Getting Prepared for Easter

I really miss the days when Mom stayed up all night making me and my sister a new Easter outfit. She let us pick out a pattern and material from a local Mary Joes cloth store. We never went without a new Easter dress and shoes for church.

Now that I'm older its up to me to get my own new outfit. I'm sure if I asked her, she would still make me one but I think she enjoys her freed up evenings before Easter. After all, her and dad have to be up early Easter morning to prepare breakfast for the church that will take place after our sunrise service.

My daughter will be home this weekend and I'm sure we will end up at some Mall or Target store looking for her a last minute Easter outfit. I gave her some money a few weeks ago to pick her out something new whether its a new church outfit, work outfit or something fun for Summer.
I don't sew.

All the new outfit stuff is just a tradition. It celebrates "new" beginnings. After all, a girl needs an excuse to take advantage of getting something new. I mean, a girl always needs new shoes!!

A while back I picked up a purple dress from the Good Will. It fit so I'm wearing that. Its sleeveless so I hope the weather will break and give us some warm air.

Since I only spent 3.00 for something different to wear for Easter, I decided to spend some play money and have my hair done. I usually just get it cut or trimmed. I use a root touch up every so often to keep the gray from showing my age.
This time I decided I wanted something different. I wanted to go with some mushroom colored highlights.

Two hours, a box of foils, and several dollars later, I have some new color in my hair. It did not turn out nothing like the color I wanted. The mushroom color is a taupe, khaki or light brown tint. My hair now has Orange highlights. I'm going to go hide under now.  I wish I would have gotten more cut off too but I was tired and just wanted out of the chair. I was hungry and I wanted to get home.

The new highlights do not look bad, it's just not what I expected, but with my hair being dark, it was hard to lighten. I mean, she is not a magician, she's a beautician. Sometimes I forget.
Give me time. It will back to one color as soon as its safe to add it.

Now I have some baking and making to do.


  1. What wonderful Easter memories Lisa! I remember when I was a child my mama would pick out my Easter outfit and accessories for Church.

  2. I used to sew new outfits for my girls for Easter (and every other holiday) and I would take some of the material and make the two boys matching bow ties. lol I loved being 'that mom'. I love your new dress-perfect for Easter. Sorry that you were disappointed with your hair. Mine is almost pure white now all over- except after I took some meds that caused me to lose some hair (right at the crown of my head) and when I went off the meds and it came back in I have a baseball sized spot that is BLACK have always had light hair. So, the gal puts pure bleach on that one spot and it comes up the same color as the rest of my

    Anyway, have fun with your daughter and Happy, Blessed Easter to all of you! xo Diana

  3. I cannot believe you do not sew!!!! You, the creator of many things new! I know the hair just fits Easter! YOur family time will be great! Have a wonderful day and I know you will remember the reason. Love to you and Bless your mom and dad for their gifts to others..... I see the daughter did not fall too far fromthe tree!

    Love from Florida Sherry and Jack

  4. I hate when my hair doesn't come out the way I want it to after all that time and money spent!! Have a wonderful Easter, Lisa - enjoy your time with your daughter!

  5. Some of my fondest memories was my Dad taking us to JC Penney's for a new Easter outfit each year. Mom made most of our clothes, but this was Dad's day to do the shopping. A new dress, shoes socks, a hat and maybe gloves. I miss those days, and miss my Dad.

    Your outfit will look very cute and the hat can cover up any highlights you're not happy with.

    Some time ago, I decided my "grey" was well earned as I will turn 77 this May. It sure makes taking care of it easy, and saving a little money too. haha. All my daughters work on covering their grey...

    Have a blessed Easter.

  6. My hair rarely comes out like I think it will when I go to the hairdresser. : ) Don't go anymore, now my is all gray and Ken trims it up for me.
    Happy Easter. He Lives. : )

  7. Jilda had an unfortunate color job once. She now takes a magazine picture of what she wantsZ it’s worked so far.

  8. I think it's so sweet that you and your daughter have this tradition. Don't beat yourself up that you don't sew. In the blogging world I do find many who do, but also a great number who knit and crochet.

    I always get my hair done at salons. I have spent a few years here, and then there. No matter how bad my hair has turned out, if I didn't like it, I let them know. I have never had to pay for a re-do. It really is good business for them to do that. The nice thing is, if you don't get it fixed right away, it doesn't mean forever!!

    You Go Girl! And Happy Easter to all of you!