My Brown Eyes Green

I was born with dark brown eyes. They went well with my full head of black hair at the time.

I had dark brown eyes until I hit my 20's. I got pregnant at twenty-one and gave birth to a beautiful green eyed girl. After becoming a mother, I noticed my eyes were no longer that dark brown and more of a hazel green like my mothers.

Since 1991 I blamed my daughter for the change in my eye color. Some days they still look brown but not dark brown. They are sometimes yellowish and when I'm in the sun they turn a bright green. Most of the time my eyes are just a permanent hazel.

What color do you see? Brown or green?  

They have even mentioned it at the license bureau "Ma'am, It states that you have brown eyes. Do you wear contacts?". I replied "No, It must be the lighting. I was born with brown eyes and prefer to leave it that way". It also states that my hair is brown, will I have to change it one day to read gray?

Changes in eye color is normal. (This I read) 10 to 15 percent of causcassions will experience eye color changes while races with darker eyes see little to no changes. Eye color is caused by the amount of Melanin that is produced. As we get older, the pigment Melanin reduces causing eye color to lighten. Most brown eyes will turn hazel green or honey yellow. This is permanent. Just like hair. It looses pigment and will turn lighter or gray the rate of this can vary due to genitics.

OK, so I guess I can stop blaming it on pregnancy right? Nope. A woman looses Melanin while pregnant so this could have played a big roll in the color changing.
Of course! Because, I'm not old or at least I wasn’t at twenty-two!

Other things that can cause eye color changes, but are not permanent are sun exposure, stress or mood changes.

Honey can temperarly enhance your eye color- It is a natural bleach agent.
Spinach will temperarly brighten your eyes.
But did you know that adding fish to your diet regularly can cause permament color change? 

Notice I said “Color change” not neccesarly a “different color”.
In reality, your eyes really do not change to “different” colors. Depending on your genitics our eyes will naturally lighten and makes brown appear golden or have a greenish hue. Remember, I said my mother has hazel eyes? 

Do you still have the same eye color you had when you were young?
I bet you just looked in the mirror, didn't you?


  1. 'EYE' just lost a comment! I also just searched my driver's license for eye color it is no longer there, or Florida doesn't list eye color. Hair either.
    BUT what the heck, go ahead and blame it on the pregnancy.
    Very interesting blog entry. Never knew eyes changed color. I do know about hair and no hair. LOL

  2. Mine have always been a hazel green but sometimes appear blue depending on the color shirt that I wear. I'm going to look in the mirror now. Lol

  3. My brown eye are the exact same as yours.. I had dark brown eyes when i was younger and as i have gotten older they have some yellow-ish green in them.. I think they are cool.. and it's cool to know i'm not the only one that has noticed this and is going through the same thing..
    Neat o..

  4. I've alaways had brown eyes even though they tend to look brighter at times. Thanks for sharing this info!

  5. Yes, I did just go look in the mirror. 😊
    I've always had dark brown eyes and never really noticed them getting lighter but after just looking I think they are lighter now.
    I just looked at my MD drivers license and they don't even ask what your hair color is anymore.

  6. My eyes are hazel too but they've always been that color. The shade of green comes out more with certain colors of shirts.

  7. interesting to know. my eyes are blackish/brown.