So yesterday was the day for my yearly eye exam. Last year I thought I'd try one of the fancy clinics in town. I was totally unhappy with the way they did things. You can read about it here.

Well, this visit was back to my original eye clinic and it was much more pleasurable. Did I mention, I love going to the eye doctor?
I didn't have to wait. They took my insurance card and sent me on back.
I first sat at this machine that took a photo of my eye balls. Then I went into the exam room.

" Why hello again, hows the eye sight going? " Dr. M asked, as he came into the room.
I replied, "Lets just say, I can tell I'm are getting older.”
He had me place my chin in the chin holder and placed the lens machine in front of my eyes and began flipping different lenses.....
"Hows is this?" " Which is better?" "One or Two?" "Two or one?" "How about now?"
This went on for a few minutes until I was able to say "wow! I can even see the little print on the bottom that says 20/20!"
He laughed and said "Let's just say your 20/happy for now."

Dr. M then says, "That's how you would see if you got prescription reading glasses".
I replied with concern, "But my 1.50 over the counter readers work just fine."
He flipped the lens on the machine and said, "This is how you see now in 1.50's. See how much clearer the prescription lens is?"
He said I am farsighted (meaning I see better far away), one eye is worst than the other and that I have astigmatism. Other than that, my eyes are healthy with no concerns.

He said I would be fine with my over the counter readers if I wanted to continue being 20/happy, but if I wanted to see perfect then I need to get the prescription lens.

I'm seriously considering getting prescription glasses for reading. It's just I already have enough trouble keeping up with the 20 pair of cheap ones that are all over the house.  
And this is just my little stash of specks at my desk and I want even mention the ones in my car. 

I’m trying to figure out how can I keep up with ONE pair of good ones? I’ll make my decision soon. 


  1. Lisa, You are young honey. :):) I would be thrilled with your report. I am planning on having a cataract surgery but keep putting it off , just a bit. But I want to see without glasses. Glasses made just for your vision will be better. Some places will make two pair for the price of one. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. I am right there where you are! Except now I need the 125 reading glasses to see and 250's to read. I knew my eyes were getting worse and I was doubling up on the reading ones. I have a prescription as I also have a stigmatism in one eye and one eye is better than the other. I will probably get a pair - one pair - in the bifocals with lines. They are just so expensive and there are so many choices. Still.....I need to do that. I got prescription glasses for reading back when I was 40. Those glasses now work great for walking around glasses.

  3. I tried a new eye doctor this past year too, and it was a much better experience! I think you should go for the prescription reading glasses. They'll be the frames you really want, and exactly your prescription <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. I have those cheap reading glasses all over the place. : )

  5. Jilda wears one contact which allows her to read. She still has readers for early mornings but where we get cranking up for the day she puts in the monovision contact.
    I wear two contacts during the day.

  6. I just got through bouncing back and forth from between the eye doctor for my glasses (a new place I tried) and the ophthalmologist who finally gave me the thumbs up for six months...I have been wearing the progressive lenses a no line bifocal that I have been really pleased with.

  7. HAHAHA You 'ain't' old yet. If you were you would still be trying to figure out which is best? 1 or 2? 3 or 4? etc. I get completely lost and say ONE!

    And we self diagnose folk pick up our glasses at the dollar store. LOL

    I enjoyed your eye, Dr. visit much more pleasant than mine. (But I laugh at both!)

  8. i'd recomend the prescription lenses. you'll see much better it's true.

  9. I just recently ordered my first pair of glasses in many years. I wear contacts most of the time but I'll be in DC soon and I don't want an eyesight emergency to ruin things up there