Destroyed Jeans

I’m on a jean frenzy again or should I say “jean fingy”
Summer is coming so I really do not need a pair of jeans but yet I want a pair. Everywhere I go, all I see are the distressed, torn and ripped jeans. It's the style.
I get it. But I can not bring myself to buying a pair of jeans that look like someone wore them for ten years and decided to return them to the racks. 

Seriously, I really do like the style and are perfect for warm weather, but why are they so darn expensive? Here is a pair I found online since I didn't have my camera out in the store.

They typically range in price from $39.99 to $99.99 depending on which store you shop or how bad they are torn up. I think the more holey they are, the more they cost. 

So, I said the heck with that and dug an old pair of Old Navy jeans out of the closet and destroyed a pair myself.
For free! 

I just made a $20.00 pair of jeans look like an $80.00 pair of jeans by using grandma's old grater and a pair scissors.  

I like them better now and it’s all I needed to satisfy my fashion nerve until....well....until next week. 
I need new summer shoes! 

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  1. They look awesome! I’ve never figured out why they cost so much! I like my jeans the old fashioned way - all in one piece with no holes! But then I’m so much older that I think it would look pretty funny if I wore these younger versions! That grater was a brilliant idea!

  2. My fashion sense may be lagging, but I, too, prefer jeans with no holes!!

  3. I just through a pair of Lee's out a couple weeks ago that were in a lot better shape. Silly me.

  4. Your jeans (holey or not) are a LOT cheaper than we can buy them. A pair of Levis can cost well over $100.

  5. I just wear mine when they are worn out. I get rips and tears in the them and just keep on wearing them. : )

  6. I’ve worn my jeans so much, they look like that:)

  7. Good entry. I realize it is a youthful thing, I just cannot believe it. LOL
    The extra cost is because it takes some personal attention and time to ruin them. Where the original just had to be sewn folded and put on the rack.
    I still think it is silly. But that is me, the OLD opinion. hahahahah
    (however I do prefer the ruined jeans to the ones showing the underwear!!!)

  8. I think they are cute on the "younger crowd" (your age included)....but I think when you get to be my age they look downright silly---kind of like me in a miniskirt. xo Diana

  9. My jeans end up like that too from me wearing them for so long, the last couple of pairs I was forced to dispose of ripped out one in the crotch an the other on the backside, I was quickly told that this was not the correct ripped jean fashion sense...

    Yours however came out really nice, well done Lisa.