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Virtual Assistant

I have dived into the world of virtual assistants. I rarely use Suri on my iPhone unless I'm too lazy to look something up and I will just ask her for the answer.

Now I have a new assistant in the house. She is adopted.

Two Christmases ago, I got my gadget loving daddy an Echo Dot virtual assistant named Alexa.
This past Christmas he wanted me to take it back. He lived with fear of this thing all year. He read a lot of nonsense news saying this gadget can spy on you in your home. He wasn't going for that no matter how much we convinced him that it's not how it works. He didn't care. He wanted it gone.
So, I adopted her back.

We have had a lot of fun with this thing. I have had it for two weeks now. I loaded the Alexa app on my phone and set up my account. It repeats a lot from my icloud account such as my music, calendar events and reminders. It also has it's own built in features such as games, news, and trivia.

So far,
  • When we ask...Alexa tells us the weather, temperature low and highs of the day and what to expect in precipitation. We do this every morning. It's more fun than looking at our phone and no more walking outside in our jammies.
  • Alexa  helped me in the kitchen this past New Years Day during my cooking. I would ask her to remind me when to put in the roast, start the crock pot and set timers. I normally jot this stuff down on a piece of paper but it was nice to have a voice command. 
  • We would also ask Alexa to turn on music and she would play any kind of music genre we asked. If it was a certain radio station we wanted to listen to, she would play that too. 
  • She has timed my workouts each day and will even make phone calls at my command. 
We are still learning new features with the Eco Dot. The latest feature I learned was enabling Q&A's in "Skills". This is also found in the app. You can add up to 40 of your own custom questions and how you want Alexa to answer. 

This feature was fun when Daddy was at the house for dinner the other day. I had set up a custom question and answer before he arrived and this is how it went...........

We were sitting around the living room and I simply asked Alexa if she would talk to us. She answered, "Tell Sidney I miss watching him" .
We all had a good laugh when daddy said "See!!!! I told you, it was watching me!!" 

I explained to him later how it did that. But I still don't think hes buying it.

As a kid I always wanted a robot.
I guess this is the closest thing I'm going to get to "Twiki". (Buck Rogers robot from the 70's).


It’s almost that time of year again. A couple people in the family have birthdays coming up. I will ask them what they want for their birthday and the response is always the same.
“Oh NOTHING”. “There is NOTHING I really want” or “I need NOTHING’. 

They know they will get something. I’m just wired that way. I love to give. So why can’t they just give me an idea?  If I think of something myself, It is usually the wrong thing, they do not need it or it doesn’t fit. I wish for once they would give me a small hint of some things they would like to have. 
Feelings will be hurt if I literally do not get a gift. My own heart would even be broken. 

Neither one has a hobby or collects anything (not that I can afford to supply for anyways).
Honestly, they really do have enough and really dont want anything. But still........

I know they mean well and really do not want anyone spending money on unnecessary things. I get it. But surely there is something. But NOTHING. 

My sister feels the same way.
She sent me these photos of the perfect gift for those that want NOTHING.

We both had a good giggle over this. 

Wait, I think she actually bought this since the photo was taken in her car. 
Now I wonder if she really is going to give someone NOTHING. 

Weekend at the Beach

Nick and I took a little trip to the beach this past weekend. We kept putting it off while watching the weather. We wanted to go when it was gonna be sunny and warm. We did not make our final decision to go until Wednesday. So Thursday I worked half a day, then we took off on a four hour drive to the coast.

It was St. Patricks Day weekend with lots of festivals, car shows and parades around. We didn’t go to any though. Nick is not a fan of being in crowds. If we have to fight for a parking spot or bumping shoulders to hear a band, we will turn around and leave. So we just stayed in the campground and enjoyed the little peek of sunshine on the beach.

Here are a couple cars we passed on our walk. We saw many old cars everywhere we went because there was a big car show going on in the heart of Myrtle Beach. We also passed many of them on the highway on our way home as they were heading out.

The campground did have a golf cart parade on St. Patricks Day. We were sun bathing when I seen them riding by. I jumped up from my beach chair and ran across the dune to catch a shot of them as they passed by. I barely got there in time. 
“Don't blink or you'll miss it”. 

We had a pretty good time even though the wind made the 72 temperatures feel like 42. 
We took some long walks, went out to dinner and relaxed some on the beach. 

Then this happened. 

Yes this was a pig on the beach. This guy walked his pig every day.  It was hilarious and everyone would stop and stare or walk up and pet it. 

For the record, Here are a few things you do not say when you see a pig on the beach:
“Wow, what a ham!”
“I smell bacon”
“We are having a BBQ, want to come?”
“You can come early”
“Make sure the pig is dressed”

Ok, I know you animal lovers out there do not think any of that is funny but we had fun joking about it all weekend. The pig didn’t seem to mind. His little tail wagged and a smile was always on it’s face. 

The weekend was too short and now its back to work. We will not be going back again until May. I sure hope its a lot warmer then so we really can have a BBQ. 

