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It’s Different Here

We packed the Ford Escape (aka Betty) and headed to the beach. Before we got out of the drive way, a little bird was flapping around the hood of the car in a frantic. Nick said “I bet she has a nest under the hood”. Sure enough, she did.

We hated to do it, but we destroyed the eggless nest and went on our way.
We got wind that the county would be making everyone stay home, so we got out while we could. We wanted to stay at our “other home” since it had a better view. We still practiced our safe distancing. We carefully filled the tank with gas not to touch the grip bare handed. We have kept our hands washed and make sure to sanitize our hands constantly.

We were able to stop at our half way point near Darlington got take a pit stop. They have clean restrooms. We also grabbed some fresh veggies and some Angel food cake. 

The roads were clear with only minimal traffic. That was nice. Once we go to our camper and set everything up, we headed out for a walk. It was quite.
It felt odd and strange.

I get up every morning and have breakfast then walk out to the beach for some quiet time with Jesus and coffee. 

(This cute cup was a surprise gift from Jean at “bjsweetnothings” blog)

There are usually lots of people out, but not this time. It’s just so different here. Sort of a weird vibe. This is normally a busy time of the year. Everyone is behaving, minding there own business and keeping their distance. I’m not complaining though. I actually like it. Throwing up a hand wave and a smile with everyone is fine with me. 

We have been able to get curb side or carry out food from our favorite restaurants and have a stock of food in the camper to get us by for a while. The grocery stores are still open but we are trying to avoid going. We can smell the grills cooking all around the campground. We will be doing some grilling out too. 

We did a lot of walking and tomorrow morning I will be running a 5k...Alone. This is an event I registered and paid for in my home town, but it got cancelled due to this crazy pandemic. They ask that we all do it on our own and turn in our times. What a better place to do it than here at the beach. 

I’ll let you all know how I did in my next post. Wish me luck. I’m not really prepared for running and I’m still sore from a workout I did at home last week.

Handling Social Distancing

I never thought I would live in a world where we would have to keep a 6 foot distance from people. But actually, I’m ok with that. I’m not real fond of people walking on my heels or breathing down my neck anyway. If I can hear you breathe or smell your cologne, then it’s to close for comfort for me. However, I never usually turn down a hug, no matter who it is.

Businesses are closing, so I feel so sorry for the employees. 
I know the feeling of panic setting in when there is no income. 
I know what it’s like to all of a sudden not to get up and go to a job you did for many years.
At least most people out of work can enjoy some time off, because they know they still have a job waiting for them when this crises ends. I on the other hand have lost hope in finding a job while this pandemic is going on. 

Restaurants are closed and only allowing curbside service or takeouts. We ended up with takeout Saturday night. This is still safe to do! Covid-19 is not found in foods. It attacks the respiratory system through contact with an infected person through cough, sneezes or droplets then touched on your face or in the air. 

If you get take out, make sure to tip them. It’s not the waitresses or cooks decision to close and they are all in this with us. 

Schools are closed leaving it up to the parents to home school their children. Some children are not safe at home. Some schools are closed for the rest of the year which interferes with sports and graduations. Keep the kids in mind. They are struggling and stressed like everyone else. As far as I know, teachers will continue to get paid. 

Churches are closing. I had to listen to my pastor give his sermon through facebook live. 

It was nice, but not the same. If your church is closed, remember churches still need tithes to keep the bills paid. We have drop off times at our church for those that wish to give or mail it in. 

We went to the grocery store today for our weekly shopping. There was no one hardly shopping and the shelves were bare. No bread, eggs, or milk.
Toilet paper was still gone but luckily we have enough to get us by a few weeks or so. As I turned the corner and saw more bare and broken shelves, I almost lost it and my eye filled with tears. It was so sad how life can change so quickly. There was not even any dry beans left, and what is Lentils?

We got enough foods to get us through a week or so. Hopefully we can go down to the beach soon, so we do not need to stock up too much. 
It’s not really all that bad around here, It’s just different. 

The good thing about this social distancing thing is that families might now eat together around the table. Parents can teach their children new things around the house like cooking, creating, cleaning and yard work. Dads can show their kids how to change the oil in a car or change a tire. 
Makes me think of the olden days. We are just back to the simple life for now and that’s not such a bad thing.

Hope everyone reading this is doing ok and you all are in my prayers!