5K On The Sand

I mentioned in my last post that I would be doing a virtual 5K for my home town’s  “Community Foundation Run”. This is a big event held each year. There is a lot of money raised for different charity/ organizations. I registered for the run a few weeks ago. It was to be held on April the 4th. Due to the Covid-19 scare, they chose to cancel the race and asked everyone to do it virtually on our own time between now and midnight April 4th.

I decided to do the 5k (3.10miles) while I was at the beach. I thought I would be at an advantage running on a flat beach one way and back. 
I was wrong. 
Have you ever tried to run on sand? It was not that easy. I ran on dry firm sand but I did not have that bounce in my run to help my stride.

Nick made sure to stay behind me as he did his regular morning walk. I stayed in his view. He can almost walk as fast as I run. He turned and headed the other way before I started coming back (now he was in my view and I never caught up with him). He did this so he could beat me to the end to take a photo of my finish. 

This was my 3rd 5K. The first one I did was a couple years ago. I was 10lbs lighter and finished at 38.34 minutes. This time I came in at 41.29.
I never prepare for these things. This time I had a big meal the night before and was still sore from a workout my daughter had me doing just a couple days ago. I walk every day, but never run, so when I do a 5k run, I will run a little and walk a little. Maybe one day I will train myself to beat my record instead of lose to myself. 

I logged into the site and entered my time and a photo for proof. I will be receiving a T-shirt in the mail soon. 

I doubt I will, but if I am the winner in my age group (female 50-55) I will receive a great amount to donate to a charity of my choice. My choice will be the Crisis Pregnancy Center. This is a Christian organization that help pregnant ladies make the right choices for their unwanted pregnancy through counseling and/or adoption. 

I am back home on higher ground now. I wish I could have stayed longer at the beach. It was so nice down there but It was suppose to rain the rest of the week and with nothing open we didn’t want to sit in the camper every day. It was fun while it lasted. 


  1. Atta Girl, Lady! You do have some determination. Many folk could not do that, it certainly takes a certain make up of mind and spirit. so Congratulations to you and WE are not surprised that you could do it. And that is great time in the sand. It might have been easier on your knees, maybe? We all know you are proud to have Saint Nick with you all the time, cool that he went on the 5k with you and is a good cameraman! (as well as a good buddy!)

  2. You sound like me, just jump right in and go for it no training necessary haha. Good for you for getting out there and doing it. Running on sand is hard, literally. its so firm i can see why it was difficult but you DID it yay!!!

  3. I'd imagine it WOULD be hard to run in sand! I'd be walking like Nick! :)
    Good for you for finishing.

  4. Good job! I am proud and not much time difference if you ask me! Very pretty there too! I hope your beaches will stay open, ours in SC have now closed to the public. I can barely walk in some sand especially wet so can't even imagine running!