Crochet Bath Pouf

Some call it a bath puff. Some call it a bath pouf,  and some call it a loofah. Whatever you want to call it, it’s a washy thing.

I usually purchase a two dollar nylon bath puff at Walmart. I love them. They are easy to use. When I'm finished washing, I rinse it out and hang it to dry until the next wash. After a few weeks, I can toss it out and get a new one. 

I had a request the other day. After seeing one I made in my Etsy shop, a customer asked if I could make another color? “Sure!” I said. 
Then she responded, “Great, I will need four plus 4 matching washcloths by March 16th”. I did a face plant in my hand and looked over at my husband. ‘I have a crochet request for a batch’. He smiled and said “thats a good thing “right?” Well, yes and no. Yes I'm thrilled by the request, but there is no way I can get the order filled in a week. Heck, I don't even remember how I made the bath puff that’s been sitting in my shop for months. I thought she just wanted one. Working full time only leaves me with a couple hours at night to get any crocheting done. I had to decline the request. 

Later the next evening I grabbed a ball of yarn and began making a bath puff. I figured I needed to refresh my memory on how to make one and how long it will take. It took me three evenings to complete this bath puff! It is super easy to make but time consuming. I thought I was never going to get to the end of the last row and ran out of brown yarn half way through and had to add another color I had on hand. Now not only do I remember how to make one, I also remember why I never made any more. Ha!

These are better than the store bought kind as they hold up longer, suds up better and can be thrown in the washing machine instead of the trash. This saves money. But then again, what’s two dollars right?  I’ll stick to buying the cheep kind and put this one in my shop. Maybe it will sell. I might make more if I get bored or have some time on my hands, but I am currently working on a blanket.  

For the fun of it, I’ll share the pattern for this puff. 
I consider this a large one as it is approx 17 inches around.

You can use cotton yarn which is my favorite because I love all things cotton, 
but I used Acrylic for this one. Acrylic will not mildew, dries faster and is light weight. 

If you can read crochet,
Here goes:

Crochet Bath puff
Size I crochet hook.

Make a magic circle then chain 40 ( this will be your hanger). Sl stitch into the magic circle.
20 SC in the magic circle. (20).
Ch3, 3DC in same stitch, 4DC in each stitch around, Join. (80)
Ch3, 3DC in same stitch, 4DC in each stitch around, join. (320) 
Ch3, 3DC in same stitch, 4DC in each stitch around, join. (1280)
Tie off, weave ends.

Do you like the one I made here? If so, you can purchase it from my Etsy shop
I can make other colors.....Maybe.

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  1. Gosh, are so so good at this crocheting. I pulled nearly all my hair out just trying to make a granny square ! Finally just gave up on it. bummer

    1. Granny square is the hardest for me to learn. Still aint got it figured out yet.

  2. I can't write English either. I need a proof reader for a comment. A couple that lives in the country near SC and close to the race track, were visiting last night and we were talking. You and your talents came up . I am sure your ears were burning. LOL I can barely read English much less 'crochet'. LOL
    Love from a cool Florida The name of the race track will come to me after I hang up again.

    1. Carolina Speedway? Nick used to work there on weekends. He worked the gate and did the payouts at the end of the night. I subscored sometimes.

  3. Hi Lisa, oh I never even considered trying to make my own loofah. I have so much yarn and I should really try and make one too.
    It amazes me how you find the time to crochet with working full time!!
    Thanks for sharing the pattern.
    Julie xo

    1. Yea. Once my daily activities are done, I like to relax a few hours before bed and crochet, blog or journal in my Bible before going to bed.
      Thank you

  4. I use the ones from Walmart too!
    The one you made is very nice!!.
    I don't crochet but I do knit dish/wash rags.

    1. Thank you :) I think you could make one by knitting. Let me know if you ever do.

  5. It looks great. I'm so impressed by people who can crochet. My Grandma tried to teach me when I was a child, but I never got very good at it.

    1. Thank you!
      My mom tried to teach me when I was younger and though I learned the basic stitch, I never had interest in picking up the hook again until I was in my 40’s.

  6. we use such puff only in winters .our's look little different than these amazing ones dear Liza!

    i am glad you got offer for the bath puffs ,wishing you good luck for more success my friend!

  7. This is so creative Lisa! Great job!

  8. How cute Lisa. So creative as well. Have you ever made a tea cozy?

    1. No I never had. Ive seen them and they are adorable.

  9. I made some of these for Christmas this year and they were a big hit.