for this post. 
I simply loved my experience and wanted to share my personal and honest review.


  1. I am so glad you love it and pretty packaging too!

  2. Thanks for the tip Lisa - I just shared this with my daughters and went over and ordered a sample kit!!!

  3. Even as a man I guess I should take more care of my skin like my girl. But I am tough and ...... Okay I am just old.
    Love ya I did enjoy the visit though, as always. We are a little cool down here in the 50s now.
    Love from Deltona,
    Sherry & jack