Weekend at the Beach

Nick and I took a little trip to the beach this past weekend. We kept putting it off while watching the weather. We wanted to go when it was gonna be sunny and warm. We did not make our final decision to go until Wednesday. So Thursday I worked half a day, then we took off on a four hour drive to the coast.

It was St. Patricks Day weekend with lots of festivals, car shows and parades around. We didn’t go to any though. Nick is not a fan of being in crowds. If we have to fight for a parking spot or bumping shoulders to hear a band, we will turn around and leave. So we just stayed in the campground and enjoyed the little peek of sunshine on the beach.

Here are a couple cars we passed on our walk. We saw many old cars everywhere we went because there was a big car show going on in the heart of Myrtle Beach. We also passed many of them on the highway on our way home as they were heading out.

The campground did have a golf cart parade on St. Patricks Day. We were sun bathing when I seen them riding by. I jumped up from my beach chair and ran across the dune to catch a shot of them as they passed by. I barely got there in time. 
“Don't blink or you'll miss it”. 

We had a pretty good time even though the wind made the 72 temperatures feel like 42. 
We took some long walks, went out to dinner and relaxed some on the beach. 

Then this happened. 

Yes this was a pig on the beach. This guy walked his pig every day.  It was hilarious and everyone would stop and stare or walk up and pet it. 

For the record, Here are a few things you do not say when you see a pig on the beach:
“Wow, what a ham!”
“I smell bacon”
“We are having a BBQ, want to come?”
“You can come early”
“Make sure the pig is dressed”

Ok, I know you animal lovers out there do not think any of that is funny but we had fun joking about it all weekend. The pig didn’t seem to mind. His little tail wagged and a smile was always on it’s face. 

The weekend was too short and now its back to work. We will not be going back again until May. I sure hope its a lot warmer then so we really can have a BBQ. 


  1. Your weekend at the beach looks wonderful. I just recently found your blog and have enjoyed reading about your nutrisystem journey. How long have you been off nutrisystems and how have you done. I have gone from 130 to 160 in the past couple years. I need help!!

  2. Lisa, Glad you had fun time at the beach. I am trying to think spring here..it's close and winter keeps popping in. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  3. I've been told big hams are very sweet. No joke.

    I'll be hitting the beach more than the prairie once our temperatures hit the 90s

  4. 4 hours to the beach! 5 for us to get to Galveston. I do love the beach and would go more often if Louis Dean enjoyed it just a little bit. We used to go every June on our anniversary.....he said he loved spending time with me while I enjoyed the beach! Last year we went to the beach in Alabama along with Amber, Mike and the quads as well as Mike's parents. It was pretty amazing. Mostly, my daughter, Summer and I try to get away together when we can. We both love to do the beach the same way. Sit, nap, sip,read, walk, stay....all day.
    Love seeing your photos and hearing about your time there!

  5. Me 'n Nick must be cousins. I am with him about crowds. I would be much happier watching and listening to the Gulls than fight a crowd.
    I love seeing those antiques being DRIVEN to shows vs 'hauled'. Thanks for the pictures, love seeing them.
    From Florida... jack & Sherry

  6. Sounds like you had a nice weekend and the weather sounds perfect to me. I'd love to have a day in the 70's. : )
    Our neighbor had a pet pig one time. They are really smart.