Thinking of Change

Happy Saturday! This is the beginning of Independence Day week. I can start my week on a Saturday right? I have to work Monday and Tuedsay then I get Wednesday off then its back to work on Thursday and Friday. But hey, I’m just excited to get a day off. 

Do you have any 4th of July plans? We plan to cook out with family and enjoy a last visit from my nephew who will be moving to London for three years for work. We will probably go up town to enjoy the fireworks that evenening. 

I have been thinking all week on some blog changes. I have had this blog for since 2011! Im thinking of making another blog using a different platform other than blogger. Maybe try to monetize. I just do not know where to start. I am not that smart on computer language. Heck, I didn't even know what monetize was until I looked it up yesterday. I want to keep my blog as a lifestyle blog as I like to talk about different things instead of focusing on one subject. Hahah, Me focus? Yea right.

So I’m hoping to get some feed back here in the comments. I would love to know what kind of platfroms you use for blogging. Here are some of the questions I have rolling over and over in my mind...

What platform do you use? Blogger, WordPress, etc...
Do you have your own domain? 
Does WordPress cost? If not, is the free version any good?
How easy is your platfrom to use?
Did you purchase help to set your blog up? (I have a fairy blog mother ) 

Don’t worry, I will not just up and abandon this blog or my readers. This is just some thoughts I have had lately. I just want fresh and new. 
Looking for advice.

Now I’m off to the farmers market and thrift store shopping. Toodles! 

Blogger Issue and Fix

As most of you are already aware of by now. Somewhere around May 25th bloggers stopped getting email notifications when someone posted on their blog post.
Also, readers who followed a blog via email are not getting an email letting them know of new post.
On top of that, we were all made "No- Reply bloggers.

It's frustrating for us bloggers because simply a lot of us blog to share our stories with others and we like to hear from you.

Basically what it summed up to was the connection between Blogger/Google/and emails updated its security protection. After all the complaining and bitterness toward blogger, I come to realize this is not such a bad thing.

Just hear me out a minute.

How many times do you visit a website only to find out later your email starts filling up with unwanted emails? If your like me, you spend hours "unsubscribing" to unwanted mail. Well, blogger does not want that happening to their readers.

Before, A blogger could simply add an email to their email settings and that person would start getting an email every time the blogger post. Maybe the reader does not want to know every time you post. Then they too are getting unwanted emails.  Get it?  But there is a fix.

HOW TO FIX IT (for the blogger):
You can get back to normal and start getting those email notifications again when someone comments on your blog.

1. Go to your dashboard and then to settings over to the left side.
2. Click on "emails"
3. In "Comment notification email", delete your email
4. In "Email post to", Delete any of those emails ( you may want to jot them down for later).
6. Now add your "notification email" again and the "post to emails" if any.
7. Click Save again.

You and your email recipients will get an email to agree to getting notifications. This is a one time email just giving blogger permission to send emails. You can opt in or out. (Bloggers should accept).

If you want to get email notification again when a post comes live, Just subscribe to emails by filling out the form on the right side of my page (for mobile users, just scroll down to the bottom).
If your favorite blog does not have a subscribe option, let them know so they can add you.

Hope this helps. Happy Blogging.

New IceCream Shop in Town

I got news of a new Ice cream shop that opened up about a half mile from my house. I could actually walk there.

It's called Xcite's Sweet Connection.

They specialize in different styles of ice cream from around the world featuring Gelato, Fried Ice Cream, and shaved ice.
What caught my eye was the "rolled ice cream". There were hundreds of flavors to choose from.

Basically they make a mix of the flavors you choose, while spreading it thin to freeze. Then they would carefully roll it, put it in a cup and top it with even more toppings.

(Picture source)
When I heard about  Xcites Sweet Connection, we had to make a family trip over there and try it out. It was the first day so it was crowded and hectic. After a 45 minute wait in line, we got our Ice cream.

I chose the "Salted Carmel Pretzel" and my daughter got "Toasted Marshmallow Smores".

Nick didn't get one but we shared ours with him.

I am not too worried about ruining my diet with this place being so close to me as it's not a doughnut shop or bakery. I like Ice Cream but I have to be in the mood for it.
I do not like to just sit and eat ice cream. I have to be walking around or riding in the car to enjoy a cone of milkshake.

What did I think about it? I thought it was pretty good but a little pricey. I hope they make it, but most places on my end of town do not last more than six months.

