Greetings From Florida

I made it to Florida safe. It was a nice air ride and yes I did fly over the ocean! I was thrilled. Here is a cloud view of the coast. 

Back up a minute......I got a pat down going through security because something in my breast area set off a signal for them to do a search. It was ok and the lady was super nice and explained what and how she would perform the search. Then she wipped my hands with a strip of something and put it in a machine while I waited. I asked her what was that about...Well, I wish I wouldn't have because she said loudly..”It’s to test you for explosives”. I just about died right there as everyone turned to look. I was free to go and on the plane I went. Hahaha, had to share that story. Yes I’m new at all this. 

Landing was a little bruttle on my ears and head, but once I was off the plane I was fine. No vertigo. Yay!

Once I landed I grabbed my things and headed out into the Orlando airport like a Super Hero. Wonder Woman as a matter of fact. I wondered where the heck I was. I took a left instead of a right and ended up on the other side of the airport. My driver was calling me wondering where I was. I had to keep saying, “I’m lost but I’ll get there eventually”. That airport was sooo busy, big and crowded. I was overwhelmed. After asking every info station where to go, I finally found my ride. 
I dread now going back. I hope it’s a little easier. 

My hotel sits right under the farris wheel “Eye of Orlando”. 

I had the whole day free when I got here so me and another girl took a trip to Target to get some drinks and things. Later that day we met up with another girl from our group and we all had a nice dinner. I ordered a Califorina Roll. I don't know about you, but where I live, our sushi rolls are, well, rolls cut into slices. This was different but so delicious!!

The sleep night was nice and calm as I could hear arguing next door and slamming doors til 4 in the morning. Nice huh? Luckily, I only have a fitting to do today at 3 then I guess I have the rest of the day free again. We will probably do a group dinner tonight. 
So far, I have enjoyed sitting around the pool and working out a little in the gym. My shoot will start tomorrow and finish up on Tuesday then I’m heading home late Tuesday night. I sure am missing my man! 


  1. I am so excited for you!! So are you a model? I’m so proud you took advantage of this opportunity! Looking forward to your next post already!

  2. Gosh...this must be like a dream for you. Have fun and get lots of photos....

  3. Ah,it sounds great. You are 25-30 miles from our little home in Deltona. Airports can be confusing to navigate many times. Glad you made it. Have a great time, I know St. Nick is missing you also. But he (I know) and we are very proud of you!

  4. Have fun doing the shoot. I know you’l be great.

  5. I hope you enjoy your visit to my adopted state.

  6. Glad to hear you arrived safely and are enjoying your adventure. : )