Plastic Bag Holder

I have a stash of yarn that is as scratchy as one of those old crochet throws from the 60's. I know most of you know what I'm talking about. Probably most everyone has one of those blankets that your aunt or grandma made you that would work better as a back scratcher than a snuggle sheet.

I found the perfect thing to make with this type of yarn.
You can find these ole things at any yard sale, thrift store, or again, in grandmas house.

Its a "Bag holder"!!  Aka: "bag bag", "bag pooper" what ever you want to call it. I made one.

Its ugly, I know, but its going to be great. Right now, I have plastic bags inside of bags and on the floor around it. I'm ashamed to admit, one of these is going to come in handy at my house.

At least I can say, I made it.
You can make one too!!!

Here is how I did it:
  • chain 35 or 40 ( I did 40)
  • join chain to make a circle (make sure its not twisted)
  • Single stitch 1 row. (don't join. this is done in rounds)
  • double stitch around and around until you have the desired length.(mine is 18 inches long)
  • after you get your length, do a single stitch around.
  • Last: Single stitch around a rubber band.
  • slip stitch at end and finish off.
I didn't use a marker: I just pretty much guessed at my starting round. Since its going to be gathered with a rubber band at the bottom, being a stitch or two off isn't going to show.

Decorate it and there you have it!

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Mississippi Roast

What's for supper?

Those words are spoken alot around here. It always drives me crazy trying to figure out something for supper every night. I'm sure it's worse for my husband since he usually has supper ready when I get home from work each day. Never the less, he can always comes up with something.

Sundays are the days I like to cook. I like to make Sunday dinner and/or something ahead for Monday. So, as I was racking my brain on something to make, my husband shoots me an email from across the room. Yes, really, from across the room. It was an email with a recipe for "Mississippi Roast". It looks easy enough and it has been a while since I've made something in the crock pot so, I gave it a shot. I was a little saddened because there was not any work to it. Just plop it in the pot and go.

It turned out marvelous!
Its so easy! Here is how I did it.

Mississippi Roast

1.   Put roast in the crock pot (or slow cooker)
2.   Sprinkle Hidden Valley ranch dressing on top.
3.   Sprinkle McCormick Au Jus mix on top.
4.   Put a stick of butter on top.
5.   Put about 5 pepperoncini peppers on top. (You buy them in a jar.).
                     Do NOT add water..
Cook in crock pot on low for about 8 hours.
It was so delicious. I suggest serving this with mashed taters because it makes a scrumptious gravy.
You can find many recipes for this on Pinterest.
Maybe next I can make a Mississippi Mud pie!! yea? 

Social Buttons

I have new social media buttons. I think I'm getting pretty techno now.

I searched around for instructions until finally finding some that looked like English to me. I found some really simple instructions justfordaisy. Go check it out, she walks you through how to add those cute little icons on your blog. She also has links to free icons and a link to the Image map that is so easy to use.

If I can figure it out, you can too. It took me a while but I managed.

First I went to picmonkey.  Using the overlay option, I created me some daisy icons. Then I took all three icons and used pic monkey again to add them as one image. The map link you will find on just for daisy suggest you do this. Once I figured out thats what you need to do, It was easy.

 Fill free to copy and paste the icons I designed for your own use.

I'm pretty tickled that I was able to do this since I'm such a dummy on some of this computer stuff.

Camping Destination

Growing up, we always rented beach houses or hotels for vacation. Once I met my husband, that all changed. He introduced me to camping. Not the rough tent camping but the leisure of a camper equipped with all our needs. The first time at the camp ground I was a little leery about the whole situation. As we drove into the park the first campsites I saw were in a wooded area. I was already dreading it. I had this weird feeling about hanging my wet clothes on the line or using a bathhouse. The but then the whole scenery changed, it brighten up and the only trees around were palm trees. I could see the ocean and our camper was on the sand with a neat little covered picnic table. In no time, there I was hanging my clothes line. I was ready!

We've been going to this camp ground together now for twelve years and a lot has changed, improved and grown. My husband has actually camped here since it was first opened years ago,

 but we wont talk about how long that's been. Ha ha, love him.

Our place of choice is Myrtle Beach Travel Park- This is where we love to spend our vacations at the beach. They have all the amenities you need. This is a place you can kick back, cook out, take walks and ride bikes. Its clean with friendly staff. The lots are spacious and you do not have to worry about golf carts running you over.

With 1/2 mile of white sandy beach, wherever our camper chooses to sit, we are sure to only be a few feet from the ocean. At night you can hear the ocean waves enough to calm any stress you have. Its our home away from home. Ill never go back to a hotel unless its an emergency or odd destination other than the beach. Besides, we love our camper and our own bed. The thought of sleeping in a hotel bed just gives me the shivers.

I decided to take a few pictures just to give you a general idea what it looks like.

Here are some of the wooded lots. They also have villas in this area that
can be rented to families also. This area is not for me.

Our choice of a campsite is ocean front, a few spaces back. Just because
 it blocks some of the wind for when we want to cook out.
This is breakfast by the sea. They serve breakfast and lunch.
friendly staff and great cooks. 

This is the outside of the gift shop, store and laundromat. I would have taken
pictures of the inside but I didn't want to look like a weirdo.
Not everyone understands a blogger.

