Halloween at the Campground

We are spending some time at the beach. The weather has been nice. The sun has been shining bright each day with temperatures ranging from 75 to 85 degrees. I have done a lot of walking along with lots of relaxing. The crowd at the beach this time of year is at a minimum and that makes it nice when we go out.

The campground was pretty full this past weekend. People flocked in with their RVs and campers to enjoy the Halloween festivities here. On Friday night, the campground hosted a pet costume contest along with food and drinks by the new Tiki bar. We walked up to see the pet costumes and met a couple new friends. The funnel cake stand was a hit as well. 

Saturday was also a big night at the clubs around the area with costume contest and drink specials. We are not big fans of the club life so we opt to stay in the campground for the night. There was a kids costume contest, trick or treating, special music, and judging of the best decorated camp site. 
We did not decorate our campsite other than a little pumpkin on my picnic table. 

We walked around viewing all the campers decked out for Halloween and tricks for the kids. I’m gonna end the post with a few photos of some of my favorites from Halloween at the campground. Enjoy.

Hope everyone has a safe an happy Halloween!


  1. I always enjoy Halloween time.

  2. I like the line of lights on the ground, so cute. The small things are way cuter than those blow up creatures. LOL Bless you, xoxo, Susie

  3. It's nice that you are still going to the beach. It's amazing the way some people have decorated near the campers for Halloween. Hope you have a nice week and a Happy Halloween.

  4. That is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. WOW again tonight I see stuff I have never seen before. the times we have been on the road at Halloween I have never seen this much decorating. Usually a jock-o-lantern in the coach or on a table is about the total of what we ran into. But it is neat to walk around and see I am sure. Glad you are enjoying the time there and I truly enjoy slack times at RV parks where there isn't as much of a crowd.
    Enjoy yourself and Brother Nick.
    Sherry & jack back up here.

  6. Happy Halloween! I wish I lived close enough to spend weekends at the beach.

    I haven't decorated for Halloween in years. I told my son maybe I should, he said just be sure to get out the guy in the red suit with the white beard. Christmas is the big deal around here!

  7. Wow some people sure go all out for Halloween.
    Nice to see all the decorations.
    Glad to hear you are walking and having a relaxing time!!

  8. How fun Lisa. I bet it was a blast. I miss those beach days. Halloween and funnel cakes, what’s not to love?