Repurposed Home Keys

Do you have a drawer of keys? Or do you have key rings laying around full of keys that no longer belong anywhere? Well, I do.

Why is it that we keep keys? When we move away or our locks are changed, people tend to keep the keys. I even have old car keys from when I was a teenager. They are no longer any good. 
Or are they?

Nick and I got a little crafty last week when my daughter said she was looking for a small key hanger for her new little 400 sq ft studio apartment. She loves to throw her keys up on a hook when she comes in. She has always shared an apartment with her Kappa Delta sister but has now decided to try things on her own. Her apartment is adorable and we can’t wait to see how she decorates it. 

We looked around for some ideas to make her a key hanger. Hooks can be expensive, so we found a cool way to make some hooks using old keys. Nick carefully bent the keys into hooks. With a little cutting, sanding and painting, we created her the perfect key hanger. This key hanger will also have some sentimental value as each key is from a family home. 

There is a key from both her grandparents homes.
One key is from the first house she grew up in and our first home.
And one key is from our current home she continued to grow up in until she moved out on her own.
The wooden part of the key hanger is a piece of the molding from our house. 

Nick did the sanding and I did the painting and writing. 
We decided to give it a distressed look by sanding down and scuffing some areas. 

We had fun making this together and all it costed us was a dollar paint brush and a Sharpie. 
Now let’s hope the area where she wants to put it will be big enough in that tiny little uptown apartment. 

Do you have old keys laying around? I think one of these days people will no longer need keys as everything is touch or speech activated. 
Even cars nowadays are cranking up by themselves. 


  1. I love the idea! Yep I think I have a million keys laying around that have lost their doors and locks. LOL THANKS great idea. Old Nick made some smooth bends there!
    Sherry & jack (I will be awake soon!)

  2. What a wonderful idea! I hope I saved my old keys...

  3. Yes, we too have old keys laying around.
    What a great idea!!
    Ken has said he wants to try to make a wind chime out of our old keys.

  4. very cool. love it. it's just terrific that you used old keys. i too have a ton lying around.

  5. Such a great idea, We all have keys lying around.

  6. This is a great idea. Now you know where those keys are☺

  7. A wonderful project in more ways than one! That's so special that each key represents a home in a sentimental way.