Pizza Pasta

This past Sunday my church celebrated Home Coming. My church has been around 70 something years. I can’t remember how many they said it was.(hey, no head shaking, I did listen to the service). I have been going to my church for 50 years. I’m one of the few that still attends after all those years. Some have left and came back.

When I was younger my parents made sure we went three times a week. Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesdays. I always liked going. Back then, we had a large youth group that would often gather outside the church and do fun group activities together. Now sadly, I only go to Sunday morning service.

Another thing us Baptist would do is eat. We always held a cover dish dinner (potluck) after church on special Sundays. Homecoming is one of those times. Though I am not a big fan of eating foods if I do not know who fixes them, I piled my plate anyway. I have never gotten sick from a church dinner. 

I needed a dish to make and share. I usually will do some kind of casserole but this time I decided on a Pizza Pasta. I guess you could call it a pizza casserole. 

This was the first time I made this dish and it was hit. It was one of the first dishes to disappear. However, I was able to snag a bite before it was gone. It was an easy dish to make. I was skeptical on how it would taste but it tasted just like, well, Pizza pasta. Kids will love it as it is not too spicy and easy eat.

I forgot to take a photo of the finished results before someone took a spoon to it. I guess the ladies in the kitchen preparing the table couldn’t wait for the service to end to do a taste test. 

The recipe can be found at Taste of Home.


  1. That looks delicious - I will be trying this for my next event I need a dish for! YUM!

  2. I've made a pizza pasta and always found it bland. Probably because I am a pizza with everything sort of gal. I see you have green peppers in yours. I don't know why I never thought to add some flavor to mine!

    I tried the acorn squash you suggested and it was delicious! I'll be re-sharing that!

  3. Looks pretty darned good to me, Lisa!

  4. This pizza pasta looks delicious!

  5. That looks delicious.
    I'm a Baptist too and I know what you mean about the food. : ) The teens made us lasagna for a fund raiser last night before the church service.

  6. That looks really good. I’m showing this to Jilda.

  7. Never heard of it, but I can see why it was a hit. And YES, youcna tell the dishes that make a hit, They B GONE soon.
    Don't know how I missed this. We smile when the word Pizza comes up, we were both nearly grown before we heard of or tasted Pizza.
    Love you guy! Sherry & jack