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Do you use a phone case on your smart phone? I do. I usually resort to the Otter box brand because I know it is good and will protect my phone the best during a drop. But sadly, there are not a lot of options for colors and designs. While I am normally pretty plain Jane when it comes to accessories, I like to mix it up sometimes and add some color in my life.

The style of your phone, color and case have become a fashion trend with all the “mirror selfies” you see on social media. I rarely take a mirror selfie but I do enjoy dressing my phone up to accessorize my outfit, pocket book or even my mood. 

Unfortunately phone cases can get expensive and I have always been afraid to use other brands that seem cheap to me. Fortunately, the newer phones are a little tougher within themselves and really do not need a case for protection. However, I still like to have one to keep it clean and scratch free. 

Then I found “GetCasely” and they sent me a case of my choice. They have so many trendy phone cases at reasonable prices with several styles and patterns to choose from. It took me forever to decide on a design. Each case comes in “Classic or Bold”. The bold has more protection and durability.

I finally settled on the patchwork design in the classic.

I like the fun boho look and it pairs perfect with my Favorite RiceLove bag. I do not think I could have found a case anywhere else that matched so perfect.

This case is slim and thin and fits perfect in my smaller purse or pocket. It’s comfortable to hold and has been a great conversation starter. 

When your ready for another phone case, try GetCasley. You can choose from the classic collection, the bold collection or the power/charger collection. 
They also have other accessories such as wallet cases, phone rings and screen protectors. 

Shop GetCasley.
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  1. That case is just cute as it can be and I love the bright colors!!

  2. That is a cute phone. I usually go with the boring solid color on Amazon that looks like it will protect my phone. I dropped my first smart phone on a freezing cold day while racing in to substitute teach at a school. It fell flat on the sidewalk and the screen shattered but remained in one piece (if that makes sense). I was so clueless. I did not even know you were supposed to have a case. This was about 7 yrs ago. And I kept the phone until it brokedown and just dealt with the crazy screen.

  3. One thing about it, it is easy to spot if misplaced, which happens around here many times. LOL We are cranking this rig up and headed back to the Piedmont in a hour or so. This is the last entry from the high country. I never knew Asheville was such a tourist area. Sherry seems to think I have been under a rock in my thinking. LOL

    From Apple country,
    Sherry & jack

  4. That is such a cute phone case and matches perfect with your bag!

  5. I love pretty phone cases. I used to use OtterBoxes too, but getting my phone in and out of my pocket with an otterbox is a struggle, so I have switched to thinner cases. I'll have to check these out- I love a discount.

  6. A nice colorful case. Easy to find too. : )

  7. That is a pretty case. I recently bought a pretty case for my kindle, for my phone I have a folding leather case which is very protective.

  8. What a cute phone case. It looks Bohemian, which I love. It goes just right with your purse.