My Nutrisystem Journey

My Nutrisystem Journey

Follow me here as I write about my likes, dislikes, struggles and accomplishments while on the Nutrisystem Diet.

I am not being paid by Nutrisystem. Blogging about my progress is just a way I'm dealing with dieting.

 29 lbs. lost.

Each post is my honest opinion and results vary among different people.

Comments and support is always welcome!!!


Nutrisystem Success Story

Nutrisystem-3 years later-Maintaining

Success Update! I am now a Nutrisystem Ambassador! 

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  1. Nutrisystem works simply. Through a multitude of studies we found that a close relationship with our clients is the best way to help them. We take what you eat and redesign it while keeping your body type in mind. We ensure each person has individually tailored diet with variety of foods to make the weight loss a pleasant experience in multiple ways. Imagine choosing from over 150 items with options like ice cream, and still lose weight? What if you had those meals for the month, planned out and ready to be delivered to you? We provide that option for you.

  2. Thanks for your lovely message just having a look through your blog now. Amazing transformation! Well done! Alison x

  3. You are an amazingly beautiful Lady.. Sincerely Cindi much love to you and continued success.

  4. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE, have REALLY come a long way...and look prettier than any movie star on the planet. I am blown away....


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