Crochet Earrings

March is finally here. This is the month we get to turn our clocks up an hour, the flowers start to bloom and days stay daylight longer. Soon it will be Spring. It is also when we will head down to the coast and get our camper ready for Summer. 

I have done a lot of crocheting this Winter. I have made several hats and blankets for my Etsy shop. Now it’s time to slow down as Winter wear is not a big seller in the warmer months. I haven’t been able to do much crocheting the past few days anyway.

Sunday while we were out walking, I took a nice ungraceful fall. We were about a quarter mile from the house when I tripped on an uneven crack in the sidewalk. The fall was quick and hard resulting in both palms cut and scraped along with two bruised knees. I was sore the next two days but by day three I was back out walking again. I heal pretty fast.

Once I was feeling better and my scraped palms are healing, I decided to pick up the crochet needle again and use up some of my small stashes of yarn. 
I had an idea. Once I get an idea in my head of something to make, I have to get to it. My idea was to crochet some fun earrings. 

These earrings will be perfect for the office or a day on the beach. My boho vibes are showing with the big mandalas and long tassels. 

I have these for sale in my shop while they last. I have already sold a few pair and hope to sell more. I will make more depending on the demand. They were fun to make and pretty easy. If you crochet, I have the pattern below. I may have to whip myself up a pair, in fact, I know I will soon. 

Earring Pattern
H hook
Make a magic circle.
8 sc in the circle. sl to the beginning sc (8)
2 sc in each sc around. sl to the beginning sc (16)
Tie off.
Add tassels using embroidered thread.

**Feel free to visit my Etsy shop and take a look around.**


  1. These are so beautiful! I saw them on Insta and immediately smiled, you’re so talented

  2. Neat ear rings. You are very crafty that is for sure. Nice way to display them also, neat. Sorry to hear about the fall. My BIL said in NYC one could sue the city for that type of fall and get paid as long as you did not ask for more than $5000, they paid off to keep from going to court. OUCH.
    And yep we have tripped also, but so far haven't went down, thank goodness. But we hold onto each other for our safety. We get a lot of comments of how sweet we look walking holding hands. LOL

  3. I love the green color and the boho look! Your Etsy store is very nice ~ the mini change purse is so cute. I'm visiting from Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.

  4. Super cute, Lisa!! Sorry about your fall, I did the same recently, while I was in my kitchen making dinner. Stepped backwards and ended up falling flat on my back....I still don't know how!!

  5. Oh wow these are so pretty! Your crochet work is so beautiful! I'm sorry you fell and were hurt, hope all is better now. You inspire me to bring out my crochet hook and go pick out some yarns. That is nice of you to share your pattern.

  6. You made the cutest crochet earrings Lisa and thanks for the pattern to make them.

  7. I love crochet earrings and I love tassels - win win!

  8. What beautiful earrings Lisa! Definitely getting beach vibes :)

  9. Beautiful! I love crochet jewels and your earrings are adorable!

  10. Hola. Muy hermosos.
    Tejes precioso, felicitaciones.
    Un abrazo.

  11. I love these earrings, may I ask the round part did you use acrylic or cotton. Thank you

    1. I used Cotton. It held stiffer. But acrylic works too. I have done both.

  12. Did you use worsted weight cotton yarn, or a lighter weight cotton yarn? So cute! Thank you for the pattern! 😊