Here is the open air shelter that sits ocean front beside breakfast by the sea.
This is where they have concerts, day camps, church on Sunday, games and shows.
For you Zumba lovers like me, they offer Zumba two days a week in the summer and aqua Zumba in the indoor pool during the winter.
Beside the OAS you can see they also have a volley ball and a basket ball court.

This is the newest remodel of the MBTP. The Arcade. Inside you will find
a lot of family friendly games, snack bar and ice cream. This is connected to the outdoor pool and playground. Next to the Arcade is also an Indoor pool with Jacuzzi. ahhhh.

Here is the café that sits beside the store and pool area with delicious food and ice cream.

This is the pier to the lake. We enjoy feeding the ducks and turtles and
sometimes you will even see an alligator in the water. I've only seen only him once in all the years I've been going.

You will see they also have a playground (still under construction with the arcade).
Beside the playground the have horse shoe pits for leisure or tournaments.

The outdoor pool is really nice. It's big with lots of seating area to enjoy the sun or shade.
They often have games, exercises and movies in the pool.

Check out these bath houses.
We use the showers in the bath houses simply because
when you have a teenager trying to get ready, its a lot simpler than fighting for space and hot water from the camper.

Did I mention, they even have a lazy river!!! Yep, right inside the pool area. 

We have lots of fun when we visit. I never thought I would enjoy camping like I do. We have made friends down here and even have some family that live within a mile up the beach.

I can't wait to get my feet back in the sand. We pretty much spend the whole day on the beach from sun up to sun down. We even pack our lunch and picnic under the umbrellas.

Oh the life. One day, we want to will live here.

Cream Cheese Churros

Here I go again with the sweet tooth. I am never gonna get further than five days of dieting. I also hate myself for it too. I'm defiantly gonna have to ground myself from sweets soon. I want to loose 30 lbs by Aug. I could use any help from my reader that I can get.

But first let me introduce you to this sweet little treat. No, I didn't eat them all.....
But of course they have only been out of the oven for twenty minutes.
I tried one.
Just one.
One was enough....til tomorrow. Ok, no. I'm not going to have any more. I will let my daughter and her friends eat them up.

I'm calling them Cream Cheese Churros. My daughter said they remind her of churros so churros they are. These sweet little cream puffs are made out of loaf bread. Really! Loaf bread.

Here is how you do it.

Cream Cheese Churros 
Mix in a bowl, 1 cup of sugar and 8 oz cream cheese. (set aside)
In another bowl, mix 1/4 cup sugar and 1 teaspoon cinnamon and pour onto a plate.
In another bowl, melt 1/4 cup of butter.
Grab about 20 pieces of loaf bread and roll each piece with a rolling pin until thin. You can take the crust off you want to. I left mine on. The crust is healthy....

wait does that mean I'm eating healthy? yes!.
Ok now spread a thin layer of the cream cheese mixture on the bread, roll it up tight, roll in the butter, then roll in the Cinnamon mixture.
Place on a cookie sheet and bake for 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

Wow just look at that!
They are great plain or you can do like me and add strawberries and sugar free cool whip. Yes I use sugar free cool whip all the time now. You will never know its not got sugar in it. I Love it.
For a more healthy snack, just omit the Churro! 
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DIY Memo Board

As I was cleaning the junk room, aka office/craft room. I noticed a bulletin board my daughter used in college which we actually purchased from a thrift store. I didn't like it therefore it was just cluttering the room even more. So, I decided to give it a little up do. I was feeling crafty.

I took the frame off and it was a perfect piece of cork board.

I had my husband cut it into fours. I was not sure if I wanted it cut in half or in fours but since four pieces was my original thought, I went with it.

I purchased some cloth from the local craft store and began my creation. It took all of about 30 minutes from start to finish to complete.

Here are the items you need:

cork board
cloth (size depends on the project)
sharp blade to cut the cork board
regular stapler
picture hangers

That's all! It was really easy and I love how it turned out.

There are different ways you can place the pieces to create your own art.

I've also seen this done using art canvases but it will minimize the weight of items you pin.

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Cool Shirt Folding

"This is really a random post or maybe I just don't have anything else to write about right now".
Can you fold a shirt? How about fold a shirt using only a couple fingers? What about folding a shirt and never even move your hands from one spot? Well, check out this cool way I learned to fold a t-shirt.
This might be a great idea for those of you working in a clothing store or just want to show your friends a trick.

Ok now go try it, you know you want too.

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Banana Split Bread

Oh my goodness gracious alive! I just re-wrote my Moms banana bread recipe!

While we were out grocery shopping , I wanted to get the stuff to make a banana bread but I was also craving cherries. I asked my daughter if she thought cherries in the banana bread would be any good. She said "Mom, why not get chocolate chips, nuts and cherries and make it a banana split bread?" So , that's what happened. We have created a dangerously delicious dessert. After giving away a few pieces, it is now gone. It lasted, oh say, about 12 hours which we were asleep 8 of those hours.

Banana Split Bread
2 cups self rising flour
1/4 cup butter (1/2 stick-melted)
3/4 cup sugar
1 Tsp vanilla
1 egg
2 ripe bananas
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup chopped nuts
1/2 cup maraschino cherries (cut in halves)
1/2 cup chocolate chips (I used caramel chocolate chips)
*more or less of the last three ingredients is ok
Mix Well
Pour into a well greased 4x8 loaf pan
Bake 350 for 50-60 minutes
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 Just look at that ewey ooey goodness! Its a shame to call it "bread"!
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