Tiny Crochet

I took a break from crocheting a gingham check blanket to try something different.
Remember the lot of vintage crochet thread my mom gave me a while back? Well, I wanted to see what it would look like if I actually crocheted a dish towel out of it. 

I pulled out me tiny crochet needle and the large spool of thread to see what I could do. 
I chose to crochet using the moss stitch as its makes a tighter weave look. 

Oh my gosh! It took like for..ev...er! After a couple rows I wondered what in the world had I started. I refused to give up and kept on crocheting. A few nights and several TV programs later, I created a small dish towel. I’m pretty sure that after its washed, it will be the size of a washcloth as it’s made with 100% cotton thread. Well, see.  

My husband felt of it and like the texture. It’s soft and thin. It was almost like gauze. If it comes out as a washcloth, we can still get some use out of it. 

Now I will get back to working on the gingham check blanket. I have really been taking my time with it as its boring me. The warm weather is among us now too, so it makes crocheting a blanket less appealing. 

I also have another project in the works that I can’t wait to show you. 
So stay tuned. 


  1. Your abilities always amaze me. I aso think I undestand the term 'boring' used even when creating. That applies to other hobbies as well, even writing.

    Love from Florida. We have a Grand and a Great-grand plus our son visiting for a few days. I smell bacon this morning as cereal is forgotten and SHE is 'mommying' (tro quote you) again. LOL

  2. Oh that is beautiful.
    Wish we were getting warm weather. Tonight it is supposed to go in the 20's and would you believe more snow!!

  3. LOVE your determination to get Er done! Love the texture and thin weight of that beauty. Well done!

  4. It's lovely Lisa. It looks so refined! happy Saturday.

  5. Beautiful work Lisa! I haven't crocheted a project this small, but it's on my list to do so!

  6. Hi Lisa, that is very thin yarn to work with. Your washcloth came out really pretty and so delicate. I love how talented you are with your crochet projects.

  7. Very pretty, you have so much talent!