Where are you Fall?

Happy October!

Do any of you know what Mother Nature did with Fall? The temperatures here in North Carolina are still in the 90's! I sorta want to decorate for the season but can't get in the mood when It feels like I live in the dessert. We have not had rain in over a month, so yea, It's dry too.

I have some new Fall sweaters and booties I would love to wear before Winter arrives. However, I'm still in tank tops and flip flops.

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The trees here have not put on their Autumn show. Most are still green. I even think the birds are  mating again.

I would also like to add a pumpkin or two on my porch and some Mums in the yard but most of the Mums I see at the stores and markets have already reached full bloom and are already wilted.

But hey, my Loofah plants are still thriving, Well, sorta. I will show you my results of those soon.

Meanwhile, I will continue enjoying the warm sunshine and blue skies. Honestly, It would be ok with me if it stayed Summer time forever.

What is the weather like in your neck of the woods?


  1. I hate that spooky month feels like summer.

  2. Yes we do not have summer anymore. We go right from summer to winter and then from winter to summer. No fall, no spring. Here in the NE it is either freezing cold, boiling hot or raining, take your pick. I just got back from Paris and they have an actual fall there with two months of cool but not cold temps. And I spoke to someone who told me that her friend is paying $550 euros for a new apartment about 8 miles from the city center. There is no where in the entire Untied States of America where you can pay this in rent. I often think of leaving the country...

    Allie of

  3. Meh...in Florida, we just get excited about our 3 days of winter.

  4. A little warmer than usual for here but still it does feel like fall.

  5. My Sherry says we might pay for this heat in a few weeks. But for sure it is warm here. BUT sherry did turn on the heat while we were in the mountains...

    Love from this side of the muddy!

  6. I think all the areas are different when Autumn arrives. In northern California, Fall is showing its changing colors, and the mornings are cool, but still warm during the day. I'd love to see your new Fall sweaters and booties. Fall is on its way - hang in there. : )