Sunshine and Snow

I was just bragging last week how warm it was around here in North Carolina. I spoke to soon.
Thursday I woke up to temperatures in the 30’s. I have already put my Winter clothes to the back of my closet and packed my boots away  actually gave my boots away to the local thrift shop. I was done!

While I was at work I peered over to my tiny window of my office and noticed blue skies and sunshine. Then I seen puffy white flakes dancing in the open air. I said to myself  “what? Is that snow?”  I made a post on my facebook to let everyone know it was snowing (as if I was the only one that saw it). I had to get the news out. Then I ran outside to get a photo of the falling snow (you know, as proof) because no one is going to beleive me. I mean, it has been warm all the other days.. 

As I positioned my little 6s to snap a photo, It stopped. I didn’t even get a picture. I had no proof.
Everyone started sending me messages that I must be going crazy. However, there were some that commented on my post that they too had seen it snow for a brief moment. 

My sister sent me a photo. Thank sis! It was of the ONE little cloud that passed through like a rain cloud, dumping a powder of snow across some of the viewing area. 

Yep that was the extent of it.
Crazy huh?
Don't laugh at the exitement. We don't get to see much of the white stuff around here. 
Now its back in the 50’s on this beautiful Saturday morning. 


  1. Well there you go, headed for the funny farm. hahahahaha Don't you hate it when you have no proof for the facts of the moment. When someone looks at you and says, "Well if you say so!" (Like the guys in white coats are on the way!)
    BUT, but anyway I hear y'all did get cold. BUT Honest Spring is on the way, I did see it! (Of course that is spring in florida. (He says looking at the two tomato plants he 'brung' inside the Motor home last night!)

  2. You sure couldn't miss the snow coming down HERE yesterday. : )

  3. LOL- We get that excited when we see the first warm day and a bird returning to our area after being gone all winter. lol xo Diana

  4. The weather has been crazy. I have a lot of friends down south, and it's a surprise to them and me to see that snow!


  5. I know what you mean! I live in South Carolina and two weeks ago it was in the 80's and now have we freeze warnings for some nights! I thought the cold weather was over here too, but I heard on the news that some of the southern states are experiencing colder weather again from the Nor'Easter that's going on up North.

  6. We are gonna get 3-5 inches here tomorrow. So excited!!