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Friday Bowl- Pepino

I have been trying new fruits and veggies lately. One fruit I have learned to like is the Pepino Melon. It's a small acorn shaped melon with sort of a unique taste. I say it taste between a honey due melon and a pear. I added a couple more toppings to make a delicious and healthy breakfast that is low in calories and will not leave me feeling hungry. 

Pepino Melon Bowl

1/2 Cup- Fage 0% Plain Greek Yogurt
1/2- Pepino Melon
1 Tablespoon-Big Boss Blueberry Walnut Granola

139 Calories- 12g Protein


I have decided to reserve each Friday to share some of my creative food bowls. I have been eating these at least 3 times a week and I feel great. They are easy, healthy and fun. This is part of my new "Clean Eating" Plan. Wish me Luck.

Pepino Melon

I have been trying new foods lately. I am not afraid to try anything that’s edible. There are not many foods I do not like. There are several I do not like enough to eat all the time but still do not find them terrible.

Here is a cute little fruit I found called a Pepino Melon. 

Despite the name, a Pepino Melon is not really a melon at all. It is a fruit from a South America evergreen. It is actually related to a tomato or eggplant. 

They start out green and turn yellow once ripe. The skin is soft and rubbery and easy to cut and peel. I did not see any seeds or core in the center. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the taste and added it to my yogurt bowl. It had a unique taste somewhere between a pear and a honeydew.
Will I buy this again? I’m not sure. It was a little expensive for its size. 

What is a food you have recently tried for the first time?