Have you ever had rolled Ice Cream (AKA stir fried icecream)?

Ezekiel Bread

Have you ever heard of Ezekiel bread? I haven’t ever heard of it until my daughter came in this past weekend carrying in a loaf for us to try. She found it at Trader Joes ( I think or some kind of health food store). It suppose to be low carb (no flour) and full of health benefits.

Its called “Ezekiel” bread because the recipe can actually be found in the Bible. 

 “Take thou also unto thee wheat, and barley, and beans, and lentiles, and millet, and fitches, and put them in one vessel, and make thee bread.
Ezekiel 4:9

We have already finished the whole loaf off by making several sandwiches for our lunches and I used it one morning for toast. The texture felt dry and stale to the touch but it tasted absolutely delicious. It was great knowing I was eating bread without carbs. 

I am not a health food geek or organic food eater but if I can find food that was made like back in the Bible day, it’s got to be healthy. Wouldn’t you think? 
I kept calling it “Jesus” bread all weekend while my daughter kept correcting me.  

For those that know me, you know that I'm thinking now about making some of my own. 

Has anyone else ever heard of this bread?

Camper Coin Purse

I can do a lot of things but sewing (with a machine) is not one them. I can do a simple stitch by hand to fix a hole in a piece of clothing, or sew on a button, but it doesn’t go much further than that. I have a sewing machine my mom gave me years ago. It sits in my craft closet looking pretty and makes a great resting spot for my other crafty things.

Well, the other night I decided I wanted to make some more crochet coin purses that I had made in the past. Then a bigger thought came to mind. I have this adorable piece of fabric with tiny little campers, cars and bicycles on it. I thought,"why not try to actually sew a little coin purse? I mean, they look easy enough". 

Ha! Who was kidding? It would have been easy for a seamstress but it was the ultimate task for me. 
First I searched online for a pattern to use. Most instructions just said to "guess at it". So basically that’s what I did. I drew out a pattern in the shape of a coin purse. Then traced it out on the fabric making sure I got one of the camper prints on the front. At least I knew I needed a front and back. Then there was the lining. I cut out two pieces of those with white material.

After about 20 tries, both by hand and by machine, I finally made a little change purse that looks half way decent. I will not fail to mention, I used up the whole half a yard of fabric trying. 
That’s determination!!

I could not for the life of me figure out how to get the lining inside without the stitched seam showing. But I figured it out. I had to leave a little opening in the bottom of the lining so I could turn it all the right way out and all seams hidden. Then I hand stitched up the little opening.

I showed it to my mom. I think she will like what I did. She is a professional seamstress, so I know she probably sees a lot of mistakes in my finished product. I’m pretty sure she could have also showed me a shortcut to making this easier, but it’s too late now.
However, I am pretty proud of myself. 
I put my mind into making it and I did. So, now I can put this thought away and move on to something else. 

I think Ill stick to crocheting.
What do you think?

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Sticky Bananas

I made this delicious goodness that can be included in my choices of “healthy snacks”. I call them Sticky Bananas. Well, because they are sticky.
Some people may want to categorize these sweet caramelized bites as some sort of banana foster. I have never made banana foster, but looking at the recipes, this comes close but without the Rum. 

Sticky bananas are easy and quick when you have a sweet tooth. There is no added sugar other than the natural sugars of honey and the bananas themselves. These are low in calories and high in potassium. I ended up adding a little calories by topping them with whip cream. 

Here is how to make them.....
~2 bananas. You want them still firm but ripe. Not green but also no black spots.
Remove the peel and slice them about 1/2 inch thick and set aside.

In a skillet add:
~1 tablespoon- oil or butter (I used coconut oil).
~2 tablespoons- honey 
~1/2 teaspoon- ground cinnamon
~Pinch of salt.
Mix and heat over medium heat.
Add banana slices in a single layer and cook 2-3 minutes on each side. 
Remove from pan and let cool a few minutes before serving.

These are ready eat as is but if your not weigh conscious, these caramelized bananas are delicious topped with ice cream or whip topping. They can be used as a topping to pancakes or french toast. They can also be added to oatmeal or smoothies. 


Original recipe video can be found here.

I've linked up to theses fabulous parties:
Simple Homestead- Blog Hop / Condo Blues / Fiesta Friday / Fluster Buster / DIY Showoff
Create With Joy / SewCanDo  / Run Jump scrap

Fair Photo Contest-Result.

