Lemon Poppy Seed Protein Cookies

I'm currently waiting on my Nutrisystem food order to arrive. It's slower getting here this time than normal. That's ok though. I can imagine them being swamped with orders. It's just that good. I picture the processing department looking like a bunch of little elves in Santas workshop. 
Have I ever mentioned that I would love to visit the main Nutrisystem business? Sure! I think it would be interesting. 

Anyway, since I'm out of Nutrisystem snacks at the moment, I decided to get a little creative with their Turbo Shake mix. Its a powder, full of protein and vitamins. I wanted a snack and I wanted it now, so I came up with these delicious "Lemon Poppy Seed Protein Cookies". 

My husband could not wait to try one of these sweet bites but he knows that since I am a blogger, he has to wait until I get a photo. 
"Ok, you can have one now", I said. He popped one in his mouth and I seen him immediately grab a couple more and head to the couch. 
They got a thumbs up. 

I'm sure any protein powder will work but I love the Nutrisystem Shake Mix. Its filling, sweet, and makes the best shakes. They come in Chocolate and vanilla.

Lemon Poppy Seed Protein Cookies
Makes 12 three inch cookies.
4 servings- 108 calories per serving

4 Scoops- Nutrisystem Vanilla Turbo Shake Mix. 
1 Cup- Old Fashioned Oats (ground in food processor). 
1/2 Teaspoon- Lemon Zest
1 Tablespoon- Poppy Seeds
4 Tablespoons- Lemon Juice
4 Tablespoons- Water
1/2 Tablespoon- Splenda or equivilant

Mix until blended. Batter will be thick and sticky. 
Spoon onto a cookie sheet.
Bake 325 degrees for 10-15 minutes. 

Thats it! I tried adding a pinch of powdered sugar on top but realized it's not nessecary as these are sweet enough and the lemony taste hits the spot. These cookies would be perfect after a workout, for snack or paired with a cup of coffee for breakfast. I just ate three of them and now feel full and satisfied. 

If your on the Nutrisystem plan, three cookies would count as 1/2 Power fuel (powder) , 1/2 Smart Carb (oatmeal)

I have lost 50 lbs on Nutrisystem. Feel free to read my weightloss journey HERE.

Note: I do not get paid or compensated by Nutrisystem for my blog posts. I blog for fun. 
However, if they wanted to send me free Whoopie pies for life, that would be great! Hahaha

Its Going To Be A Good Week

It's Saturday morning and im sitting here with my coffee enjoying my morning while Nick is out walking his usual morning route. 

My Nutrisystem friends are on my mind right now. I got invited to come back for another Nutrisystem photo shoot next week.
Unfortunatly, I had to turn it down due to not being able to get the week off work since I will be taking the next week off for family vacation.
They fly out Monday to Las Vegas for the fun trip. Im not sure Vegas would be my favorite place but to get the star treatment again would be awesome! Im sorta jealous right now. A little bird told me its possible there will be other trips planned so who knows. 
July and August are hard to escape the office so when I have to choose one, my family comes first.

Next week for me is going to be a good one as I am so excited about my family vacation coming up. I'll enjoy the work week as I have something to look foward too. I love looking foward to things. This past month has been a struggle so I'm ready for some fun and relaxation. 

After lunch, me and Nick are heading out to do a little shopping for our beach trip. He needs new walking shoes and I need.... well, nothing. But Im sure Ill buy something. Thats the girl in me. 

Update- Results Are In

So if you have been following my post you know my delima but ill make it short....
Starting July 6th I began having chest pains and no energy. The pains radiate to my right side all the way around to my back shoulder blades. I get shortness of breath and a scary feeling when a spasm hits. 
Ive had an ER visit, 3 EKGs, a consult with Cardiologist and an ultra sound. All test come back negative. I really thought for sure it was my gallbladder. Im glad for good reports but now Im broke, have no answers and dread seeing the bills that will begin piling in soon. 
I have already heard " well there goes our moving plans or beach place plans for a while". Ughhh! 