Recipes Oldies But Goodies

My Daughter called up the other night wanting to know if I had a recipe for macaroni and cheese. I usually make mine in a crock pot (recipe here) but she wanted the one that bakes in the oven. This made my Husband and I run to the recipe box. The recipe box full of oldie but goodie recipes. These recipes were given down from as far as Grandmothers.

A few years ago I inherited some of my mother-in-laws recipes. She was a wonderful cook and a lot of her recipes were handed down from her older family and friends. Some of the recipes require items that you cant even find anymore. I have noticed that in a lot of old recipes, the amounts differ from today. I am sure she had a lot of recipes in her head that she didn't have to write down. That's how my Mom does a lot of her cooking as well.

We spent about an hour looking through them and laughing and remembering how our Moms would make things we liked or didn't like.

By the way, we found my Daughter a simple macaroni and cheese recipe. It was in one of the good ole old church recipe books made up of several recipes from ladies of the church.

While thumbing through some of those recipes, my husband pulled out an old recipe. One that was small and easy but yet made me think of how simple life was when we were small. How our Mothers would always have a remedy to make us feel better.

She didn't have to run out to the store, she could just make it herself.  Where do you find Paragoric? And did I just see 2 oz. of Whisky?  Every 30 minutes?
I think I feel a cough coming on.

Crochet For a Laugh

The other day I was looking around on the internet when I came across some funny pictures of mice, ferrets, chickens and even frogs wearing hats. It was the most usual yet cutest thing.

My mind began wondering and a thought popped into it.  I immediately messaged one of my friends that I knew had guinea pig. I asked her "if I were to make it a hat, would she take a photograph of it?".  She agreed without hesitation. We both thought it would be a good laugh and who doesn't need a good laugh every day?

Soon as I got home and settled, I grabbed my needle and some scrap yarn and started crocheting a little hat. It was so fun, I ended up making her three.

Here is a picture of her guenia pig wearing the green hat. She said it was hard to keep him still so its the best she could get. I guess he was just really excited and was ready for his lucky charms.

She also sent me a picture of the other two hats. I just thought the green one was the cutest and it was near St. Patrick's Day at the time.. It did bring on a good laugh.

When my nephew seen what I had done, he asked if I could make him some kind of hat for a guinea pig that he was soon going to purchase for his girlfriend. So I did. Both of them have a love for farming and horses so......

I made it a cowboy hat. Which brought on another laugh. I cant wait to see pictures of her guinea pig wearing it.
I do not plan to make any more tiny animal hats but it I just had to give it a try. I love how they all turned out and I hope it made you smile a little bit.

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Crochet Frenzie

I have just been on this little crochet frenzy lately. Really, I do it every night! I'm not complaining though. I'm having a good time with it and I amaze myself once I get something completed. I hold it in the air, give it a turn, smile a little, look over at my husband and with a little giggle I say, "look what I did".

It all started last year when I made little baby booties and sold them on EBay. Then I was introduced to Etsy where you make and sale homemade items. I have been a member on Etsy for a while but just recently opened my own Etsy shop. I just took a wild shot in the dark that anyone would want to buy any of my items. But I have had a couple sales and this tickles me. I named my shop "LiLiDi's". Why? Well, LiLi is what my siblings called me when they were little before they could say my name and then my father-in- law started calling me that because it is also one of my screen names. And Di is the first two letters of my middle and last name. I thought it all went together nicely and its easy for me to remember. You can find my shop HERE.

Recently one of my crochet baby hats was noticed by a local photographer in town called Encaptured & Co.. that wanted to buy it for a photo prop and since then, shes kept me pretty busy asking me to make items to use in photo shoots of little babies and even animals. She gives me some ideas and I go with it. You can see some of her work HERE. I am also making some items for my friends.

Here are a couple photo shots from Encapatured and Co. using my crochet creations. You can see these and a few more in my "crochet photo page". If your local, you should definitely look them up. They do great shots and have great prices. Encaptured and Co. will let you choose your interest and they make it memories.

Here are a few other items I made for Photo props along the way.

I have another crochet prop that I made and hope to post later, but for now, I choose not to show it and keep it a surprise until the photographer uses it. I'm hoping it will work out.

UPDATE: It worked perfectly!

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Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

I dont get into football that much but I love the commercials. Here are my favorite Super bowl commercials this year.

I like this one the best. Its rather pitiful and I dont know who to feel sorry for the most. The parents or the Graduate.

Here is a Kia Commercial with the Hamsters. I remember the first commercial ever made with these little rodents. The only thing they did was pull up to a light with a tiny little car. Now just look at them. I laugh when I see the box wreck toward the end. haha.

Here is the M&M commercial. These commercials are always cute with adult humor.
Who don't just love the E trade commercials.

The Doritos commercials are always good too and Im a little suprised that I only saw one Budweiser commercial. They are usually voted top of the list by other viewers. But all and all, The commercials were pretty good this year and the Half-time show with Madona was great as well.