It’s Different Here

We packed the Ford Escape (aka Betty) and headed to the beach. Before we got out of the drive way, a little bird was flapping around the hood of the car in a frantic. Nick said “I bet she has a nest under the hood”. Sure enough, she did.

We hated to do it, but we destroyed the eggless nest and went on our way.
We got wind that the county would be making everyone stay home, so we got out while we could. We wanted to stay at our “other home” since it had a better view. We still practiced our safe distancing. We carefully filled the tank with gas not to touch the grip bare handed. We have kept our hands washed and make sure to sanitize our hands constantly.

We were able to stop at our half way point near Darlington got take a pit stop. They have clean restrooms. We also grabbed some fresh veggies and some Angel food cake. 

The roads were clear with only minimal traffic. That was nice. Once we go to our camper and set everything up, we headed out for a walk. It was quite.
It felt odd and strange.

I get up every morning and have breakfast then walk out to the beach for some quiet time with Jesus and coffee. 

(This cute cup was a surprise gift from Jean at “bjsweetnothings” blog)

There are usually lots of people out, but not this time. It’s just so different here. Sort of a weird vibe. This is normally a busy time of the year. Everyone is behaving, minding there own business and keeping their distance. I’m not complaining though. I actually like it. Throwing up a hand wave and a smile with everyone is fine with me. 

We have been able to get curb side or carry out food from our favorite restaurants and have a stock of food in the camper to get us by for a while. The grocery stores are still open but we are trying to avoid going. We can smell the grills cooking all around the campground. We will be doing some grilling out too. 

We did a lot of walking and tomorrow morning I will be running a 5k...Alone. This is an event I registered and paid for in my home town, but it got cancelled due to this crazy pandemic. They ask that we all do it on our own and turn in our times. What a better place to do it than here at the beach. 

I’ll let you all know how I did in my next post. Wish me luck. I’m not really prepared for running and I’m still sore from a workout I did at home last week.


  1. What a lovely place to spend this time!

  2. Your beach is beautiful - a great place to relax together and enjoy some quiet time. Congrats on the 5K participation! I walk a lot but I don't think I could run that far, LOL. I'm heading out to the grocery store this morning and it feels like a zombie supply run. :-(

  3. Thanks for the update from the beach. Thanks for the trip we enjoyed going along, liked it all but you will be doing the 5k alone. LOL we won't participate. ;-) We are glad you got the chance to SEE the SEA again, everyone knows your heart is there.
    We did love the trip wish we were on the road.
    Love hope you will be back safe.
    Sherry & jack

  4. Nice to have the beach to yourself. I'd love to walk along it in the mornings.
    Good luck on your run.

  5. I've been worried about my own trip to the beach. Hopefully this is all just a bad memory soon.

  6. The world is surely a different place right now.

  7. Camping on the beach sounds heavenly and it's nice you can still do that. We are in total 'shelter in place' mode. We did venture out to finally meet our granddaughter. she had just turned a week old but knowing we were going to eventually see her I made sure to stay put as to not contract the virus. It is a weird vibe with everyone keeping a distance and minimal traffic on the road. I'm just glad you guys went for it! Good luck on your run!