Now Im' just going to go on with life. I hope whatever is ailing me will just go away. I refuse to go back to the doctor. If it were serious, I'm sure I would have an anwer. So I'm going to go on and try not to get scared with every chest pain. The doctor did mention possible Anxiety but thats not me.....wait, did I hear wine?

I am a usual cheery and energetic person and I hope to get back to that but for now I simply do not feel like walking even to the end of the driveway.  

Maybe its just stress. I hope I feel better soon. These chest pains are scary at times. 

Oh, and I did cancel my stress test scheduled for next week. If they were that concerned, they wouldn't make me wait yet another week. I'm tired and broke and I have beach to do soon. 

Now back to more happy blog post .

Owie Oui

Owie- The pain I'm induring since July 6th. Not sure what's going on. I've thought gallbladder since the beginning but the doctor seems more concerned about my heart. My heart is fine I tell ya! All test on it are good, therfore I'm cancelling the stress test scheduled next week. I do not see the point when the Cardiologist says hes not concerned either but "just to make sure". At this point, they are just stealing my money. I simply can not afford more test only to be put off another week. I still have no answers or relief of my chest, and right side pains. I don't look or act sick so they are not taking me serious. I guess I'll wait til I'm bleeding from my eyes and passed out on the floor.
I finally got an ultra sound done yesterday on my gallbladder and kidneys, so I sit here at work today and wait.

Oui- My new found yogurt. I try to eat yogurt when I can, but honestly, I hate yogurt. I do not like the sour tangy kind. There is one other kind I like but it seems to contribute to more pain in my mid area so im laying off of it for a while til I figure out what's going on. I still say gallbladder. Why hasn't my phone rang with my results yet???
Anyway, this "Oui" yogurt is by Yopait. Its not Greek or Chinese. It's French. 
And why am I blogging about yogurt? I have no idea.

I discovered these during a trip to Walmart. Despite the cute glass containers, they are delicious. 
They are not tangy or sour. The have the texture of creamy pudding. The fruit on the bottom is real fruit. 

Aren't they darling? At only a dollar each, I plan to stock up on these cuties. The are perfect for any snack or small meal. 

Oh and did I mention, they are healthy? 

Stay tuned here for my doctor results as I do not publish on Facebook.

Empty Church

There sits a church on the side of the road I pass every day. On Sundays you could see children running around in the yard of this little church waiting for services to begin. I remember seeing teens sitting on the steps giggling and playing while they wait for their parents to finish saying their goodbyes as they all leave to go home to their Sunday dinners.  

Sadley Those images are mearly ghost when the doors of this church closed for the last time for these members.

I wondered, "Where did they go?"
Was it finacial reasons?
Was there a disagreement?
Did anyone even fight to keep worship going?

These days everyone is opting for the "mega churches" or the new "plant churches" set up at local facilites and schools. 

I wish eveyone would come back to the little old fashion churches. Where everyone knows everyones name. You had church on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday evenings. Where everyone know each other and if your sick or out, they know it and will check on you. If a family needs help, everyone chips in. Everyone does things together like one big family. There are amens in the congregation, kneeling at the alters, families sitting together and covered dish dinners waiting in the fellowship hall. Haha, I had to throw that one in.

I look at this little church with a for sale sign in the yard. I don't see it as a closed church. I see it as an open invitation to another growing congregation looking for a place to worship or a new pastor looking to start his own church. 

Im happy to say, as I rode buy this little church yesterday, there was a message written in spanish on the church sign. The for sale sign was gone. There was a group of people, young and old, working alone the outside to get things ready.  

So see, this church was an answered prayer to some. 
I hope they continue to grow. 

Two Ingredient Pita FlatBread

Grab your plate and log into Pinterest! It's time for another food post! 
I'm still a little under the weather but thats not hurting my appetite at all. 

My husband picked me up from work a little early today since he had my car -AKA Betty. 
He had just gotten back from getting her oil changed. I had to go to the bank for work, I couldn't wait to see him and he couldn't wait to pick me up, so it all worked out. 

This got me home a little sooner than normal so I decided to play around in the kitchen for a couple minutes before supper time. Yea, we are routine on supper. We always eat during the week around 5:30. Thats what happens when you get old. 

