Christmas Eve Eve

Happy Christmas Eve Eve. Is everyone ready for Christmas? I am. Christmas shopping was completed a week ago and now it’s time for baking. I have lots to things to make by Christmas. I have cooking to prepare for and goodies to make for neighbors and family.

Not sure how much baking I will get done today so I started on a few things yesterday. 
My daughter will be coming home this morning and staying through Christmas. She still has to work half the day. She can work from here since she has the privilege of working remote a couple days a week. The fun will start in a little while. 

Before anything, I have a mandatory meeting with the unemployment office today. I have to take proof that I have been searching for jobs while drawing my little 200.00 unemployment check. I’m not gonna complain though. It buys groceries. I have worked everyday since I turned sixteen. That’s 34 years and I have never been unemployed before. Now I have to prove I have been searching for work the past 6 weeks. Well, I have a long list, plus two papers they gave me full of places I have applied for with no avail. So, yes, I have proof. I think people that are capable of working but choose to live off the Government should have to do this too. But that’s none off my business.
I have gotten word from some employers that they will not be interviewing until the first of the year. Fingers crossed something gives. I need to work not only for the money but for my health and sanity. 

Anyway back to baking....

I made some of my Italian Biscotti. This is an all time favorite. We like to dip them into our all day morning coffee. They are so easy to make. I’m not sure why I only decide to make them at Christmas. 

This batch was made using vanilla flavoring with only a touch of anise and lightly dipped in chocolate. They are the perfect sweetness.

This year I also decided to make “Italian Crescent Cookies”. 

These are made using butter, flour, sugar and walnuts made into little crescent shapes and rolled in powder sugar. I love anything with powder sugar. I will break a diet over powder sugar. It’s my weakness. 

I have cookie dough made and in the refrigerator waiting on my daughter to arrive. We will be rolling out the dough and cutting into Christmas shapes before decorating them. A lot of these cookies will be given away. I hope they turn out pretty. I usually struggle with icing them. 

What is a Christmas favorite you or someone else makes each year?


  1. You know I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed for you! I know this year has been tough on you but you continue to shine light by sweet Friend. Wishing a very Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family. xo

  2. Hope you have fun baking with your daughter. Have a merry Christmas.

  3. I have to remember to make something.

  4. Your house must sure be smelling good with all that baking going on.
    A favorite for me are iced decorated sugar cookies,
    Pheffernusse cookies, (ones you buy are usually hard but mine are soft)
    and Yum Yum Cake. (Grandmothers Recipe)
    A very Merry Christmas to you Lisa, and all your family.
    Pray the new year finds you the perfect job!!!

  5. We are thinkng of you and I have always heard the same thing on employment, after the first of the yer should be the best time. WE are with you in thoughts and prayers. AND as always you know how to make food look soooo good. It makes one doubly proud to know you were able to lose that weight. U B tough.
    Love and a MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU and St. Nick.
    Sherry & jack

  6. Your baking makes my mouth water! I’m baking up Fruitcake Cookies this evening. Doing a lot of prep for the Chili Supper for Christmas Eve. You will find the perfect job....I know you will! It’s just not time yet....

  7. My sweetie would love that biscotti, yummmm!! My mom's cheesecake recipe is our holiday sister usually makes it, since I make everything else.

    Merry Christmas, my friend, and hopefully 2020 finds you in a wonderful new job making twice as much as before!


  8. Chiacchiarri are my favorite - Italian bow tie cookies with honey and powdered sugar - but your biscotti look delicious! Merry Christmas!

  9. Oh I know you will get many call backs for a job! We love the Biscotti and I make the crescents too! Yours look so delicious. I was wishing I could pull your biscotti off the page and dip into my coffee...Merry Christmas Lisa...