St. Patricks Day☘️

Hope everyone had a nice St. Patricks Day.

In the wake of the Corona virus pandemic, they announced for North Carolinians to stay in and not go any place where there are groups of more than 10 people. 
All resteraunts have closed their doors for dining. They are keeping drive thrus open and you can call in orders for pick up.
Stores are now closing their doors to shoppers and are asking everyone to shop online and pick up at the stores. This all seems so weird. 

The weather was cool and misty during Most of the day. I was feeling bored, so I decided to make the best of St. Patricks Day by baking some green sugar cookies. 

They were delicious and were prefect for an afternoon snack. 

My house was smelling great as the aroma of the Corned beef brisket was drifting from the crock pot. It had to slow cook for 8 hours. We sat down to enjoy our traditional St. Patricks Day meal with corned beef and cabbage. I made a side of horseradish sauce for dipping. 

My daughter will usually come and enjoy St. Patricks Day dinner with us but with everything going on, we didn’t decide to cook until the last minute and she had forgotten it was even St. Patricks Day. We also hated to call her home in the chaos. We will be seeing her on Thursday as we go help her get moved into her new apartment. We are taking her some cookies. 

Guess who else was in the St. Patricks Day mood and put on their green coat?

Loui is a lizard that lives in my shutters. He comes out for a chat when the temperatures are above 50. He will even let me pet him. He has been dark skinned all month until today. He decided to turn into a leprechaun.

Funny story: I walked out the other day and said “hey Loui” and three more lizards popped out of the shutters. Now I do not know which one is the real Loui and neither do they. Haha. 


  1. lizards are cute but also a bit creepy. hubby had corn beef. i had bangers and mash. wanted boxtys but was too lazy to fix 'em. good luck moving your daughter in her new place. done that myself a few times. happy st. patricks day.

  2. My kids are home from closed colleges and from remote jobs, so we were deciding what to have for St. Paddy's Day dinner and they vetoed all of the traditional Irish meals. They decided on wings'o hot sauce as Irish enough.

    Everything here is mostly closed too. It's beyond creepy and unnerving. WV was the last state without anybody testing positive, but we got our first one today. People were saying the corona virus feared God, guns, and pepperoni rolls. We held off as long as we could!

  3. What an adorable story about Loui! And your corned beef and cookies were perfect! We made Reubens. Love your creations and hang in there my sweet friend!

  4. That's such a cute story about Loui! A few years ago I saw a lizard and named it Lizzy, but then I saw two of them so I couldn't tell them apart lol. Those cookies were a perfect addition to St. Patrick's Day!

  5. Like those green cookies.
    Cute story about Louie!! : )

  6. I've never see lizards on my house but a frog on my vinyl siding