Anyways! I wanted a bread to go with my Nutrisystem Meatballs, so I grabbed two ingredients. 
Yes, only two ingredients and made these wonderful pita flatbreads. 

  • 6oz plain Greek Yogurt
  • 1 cup self-rising flour.
Make a dough and divide into four balls. Roll each ball into an approx 6 inch flat. 
If dough is too dry, add a tad of water.
Grease frying pan with cooking spray (zero calories). And fry each side until lightly browned.

These flatbreads are actually softer than they look in my photos.

These can be used for sandwiches, pizzas or alone with a smear of sweet butter. 
Each round is approx 140 calories.

Of course, I love my Nutrisystem foods so I made a Nutrisystem Meat ball pizza.

I took one pita round and added half of my Nutrisystem Meatballs in Marinira Sauce (cut into small pieces). 
Added some fresh spinach and a pinch of cheese. 
After placing in the toaster oven a few minutes, I had a wonderful tasty pizza that was as healthy as it was good. And guess what? Since I only used half of the meatballs, I have enough to make another one tomorrow! 

On the Nutrisystem plan, this would count as one meal and one power fuel (cheese). 
Top with veggies of choice. 

Now if I just knew how to make tzaziki sauce!

Painting Rocks

I remember finding a pretty rock last year. It was laying under a bush at the Outlet mall. I did not pick it up. I thought maybe it was there for a reason. I did snap a photo though.

Well it so happens I think I was supose to have picked it up because im seeing this frenzy everywhere now.

I told Nick about how I keep reading how people are finding rocks and on the back of them, there are instructions to take a photo, post it on facebook, where you found it and the rock group its from. I bet thats what the rock was I saw that day. Now I want in on the fun! 

He said, well I just saw one on my walk but didn't know. "Really?" I questioned. So he drove me two blocks up the road and sure enough there it was.

I picked it up and it was from "cleveland strong Rocks". Cleveland is a county next to me so that shows how far the rock has traveled so far.  

I rehid it while I was in Charlotte the other day. I hope a child finds it and post it. Ill be watching to see how far it ends up. 

Now for me, I took out my paints and found a couple rocks to paint to join in on the fun.

This is all I plan to do. Its Just a fun thing. I painted three rocks.

I plan to hide them soon. The camper one will be hid at the beach later. I mean it is a traveling rock. Right? Mine will belong to the group "Gastonia Rocks". 

There are now groups popping up everywhere to hide and find rocks. Its getting crazy. 
So I'll just step back after this.

People paint them with messages, happy thoughts, memorials, advertisements or just art. Kids are going crazy everywhere looking for rocks. 
I'm thinking the Easter bunny has some competition. 

Its a good thing for the kids to get away from tv and video games and go outside. I just hope people stay safe. 

Find a painted rock? Pick it up. Read its message and rehide it. 
Its like spreading smiles!

What A Day!

A week ago I found a 5k run to sign up and participate in come August. I was excited. This was a goal I set to accomplish for 2017. I still suffer from inner ear problems which cause dizziness and vertigo so I'm still thinking about it. I still want to do it but I haven't signed the dotted line yet. 
Then this happens......

I have not suffered any indigestion since I lost my weight 2 years ago. Until last Thursday. I was haveing some major chest cramps followed by cold chills and weakness. The pain would go from an 8 to about a 5 everytime Id make myself burp. So that told me it was indigestion again and ill be fine later. 

Saturday we set out for our normal 3 mile walk. I barely made it to the top of the road before I felt like I was going to pass out. I was in pain, dizzy and nauseated within minutes. We turned around and went back home. I rested and felt better except the chest pains.

Sunday night I was up till 3:00am with lots pain and discomfort. Nick made me a honey lemon tea. This made me belch and I drifted off to sleep.

Not feeling any better at work monday, I decided to take a trip to the doctor. He talked with me then gave me an EKG. Three minutes later he went to the waiting room and asked Nick to come back to my room. He was very concererned about what he saw and suggest I go to the emergency room immediately for blood work. He was concerned about blood clots more than heart attack. 