I really haven't felt like blogging the past few days. I have been fighting a nasty cold. It hit about Wednesday last week. Saturday I was ready to make my own funeral arrangements. I felt that bad! My daughter was home and despite feeling like death was upon me, I managed to keep going.

Even though I was feeling bad, I was able to do a few things with my daughter on Saturday, made it to church Sunday and had Fathers Day dinner with daddy at a restaurant of his choice. He chose a little hole in the wall place in Mt. Holly NC call Mr. Ds Pizzarria.  It was pretty good from what I could taste. It was a small place but the servings were huge and cooked to order. 

Before we headed to dinner, I stopped by the fair in town to wait on the results of a photo contest I had entered. You can read about it HERE
It was an amature photo contest were I sent in a photo I had taken of down town and it made it to the finals to be judge at the fair for a cash prize. It was almost 100 degrees and I still had cold chills. I think I had a fever. 
After hanging around the fair for a few minutes, I never heard who won. Since I had no confidence of winning and with the way I was feeling, I headed home. 

A few minutes later, I got a message on the winning results.
“Your photo won, come by the fair tent to collect your prize”
I won one hundred dollars for my photo. I did not go back to collect it that afternoon, but they held the prize for me to come pick up today. I’m feeling 80% better today, So after work, I headed back to the fair to collect my money. I have already spent it too. Ha! Yep, it doesn't last long when the fridge is running low and I have my appetite back. 

“90% of photography is being at the right spot”

Fair Photo Contest Finalist

I am from a small town where very seldom anything exciting goes on. During the Fall, we see small festivals popping up in places we go but we do not have a fair ground. The biggest thing we have is a dirt race track and a ball field.

Well, our city has decided to put on a “Gaston All American Fair” this month. It will be held in the parking lot of our mall. Sounds more like a carnival to me but it’s happening and they are calling it a Fair. It doesn’t take much to get us excited around here. I mean throw up a tent and we call it revival. 

The fair starts on Friday the 15th and goes until Sunday the 24th. 
I can’t wait to see what its all about. I love the smell of cotton candy and popcorn as the lights from the rides blink in bright colors. Another reason I am excited is I get to have a part in it.
Yes. I entered one of my photos in the amateur photo contest held online. They picked the top “liked” photos from 4 different categories to move on to the fair. Mine was one of them. Not only did it have the most likes in it’s category, it had the most “likes” over any of the others. So it moved on to be displayed and judged at the fair.. 

It’s just a little photo taken from my iPhone as I was leaving the post office one day. It was rainy and gloomy but something about the dreary town with the bright American flags made me snap a picture through my windshield while I was stopped at the traffic light. Now it could possibly be a prize photo. 

I had to mount it on a 11x14 mount board or canvas and I will be registering it on Saturday to be displayed and judged on Sunday. The judging will take place between 1-3 on Fathers Day Sunday. The winner will be announced at 3:00. I will be there waiting to see if my photo wins. I do not have much hope as it will now be up against a photo of a cute little girl, a farm pig and a dog. I have little chances of winning with my “Cloudy day on Main” photo but it’s exciting just to be one of the finalist. 

Fingers crossed I win and go home with a prize but good luck to all that entered.

To be continued........

Greetings From The Beach

We were able to get away again and head down to the beach. This uses up two more of my vacations days from work. I got seven more to go. This is our last “long weekend” trip until we take our big week in August. We choose to skip coming down in July as it’s usually too crowded. Each morning Nick sets out two of our chairs and the umbrella to mark our spot. 

Im currently sitting here on the beach under the umbrella. I got a significant amount of sun yesterday so I’m chilling in the shade today. This is my current view.

We have had a pretty good time despite having one of my inner ear (Menier's/Tinnitus) issues thats lasted a few hours yesterday morning and again last night. I continued my activities such as taking a walk and going out to dinner. Luckily, no vertigo erupted. Today I feel great again. 

The weather is in the upper 80’s and the sun is hot. There are a lot of people here but it’s not too crowded. Despite the Portuguese man o' war threats we have been having here this week, I took a dip in the ocean anyway.  
The country music festival is going on up town Myrtle Beach but we are not going. We would rather skip the crowd. Being our last day before heading home in the morning, we will stay out here on the beach til sundown sipping on water and wine. We enjoy talking and laughing with friends and people watching. 

The best thing is my new beach chair. 

I have enjoyed this thing all weekend. It has a face hole and arm holes for laying on your tummy to read. I don't read so I keep the hole covered with the attached pillow. The best part is the foot rest. It’s like a recliner on the beach. 

