Friday Bowl- Black Beans and Rice

I came home from work to find my husband heating up a pot of black beans on the stove. I guess it's grocery night. He likes to add black beans to his salad with a little salsa. I opt for something different and grabbed my small Cocoboo coconut bowl from the shelf.
This delicious bowl consist of cilantro rice topped with black beans and avocado. With other added extras on top, it was the perfect appetizing meal in a jiffy.
Next time I may add some extra protein such a chicken, tofu, or seafood.

Black Bean Rice Bowl

1/2 Cup- Uncle Bens Cilantro Lime Ready Rice
1/4 Avocado
1/4 Cup- Canned Black Beans (rinsed)
1 Tablespoon- Sour Cream
Pinch of Shredded Cheese
332 Calories- 8 g Protein


I have decided to reserve each Friday to share some of my creative food bowls. I have been eating these at least 3 times a week and I feel great. They are easy, healthy and fun. This is part of my new "Clean Eating" Plan. Wish me Luck.


  1. Looks great. I was OLD before I had avocado or black beans. Both were introduced to me when we lived in Cuba.
    Love from over here...
    Sherry & jack

  2. I never thought to have black beans with salsa and rice. I'll have to try that.

    PS...I tried the acorn squash. Delicious!

  3. Can you believe that I've never eaten avocado? This looks delicious!

  4. I think Friday is about food! LOL I am doing the same thing on Fridays on the real estate blog. I call it Foodie Friday. lol Hope you have a great week! xo Diana