I was greeted at the emergency room by a sweet girl that was actually in my phlebotomy class a few years ago. We were surprised to see each other. 
Once I arrived, I was treated with priority. Wow that was nice. I assured them its just indigestion. Sorry, they said, "you are here for chest pains so we will be keeping you a couple hours to run some test. So, three EKGs, blood test, a chest xray, 4 Asprin and a GI cocktail later, I was free to go. "Wait, did I hear cocktail?"
They did not see anything abnormal and told me to follow up with my doctor. He may suggest I do a stress test or see a cardiologist. 

I'm sorry, im just one of those that think its all about making money. All they needed to do was a blood test like the doctor requested. I didnt need to rent a room or sexy hospital peep gown. They said its all part of the drill.

Im up an at it this morning and ready to head back to work. I feel somewhat better. Im not dizzy this morning. My chest feels like I have a large piece of meat stuck in my esophagus but no intense pain. I think im just sore now from the drama. 

I still want to run in that 5k! I have goals!

This will be continued......

Note: for personal reasons, please keep all comments on this post here and NOT face book. Thanks.


Biscuits could possibly be the best and most eaten Southern comfort food. 
My mom used to make the best! Biscuts are eaten at every meal. They also make great snacks and desserts.   Have you ever eaten an onion biscuit? What about fatback biscuit? 

I remember Mom would sometimes make the spoon biscuits too. We called them "ugly bicuits". They were not the best at stuffing butter and jelly into, but they were great "gravy soppers". 
She makes her gravy dark and thick. So thick your biscuit would stand on its own. Ummm boy! That was some good stuff!
Now days, She will just bake up the frozen ones from Walmart.

I never mastered the art of making biscuits. Sometimes they turned out, sometimes they didn't. 
Same with gravy.
I often wonder if Bojangles really has a little grandmaw in the kitchen whipping up biscuits like in the commercials. 

Why am I talking about biscuits? Well, I found this crazy looking dough cutter in my father in laws estate.

Now that can make a lot of biscuits at one time dontcha think? A lady visiting once told me it was a ravioli cutter. Well, I mean, they were Italian. Hmmm.

I reasearched this utinsil and found out it was a "Moline Hex 12 cavity dough or pastry cutter". So im sticking with "biscuit cutter". 

I plan to clean it up and get it back to tip top shape then put it in the estate sale. 
Unless someone will step up to make me a slew of biscuits. 

What's your favorite thing to put in biscuit? 

Thats Just Rude

I hope I don't come across as an ol hag. Or "one of those old people". But the older I get, the more things annoy me. Things I find quiet rude. 

In just the past week I can name a few things that made me say under my breath, "thats just rude".

Trying to have a nice dinner out after a long days work.
A parent lets their child scream and run around the table. I swere I think people feed their kids like dogs sometimes. Just throw food at them while they run around and play. No respect, no manner, just rude.

While Walking,
Those drivers that refuse to move over just a little while we are walking in an area without a sidewalk. Rude.

Grocery shopping at Walmart.
A couple walks in holding the cutest little puppy dog.
This was not a service dog. It was bull dog puppy and they placed it in the seat of the grocery cart. 
Thats just gross! People put food in those carts. Being Walmart, people also put clothes in those carts. 
I thought, "what is this petco?" 
There are people allergic to animals and I personally do not want to handle my food thats been on a puppy butt serface! Thats just rude!

Fireworks going off in the neighborhood at 4:00 in the morning? Rude.

While sitting at a stop light, gas pump or just enjoying the outdoors.
I do not want to hear your filthy music bumping on your radio and blurting obscene words and phrases. I mean, some of that stuff is xrated. Thats just rude.

Out and about,
People seem to find it ok to just blurt out curse words. They cuss and they are not even mad! I dont understand how this type of vocabulary makes you look any better or smarter. Men who cuss around women. Ruddest!!

Why does that lady have to stop between me and what Im looking at?

At work
Cigarette smoke blown in the air. Talk that would make a sailor blush, and using the bathroom without closing the door. Hey! Theres a woman in the office!! Rude! 

I'm telling ya, it gets worst every day, everywhere. I think there should be fines for these behaviors, but again, maybe its just me. Maybe im being an old fart! 

