DIY Wallflower Bud Vases

We are finally getting some Spring like weather here in North Carolina. The afternoons are now warm despite the chilly mornings. Getting myself to go out and walk in the mornings have been brutal for me. I’d rather do my walks in the afternoon when its warmer. Now I can as the days are beginning to stay daylight longer.

When I go outside now, I enjoy seeing all the new growth on the trees and the flowers blooming. I am already seeing bees looking for pollen and birds fighting for a mate. I love Spring time.

Speaking of flowers, I found a perfect idea for little bud vases. 

We are always buying air fresheners for our Wallflower plugins by Bath & Body works. I had a few of the empty glass fragrance bottles hanging around in the cabinet so I could remember the fragrances I liked best.
While cleaning out the old bottles the other day, I decided to turn a few of them into tiny bud vases. I am all about recycling things when I have a chance.

With a pair of needle nose pliers, I gently removed the plugged openings and gave them a good wash and rinse. Then I put in some fresh water and a cut flower. So far the flowers have stayed bloomed all week. These vases will give me something to put my little flowers in that I pick along my afternoon walks. Yes, I’m that person. 

These vases would be perfect used for a fine dinner or wedding reception. You can use them for place markers on the tables for guest.
They are also pretty simply sitting on a window seal. 

I plan to use mine in a decorative tray as I decorate for Spring.

What are some other ways you can use bud vases? 


  1. how cute and clever. love it. i used a starbucks tumbler to hold my valentines roses. i thought i had a vase but couldn't find it.

  2. Your creativity always amazes me. So sweet!

  3. Great way to upcycle old bottles.✔

  4. You’re so clever. We find antique bottles here on the farm all the time.
    This would be a good use of some of those.

  5. The daffodils looks so pretty in the little bottles. I do the same thing.

  6. What a cute idea for Spring Lisa!

  7. Yep, you come up with some good ones. This is nice and very smart. AND yes the weather today was GREAT, just like spring.
    Love y'all
    Sherry & jack

  8. Cute idea!!! No flowers blooming here yet...I do see a daffodil popping up at the rear of the hotel I work at, though!

  9. Now that is creative! I've always thought those were to pretty to throw away/recycle. Great idea!


  10. Great way to upcycle those plugins! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's.