Propane Tank Monsters

 My daughter and I were headed out for a coffee and a day of shopping. When I turned down the next street from my house heading out to the highway, I noticed two tanks someone had thrown to the side of the road. One was an old propane tank and the other was a helium tank. My mind instantly went into craft mode and knew I had to have them. I told my daughter that if they were still there when we get home, I was going to get them. 

We visited a little coffee shop in the small town of Belmont and walk around town as we sipped our caffeine filled cups of goodness. I ordered the Maple bacon Latte. It was good. 

Before heading home we visited a thrift shop and scored a few good deals.

I hadn’t forgot about the tanks. As were turning into the neighborhood, the tanks were still on the side of the road so I pulled over. We jumped out, grabbed them, threw them in the hatch and headed one home. We giggled because It looked like we were stealing something as we grabbed them so fast not wanting anyone to see us. 

I gave them a little wipe down, grabbed some paint and brushes and we headed out to the porch to turn this trash into another Halloween project. I painted the white one and my daughter painted the green one. 

This was just as fun as painting or carving pumpkins but less mess and a lot cheaper!

They now sit on my front porch steps and I will dispose of them somehow after Halloween. 

Bead Ghost Garland

I’m sorta getting exited about Halloween. Not because of the goules but because of the fun things going on. It’s fun to see the little kids dress up and pretend to be super hero, presidents, princesses and little monsters. They go trick or treating door to door. If it teaches them anything, it’s that there are still nice people in the world that no matter how you look or portray yourself, they will always open the door with a smile and hand you a piece of sweetness. 

On Halloween, they want us to come into work dressed up. We will be doing a trick or treat time for our foster children. It’s always fun to see the smiles on their faces when they walk by our office cubes and collect candy. My unit has plans to all dress up like skeletons. We will call ourselves the “skeleton crew”.

I have been creating some little Halloween decorations during the month. The other day I made these cute little ghost garlands. 

I used some clay and rolled out and molded the little ghost. Once they dried, I strung them on some string along with some wooden beads. I added a little tassel on the ends and wha la, I had a cute little garland to drape around something. 

I have one draped on my mantle at home and the other one is draped on a piece of Fall decor I have in my office. 

I get a lot of complements on it. 

I got the clay from amazon and will post a link below.

The beads were purchased from the dollar store. Well, it’s technically called the “$1.25 store” now. 

Have you made dollar store crafts lately?

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Jute Ghost

I have decided not to bring out my Fall decorations this year. Orange is not my favorite color and the Fall is just Summer dying. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the cool air, the smell of falling leaves and bon fires. However, I am not a pumpkin spice person. I am more of a caramel apple person. 

Instead of bringing out my old decorations, I’m keeping it simple in the house this year. I have bought some cute dishtowels for the kitchen, a few little decorations from the dollar store and having fun creating some of my own things. Thats just the minimalist in me. 

I recently created this cute little jute ghost.

I didn’t really plan on it being this color or material but here we are.

I went to the dollar (and a quarter) store in search of some white nautical rope for this project but all I could find was this jute rope. It took three bundles for this project. 

Using a cardboard box, I cut out a half circle, then used a hot glue gun to glue the rope together. I left the ends long enough so I could trim them and unravel the each strand. Then I cut out some eyes and a mouth from the same cardboard and the ghost came alive. 

I love how he looks but now realizing I could have just used the rope from a new mop head. 

Do you decorate for halloween? I throw in a few little ghost or jack o lanterns but that’s about all. It just brings back those childhood memories to have a little fun. 


 AI- Artificial Intelligence.

It’s blows my mind how fast things in the world have developed in just the past thirty years. How did we ever get by without a cellular phone? Now we have “Smart Phones”. We can now control everything with our finger tips. Secure our homes, watch and talk to our pets while we are away, and even turn on appliances, just to name a few. 

It is also sad how smart technology is taking over the world. Yes, It is very smart and Genius but it’s also causing problems that people do not pay attention to. 

Artificial Intelligence is takeing over jobs. Kids minds are turning into robots and imaginations are gone. Before long, they will not need to learn to drive because cars are already driving themselves. I mean, I thought cars were suppose to be flying by now. 

In just one day, I paid attention to what’s going on. We went to the grocery store, but there were no cashiers. Everyone had to check out their own groceries. Some grocery stores, you can us an app on your phone and scan your own groceries as you load them in the cart, and when your done, you just click pay and go. 

Then we went to Taco bell. Guess what, No cashiers. We had to order from a little kiosk.

 It was pretty neat but I could not help but wonder how many cashier jobs this robot took away. It took them forever to fix our order as they were too busy filling “online orders”. Was this still a fast food restaurant?

Later we went by Sams to pick up some cookies I needed for work. I look up and there is a floor cleaning machine with an empty seat and moving steering wheel. It was driving around without a driver, cleaning floors. 

It even had manners and would stop when someone walked near it and would go around those that were in it’s path. I stared a minute then looked over at Nick and said, “Did you see the invisible man?”

If we keep going at this rate, we will have artificial cooks, hair dressers, dog walkers and mechanics. I would not doubt if they already have these things. 

What are some other artificial intelligence you noticed while you were out?