It’s almost lunch time so Nick will head up to the camper and fix few tomato sandwiches and bring them out for a picnic on the beach. Before I go, I want to show you this cute barrel train someone made with barrels and taking kids (and adults) for rides around the campground. 

How clever? 

Oh and those clouds back there? Not sure why they looks so stormy but they are moving West and the sky is mostly clear. 

It’s going to be a lovely day. 

Nepal Bracelet

Lately I have had this fascination with these tiny glass beaded bracelets. I didn’t want just any kind of handmade beaded bracelet. I wanted and actual Nepal bracelet hand crafted by artisans of Nepal. The search was on.

It did not take me long before I discovered a shop called LiftedHope. They make gorgeous Nepal bracelets and other seed beaded jewelry. 

Each bracelet is delicately made by Nepalese women who work hard to make an honest living and enjoy what they do. Unlike most large mass production dealers, Liftedhope gives fair trade and comfortable working conditions to these women's who are dedicated in their creative abilities. Sales from these bracelets go directly to the makers. Each bracelet comes with a story you will love to read about. It made me feel good that I purchased a bracelet from a small shop that cares about their workers.

If you would like one of these cute pieces of arm candy, made with love and passion, you can visit or there Etsy shop HERE. They continue adding new colors and designs. My bracelet just rolled on like butter over my hand and fit my wrist perfect. I chose this flower design called “floating Rose”. 

I plan to head back to the site to order another color and design. They make great stackable bracelets that will go great with my summer beach attire. I love the little chic boho look. It fits comfortable, lightweight and doesn't distract my daily desk work. 

I love pairing my Nepal bracelet with some of my favorite Alex and Ani bracelets (which I have a collection of too). 

They have hundreds of designs and colors to choose from and the highest quality glass beaded bracelets you can find. You can buy them single or by the dozens. Soon they will be adding earrings to collection.

Shop Liftedhope on Etsy or

I have no affiliation nor have I been compensated with lifted hope. 
I am just a happy customer who wants to spread the love. 
My review and opinions are my own..

National Doughnut Day!

It’s National Doughnut Day. Today is one of my favorite “made up days”. National Bacon Day (12/30) come to a close second. Doughnut shops all over the states are giving away free doughnuts today. Krispy Kreme, Duck Doughnuts, and Dunkin Doughnut just to name a few. 

Speaking of Krispy Kreme. I must say, “I have NOT had a Krispy Kreme Doughnut since 2015”. That was 50 lbs ago! They are my most favorite doughnuts of all and therefore I have to stay away from them. Me going into a doughnut shop is like an alcoholic going into a liquor store. It doesn’t end pretty. 

My daughter got me a doughnut pan for Christmas. It was something I had been wanting. I have not made any “real” doughnuts yet but I have made some using muffin mix, cornbread mix and.....[Drum Roll 🥁🥁🥁].... Pancake mix! Yes! 

Just whip up a batch of your favorite pancake mix and pour into a doughnut pan. Then bake at 325 degrees for 15minutes. 
Wahhhlaaaah. Simple right??? 
Perfect for a light breakfast or snack as they are baked instead of fried.

I had fun mixing up the toppings. I did a couple with chocolate frosting, sprinkles, powder sugar and cinnamon. For breakfast, I’m going to have one of these sweet bites with a side of a scrabbled eggs and a cup of coffee.

I remember momma used to make mini doughnuts and we would eat them before they could hit the plate. They were so good. I may have to borrow her doughnut recipe soon. I just need to take it easy or I will ruin my diet. 

Do you know where National Doughnut Day comes from? Well here are a few interesting facts about this special day.
  • The Salvation Army established National Doughnut Day in 1938
  • to raise money for people in need during the Depression.
  • It always falls on the first Friday in June.
  • The first National Donut Day was in Chicago in 1938.
  • Doughnut Day was also to honor the women who served donuts to soldiers during World War I.
  • These women were called "donut lassies"
  • American soldiers returned home with the nickname "dough boys"
  • Journalist are guided to spell it "Doughnuts" not "Donuts"
  • The original doughnut did not have a hole in the middle. They just used a nut shape of dough
  • that's where the word "nut" comes from. The dough resembled a walnut.
  • Doughnut holes are actually a reverse back to what a doughnut started out as.
  • They started putting a hole in doughnuts because the middles stayed soggy.