How's The Weather

How's the weather where you are? I'm telling ya, It's just crazy here. Mother nature can't seem to decide if its Winter or Spring. Well, I have already put away the coats so I declare Spring.
One day it will be in the 80's and then the next day it will be in the 40s.

This past weekend we were expected to have a storm. Now, let me just tell you how I get when we are expecting a storm.
First off, I love thunderstorms. We do not have any trees around our house so I do not fear a good storm. But when I hear we are going to have a thunderstorm, I start scurrying around my house cleaning. I have not figured out why I do this. But I get this anxiety were I have to get my house tidy before the storm hits. If we are out somewhere and the sky turns dark, this will bother me to the end. I just don't know what makes me do this but it has to be done.
[You can guess the look I'm getting from Nick. He probably wished we had more storms.]

Sunday as me and Nick sat watching TV, our phone alerts went off. We just looked at each other , Like, "Is that your phone or mine? Well it was both of our phones. So we stopped watching TV and looked to see what was the matter.

It was a tornado warning.

It warned us to take shelter but this only made us run to the windows with curiosity and watch as the storm blew through. We had some strong winds and hard rain, but no tornado. I have not seen a tornado in my area since about 1975ish. However, some parts of the city reported tornado like damages and hail. We didn't even get one hail ball. Our trash can blew over and my gnome made a dive into the bushes. Other than that, we are all fine.

We had a freeze warning for this morning and it's currently 68 degrees.
Maybe we will get some steady temperatures soon.


  1. It’s 34 degrees here, wind chill of 18! 5 out of 7 of our son’s baseball games have been cancelled. Mother Nature has seriously been diagnosed bipolar! Tornadoes scare me to death, we have warnings here a lot. Glad you were ok.

  2. That's very scary. We had a ton of tornados blow through the prairie where I lived in Illinois during my childhood. I still get very scared when we get warnings. Glad everyone was okay!

  3. the weather here is about the same. we had snow last night and the day before that it was 70 degrees. crazy.

  4. Oh how scary, Lisa!! I'm so glad the tornado didn't land there...they terrify me! I also love a good thunderstorm though....but with all the trees around my house they are a little scary as well!

  5. Yep, crazy weather. I did save our tomato plants by covering from the frost warning. We had egg size hail and I haven't had a chance to check the roofs for hail damage. (PS: Sherry had a baloney sandwich from Tony's today!)

  6. almost all of the carolinas were on that same alert. I was hoping it wouldn't be a tornado, we had one last year that wrecked parts of our city. Luckily on the other side from where my house is.

  7. That sounds very scary! Here in Vancouver the weather is crazy. One day sunny then pouring rain the next :) Hoping for some warm days ahead!

  8. now have a clean house, no hail balls and no are doing goood.....