What annoys you? What do you find rude? Are you
like me and just grin and bear it or do you point out the obvious?

Rundown of My Independence Day

Hope everyone had a great Fourth of July! I actually got the day off. 
We did not have any cook outs, swim parties or boat trips planned for today. We just took it as it came. 

The morning started with my usual cup of coffee, breakfast and blog readings. Nick headed out for his usual 5 mile morning walk. After about thirty minutes, I text him to let him know that I decided to walk with him. We always walk together in the afternoons but since I go to work, I dont get to enjoy the week day morning walks. So I met him up the street and we continued walking for another 45 minutes. We talked about our plans for the day and plans for our future. We always talk about the things we want to do in life while we walk. We enjoy our moments together.

After lunch, we decided to head up town to the fourth of July festivities. We cant stand it long in the crowd we have in our town, but we like to see whats going on. I like seeing everyone dressed in patriotic attire. I like to see the kids with excitement and awe in their eyes. I captured some kids playing in the town fountain. 

There were hot dog eating contest, hot pepper eating contest, and pie eating contest. There was music and vendors. Lots of vendors. 

Craft Vendors, artist and food vendors were spread uptown to down town and even behind the town. There were also rides for the kids. 

I wanted an ice cream cone but the lines were too long and the prices were too high. We found the Mayfield truck giving away free samples and that worked just fine. A bite was just enough to satisfy my craving. 

We made a complete round of the town then headed to the mall and a few other stores. I was not shopping for anything particular. We were mainly just walking around to get more exercise......I mean, I had to walk off that big bowl of Ice cream I had. Haha.
I did end up purchaseing some new house slippers since I ruined mine today by wearing them outside to cut some flowers.

Later, the sky darkened as a storm rolled in. We headed home. We couldn't grill out now since it was raining and by the time we would buy meat, potatoes and gas for the grill, it would be cheaper to just go out. So we got cleaned up and headed back out to Logans Steak house. My favorite. 

We decided not to go back uptown to watch the fireworks (Party poopers). Instead, we got comfortable on the couch and I in my new slippers. We settled down to a movie on tv. Relaxing and listening to the booms and crackles of the fireworks going off in the distance. 
We will probably hear them until 3 in the morning and the rest of the month!

According to my fitbit, I walked 19,141 steps and 8.47 miles today. 

It's to bed early and back to work tomorrow. It's nice to get a day off in the middle of the week. Sometimes we just need a break. Or maybe I'm getting old.


Microwave Cookies

Here I go again with a quick single serve recipe. I promise all my post are not about food. I just have the munchies. But not the after a doobie kind of munchies. I have a sweet tooth more than I should! 

I find myself searching around until I figure out an easy single serve recipe. That way I dont have sweets hanging around in the kitchen all week.

Or maybe it's because I have ran out of Nutrisystem snacks and I need a replacement. I will have a new shippment of Nutrisystem foods coming in a couple days. I love that stuff and dont usually have to search for other foods to eat. They are always at my grab!
Anyway, back to the cookies.

You ready for this?

Oatmeal cookies you can make right in the microwave in less than two minutes!

Let me warn you, these are good but not as good as keebler or Nutrisystem for that matter. But they are satisfying, lite on the calories and actually a pretty healthy alternative. 
Try if for yourself!

Mix All-
1/2 Cup- Quick Oats.
2 Tsp- All purpose Flour.
1/4 Tsp- Baking powder.
1Tsp- Brown Sugar.
Pinch-Cinnamon. (Ok maybe a little more than that).
1/2 Tblsp- add ins (nuts, raisins or chocolate chips). 
1/4 Tsp- Vanilla.
3 Tblsp- Milk (I used 2%).

Place on a microwavable plate and pat into a big cookie or two small cookies.
Microwave on High for 70 to 75 seconds.
Let cool (it can burn you).

At 230 calories and 10 grams of Protein, these cookies are perfect for breakfast so grab a cup of coffee. Its equivalent to a bowl of oatmeal with toppings.
*the recipe is ONE serving weather you make one large or two small cookies.