Smores Dip with Nutrisystem

This is another post for all those on the Nutrisystem diet.

I’ve been on the Nutrisystem diet for over 3 years now. I no longer order monthly meals. I have lost the pounds I wanted. I am currently on the maintenance plan in which I just order from the A la carte menu and eat a lot of meals on my own which I admit, is dangerous for me sometimes because things like this happen.....


For the record, It is made with Nutrisystem’s NutriChocolates found on the snack menu. 
It’s delicious milk chocolate wafers and it’s OKAY!!!! They are perfectly portioned and protein packed to keep you losing the weight. 

I just had to put a twist to it. Because that’s WHAT I DO! Ha. I play around with my foods to make more varieties. Besides, since Nutrisystem meals are ready to heat or eat, I actually miss experimenting and cooking in the kitchen. 

If you are not on Nutrisystem, you can do the same thing with a Hershey bar but don't go crying if you gain a few pounds.

“It doesn’t get any SMORE easier than this”

First add the chocolates to a small dish such as a ramekin or soup mug. 
I just so happened to have this adorable little corning-ware dish from the thrift store.

Add marshmallows. I was able to find a little single pack of marshmallows. 
It was just the right amount to keep me from over doing it. 
Because I WILL over do it at times. 

Place in toaster oven until marshmallows are toasty. 
The chocolates will be melted by this time too. 
You can try it in the microwave but I would not suggest it 
because it will NOT make the marshmallows brown and toasty and may only make a mess. 

Carefully remove from oven and dip your favorite graham crackers. 
Its ok, you can eat it all! Just take it easy on the crackers. 
Two sleeves is a serving suggestion. 
You do not have to share which I ended up doing. 
My husband gave it two thumbs up. 

This dessert counts as:
1 snack (Nutrichocolates)
1 smart carb (crackers)
1 extra (marshmallows) 

Be sure to visit the tabs at the top of my page to see other food ideas using Nutrisystem and read about my Nutrisystem journey and how it has worked for me. 


  1. Thanks for stopping by It's Just Life to check out my teapot today! This recipe looks AMAZING!!!! Oh my goodness. It will now be on my to make list! Subscribing so I can see what you are up to!

  2. I am not on Nutrisystem but always enjoy your reports and yep, I can see from the beginning of finding your Blog that you just MUST play with a recipe or craft to put the "U" in it. Looks good even to one who is not a sweet eater.
    Love from the banks of the Catawba.
    Sherry & jack

  3. I love how committed you are to staying on your program and putting your own twist on things. I think it is knowing what works for you that makes all the difference. You are doing a great job. xo Diana

  4. Lisa,
    You are my hero! I love your blog...and look forward to reading it each time. AND...Lisa..sometimes I read it twice! Why? Cause when I get weak...and the munchies come to visit...I go to your blog to drive them away! And it works! Thanks for all that all you do for us """Nutrisystem""" users...and for making us proud to have you for a supportive friend. You are the best...know that?