Meet Loui.

Loui lives in my window shutters. Every year he comes out of hiding and spends the summers working for me. 
He is my bug catcher. 

I had a little scare this Winter. I saw a cold stiff lizard in my carport. It was around the same time I read about lizards dropping from trees in the cooler temperatures as if they were dead, but not really. I even read on The ShipsLog (I think) where he warmed a lizard up and got it mobile again. Maybe he can confirm that in his comment.  

So what did I do? Promise not to laugh? 
Well, I actually warmed an old wash cloth in the dryer, went outside and picked up the stiff lizard, wrapped in the warm rag and put him in a safe place under the carport. I was hoping it would come back alive.

It never did. After a week, I placed him in a little sandwich bag and threw him in the trash just in time for the trash man to dump him in the big truck and off they went. I was sad. I thought it was Loui. 

I got a text the other day. Nick said “Loui is back!”. I was so excited. 

I’m still not sure if the dead one was the original Loui or his brother but they all are named Loui so I guess it don’t matter.

When I come home from work, I walk up to the window and say “Loui Loui” and the little guy will actually leave his work station and walk down close to meet me as he lets out a big yawn. He is not shy. 

I’m sure the neighbors think I'm a crazy woman. From their view, it looks like I’m standing there talking to the bricks. So, I now go inside and open the window and we talk through the screen. 


  1. I love it. I did read that the big lizards (Iguanas) were falling out of trees and did live when warmed up. I guess Lougi, loui's bro didn't make it.
    Oh yes I talk to my hundreds of lizards, mostly George nowadays. I love happy endings and they do work at catching bugs.

  2. What a cute story Lisa! I see a pair of red birds that come around daily. They're so pretty!

  3. I saw a frog hanging off the side of my vinyl siding. But just once.

  4. I am with you, loving all living creatures...except spiders. I would be less than thrilled if I found one inside my house, but I actually like reptiles and amphibians too and don't want to see them harmed. When I was a little girl, I found a dead mouse and my horrified mom put it in the trash only to have me keep getting it back out and wrap it up in tissue for blanket, not understanding it was dead. I heard the story many times.

  5. I am such a sissy girl that when I see Louis, I scream and run....

  6. This is the cutest story I will run across all day. I love it! Loui is adorable!

  7. We had a lizard living in the TVs subwoofer which sits on the floor. Maybe lived there a year or more. Dina wanted me to take it outside at first. But I figured if he was finding sustenance, that was less bugs crawling around, and he was a lot cuter than the bugs. Even the pups got used to him. They wouldn't hardly take note as he flashed across the living room floor. Alas, he met his last days a few weeks ago. And I never named him. Sad, dying alone, never having a name.

  8. I don't think you're crazy at all. When we lived in PR our washing machine was kept outside in the carport. There was a lizard that lived there and I used to talk to him all the time. : )

  9. I saw a blue-tail lizard scurrying across our back porch. It almost ran over our bulldog's paw. Ol' Hook flinched a little. He may be afraid of lizards :)