Just Mommying

I got to mommy this weekend. I miss mommying.

I am proud of my daughter making it out on her own. She started working since she was sixteen and hasn't stopped. She currently makes more money than I do and enjoys living with a sorority sister about 30 minutes from home. She has been out of the house for four years now and thats not counting four years of college before that. She is now 25. 
But not a day goes by that I do not miss her in the house. Other than getting on each other nerves, we get along like best friends. We still text or talk every single day and she visits a couple times a month. (Used to be once a week). I’m getting better with that. 
Sometimes she will come over just to sleep because she misses her room. 

For the past week, she has been fighting a nasty chest and sinus cold. I made her go get checked. If she had been home, I would have had her in the doctors office at the first rumble in her breath.

This is the kind of things I’ve heard from her every day this past week:

“The doctor said It was not the flu but just a bad cold”
“What can I take for this?” 
“I have to do this and that, but I dont feel like it”
“The doctor told me not to go to work, but I did anyway”
“But I wont breathe on anybody”.
“I can’t taste anything”
“My chest hurts”
“Do I really have to wait four hour until the next dose?”
“Whats the temperature for a fever?”
“ I can’t relax”
“My arm hurts like it has been shot”.
“Whats this goo in my eye?”
“Now my boyfriend is sick”
“I can’t sleep and I can’t seem to fight this off”.
“Im going out with my friends even though I dont feel like it”
“Is a whisky sour the same thing as a hot tottie? 

I finally said ‘come home, you need your momma!”

So, she did and I got to mommy her all weekend.
When she came in the door Friday night, Nick had his homemade chili waiting for her. Then I made her a warm lavender salt bath to relax in.
I took away all the cough syrups and cold medicine she brought home. (I kid you not, she had a bag full).
I handed her the vicks vapor rub, had eucalyptis misting from the defuser, made her that hot tottie and sent her to bed. 

She had a good night sleep and felt better the next day. 
I made sure she had a nice warm breakfast each morning including avocado & egg toast and homemade fun fetti waffles.

We took her out to dinner Saturday night and since she was feeling better, I took her to church on Sunday. 

She left here feeling about 80 percent better. Now she can go back to adulting.
I hope next week is more comfortable for her.
I think she just needed to slow down and get some rest. 
But most of all she needed her MOMMY!


  1. You are so silly! But what mama ain't? I was at least 60, and she still liked to 'mommy', LOL

    That is sweet. Sherry still misses not having a daughter. She latches onto the former daughter in law and the #1 grand, the only Grand daughter! hahaha

    Love from her Mommy!

  2. how sweet you did this for her.

  3. This made me smile..my oldest daughter has said, "I want my mommy" at times when she has not felt well. I think your daughter was trying to keep up with work and friends and pushing herself to exhaustion. Yes, those old home remedies work the best. LOL Plus being taken care of by mommy and daddy. Bless you heart honey. xoxo, Susie

  4. Having mommy near when you are sick is a huge healing tonic! My daughter is 26 and does exactly the same thing. I simply do for her what I wish would be done for me when I'm sick. ;-D