DIY Rain Chain

I don’t know about you but I am ready for Spring to show up! We have warm days, then we have days that feel like the middle of January. Mother nature can’t seem to make up her mind. But, then again, it’s not unusual that we completely skip Spring and jump right into Summer. It’s crazy.

Do you like the rain? I love those short rain showers in the Summer time that bring thunderstorms along with it. You know, the short lasting ones that once they water the gardens, the sun comes back out.

Speaking of rain. I have been wanting  a “rain chain”. 
What is a rain chain you ask? 
Rain chains are a creative, beautiful and functional alternative to gutter downspouts. It guides the rain water visibly down chains from the roof to the ground. It can change the look of a plain down spout into a whimsical piece of art. 

Since I do not plan to actually use a rain chain for a down spout, I chose to add one on a shepherds hook near my patio for fun. 
I knew I did not want to actually buy one as they are expensive and looked too easy to make myself. The options to making these were unending. You can just use a chain alone and it will be pretty or you can add extra charm to make it one of a kind.

I wanted to make mine using vintage tarte tins.

First, I priced out some chain. It was outragious for a 6ft piece. So what did I do? I went to the craft store and purchased some split rings (key chains). You have to do the math on how many it will take depending on how long you want it. I needed about 6ft. I used 34-1 1/2 inch rings and spaced them with 24-1 inch rings. 

Then the search was on for some old tarte tins. I caved and bought some from a seller at Tin Roof Porch on Etsy. The lot of tins were more than I actually needed but his prices were great. You should definitely go check out the other vintage items he has for sale. I only needed a few to use on my rain chain. I plan to clean up the other ones and keep them. I’m a sucker for old kitchen and bakeware.

I cringed as my husband drilled tiny holes in the bottoms of these tiny tins for the chain. They were just so darn cute! I can’t believe I actually ruined them to hange outside. 

I had no idea how I was going to get the tins on the chain. I ran to my art closet and pulled out some beads and wire. I played around until I found a solution. The cups were a bit wobbly on the wire, so I dabbed some hot glue on the top beads to hold them straight. I really did not want to do that.

Now my rain chain is ready. I love how it turned out. This will make watching rain even more fun.
I can see the chain from my kitchen window. 

Once I decided on a spot to put it, I anchored it down into a small rock pile. It’s also in a spot where my husband will not have to worry about cutting around it, so that made him happy. I’m sure I will be adding some additional looks around the bottom of the chain. Maybe a pot of flowers or a fairy garden. 

Note: It cost me less than 20.00 to make this one. How cool is that?

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  1. What fun. Love your creation - and over here we are longing for rain.

  2. You are one amazing crafts-lady. Beautiful stuff.

    Headed for NC in the AM!

    Love you guys!

  3. It is way cool!!! You are so creative! I love your rain chain....

  4. ...just the CUTEST thing. Our winds out here really don't allow for something such as this...we just fished 3 loungers out of the swimming pool.....BOO

  5. I'd never heard of rain chains but I love yours!!

  6. What a great idea a rain chain it. I've never seen one. How creative you are.
    I do enjoy walking in the rain once in a while but I'm sure ready for some nice sunny days now. And I am very tired of it snowing every other day.

  7. That is a cool idea. I think I’ try one.

  8. Such a clever idea Lisa. Love the look and the function.