Pumpkin Guts

Its time for Halloween. I do not believe Halloween is a holiday or get all into it like some people do but that does not mean I don't enjoy the festivities of seeing little kids and adults dressed up and give out candy to trick or treaters.

Halloween at my house is when I carve a pumpkin. I could just paint something on my pumpkin but why waste the goodies inside!

Once I pick out the perfect pumpkin, I wash it and dig out the insides. I always called it "pumpkin guts". Sounds good for Halloween.

I know I waste a lot of the orange goop in the middle but I have no idea how to use it. I do not know what parts to eat or how too. All I know is I get my hands all messy digging out the "guts" to get the seeds. fun fun.

I cut off the bottom this time instead of the top so it will be easier to clean and set over a candle instead of trying to set and light a tiny candle on the inside.

Now that's a clean pumpkin!

I rinse the seeds.

 I tried leaving on all the gooey stuff on them one year and that didn't work very well,

So, I rinse the seeds and poured them onto a cookie sheet and sprayed with olive oil spray, spinkled with salt and baked for about 15 minutes in a 350 degree oven. I did my cleaning and carving while they cooked.

I ended up with about 2 cups of seeds. They are so tasty and crunchy. They kind of have a popcorn taste to me.
So, don't let your pumpkin seeds go to waste. either plant them, or eat them. You will love it.

*Please be aware that the seeds can be a chocking hazard to both adults and children.

Here is my finished carved pumpkin. I didn't not have a carving kit so I had to use a knife and spoon to get the results. 

Happy Halloween!!!!!
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Weekend at the Beach

With summer behind us, We made one more trip to the beach this year. It's that time of year where we spend a few hours  winterizing our camper which we keep stored at the coast. Its sad to close it up, but I guess its no use in coming down here when its cold, after all, we love the hot sun and with Christmas around the corner, we just do not have much time left anyway.

On our way down to the beach I always notice what the gardens are producing. Sometimes its peaches, strawberries, and used to see tobacco, but in October we see alot of cotton. As far as you can see. Its very plentiful this time of year.

Once we arrived to our camp spot, the weather was in the low 80's with no wind or humidity. Perfect day for a long walk on the beach and a little sunbathing.
We set up our small umbrella for this trip. The next 2 days were just as nice.
 We even had Mr. Crab visit us where we were sitting and I even took a dip in the ocean. The water was cold but not to cold to stand.
Beach flowers were blooming and the butterflies were everywhere. They were swarming all around almost hitting us in the head everywhere we went. I didn't mind. They were so pretty in bright yellows and orange. I tried all weekend to get a picture of them but they would only show up as little dots in the photo.

Later, we decided to go out to eat at a place that was recommended by my brother-in-law. It was called Duffy's seafood shack .

 It was located in North Myrtle Beach on a little corner on Ocean Drive.  At first I thought it was rather nasty looking but once our meal arrived, I took at different attitude. The food was delicious.

 I had a platter of broiled fish, scallops, shrimp and crab legs marinated in a lemon and wine sauce. It was delicious and I ate every bit of it. My husband had Maui Maui. His was very delicious too.

As we took our last walk of the year on the beach, the shells scattered about the sand like little pieces of broken ceramics, we say good bye and start talking about what it will be like next year when we come back. We can hardly wait already.


Wow today its been a year since my first post.
Its been fun. I have made many blogger friends, found new ideas, and have heard some amazing stories from other blogger along the way.

 Here is a look at my first ever post. Its so small, I just copy and pasted it instead of adding the link.

October 20, 2011- Have to start somewhere.
"OK, so I have decided to take a shot at doing a blog. So here it I am. I have no idea where this will take me or how long this will last. It seems like a fun idea and maybe even a stress relief at times. I hope to share some of my thoughts, ideas, and maybe even a recipe or two. I hope you will continue to follow me as I try to make this interesting for me and all who read."
I think I've come a long way since this, don't you?
Since I have been blogging. I get a lot of questions from time to time by others.
Here are a few Q and A's Ive been asked.

Q. What made you want to start blogging?
A. I gave up Facebook for a while and wanted to do something else. I had been reading a blog of one of my zumba instructors called "confessions of a former couch potato". This is my blogspiration. I bet she didn't even know that. It was full of fun ideas and recipes so I wanted to do that! I like to share stuff and facebook only gave me a line.

Q. Why do you blog?
A. Its just me to talk about things I do. I like sharing things with others. Its relaxing and good brain exercise. Some read books, I blog. I don't read books.

Q. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
A.  I work 9 to 5 every day and I talk enough about work. So I wanted to make it a point to only blog about things I did away from work. Proof to myself, there are other things to life than just sitting behind a desk all day. It makes blogging more of my getaway.

Q. Where do you find your craft ideas?
A. Ive always been crafty as far back as I can remember, all the way from the first grade. Id rather make something than to read. My teachers even gave me crafts to do to keep me busy. I can easily come up with my own random ideas but I do find some really good ideas from Pinterest or other bloggers.

Q. Do you eat all of that sweet stuff you write about?
A. Yes, most of the time I do, but often I will just have a sample and give the rest away.

Q. Do you take all the photos you share?
A. Yes. The actual photo shots are all mine unless I source it otherwise.

Q. When do you have time to make all those crafts, cook and blog?
A. The crafts I do only take me the most of an hour to accomplish or if its something big, I may work on it a little bit at a time then share it. It takes me longer to come up with the idea to make something that to actually do it. Same with cooking. Quick and easy. And blogging last only as long as it takes to tell it.

So here's to one year and hope to keep this going for several more.
Happy Blogoversary to me!

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DIY Book Pumpkin

I have been seeing these really cute little pumpkins made out of books. I think they are adorable. It cost nothing to make and looks great with all the other fall decorations. When the season is over, you can simply throw them in the recycle bin. So, I decided to make one and I think it turned out nice.

First- I had to get permission from my daughter to cut up one of her old books. She found one from when she was in grade school for me use. It was old and the pages were yellowed, but that's good because I think that gave it the pumpkin glow it needed.

Second- I drew out on the first page of the shape I needed. Then cut all the pages to the pattern.

Third- I tore off the front and back cover, glued an old stick in the book spine.
I just used an old stick found in the yard.

Fourth- I glued the front and back pages together around the stick and let it dry.

For the finishing touch, I fanned out the pages and added some ribbon and twine.

There I have it. A book pumpkin. 

A few that inspired me to do this are at www.craftberrybush.com-fall-in-love-with-fall and ewehooo.blogspot.com- paper-pumpkin. You can find alot of different shapes and sizes that other crafters have shared by searching "book page pumpkins". There are also many different options of decorating them.

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Pineapple Angel Sweet Bread

Do you ever need to make a dessert in a hurry for a covered dish? Or just want something sweet for breakfast or late night snack?

I found a cool recipe that only requires TWO ingredients.

1.  A box on angel food cake mix.
2.  One 20oz can of crushed pineapple.

Mix the two together with a whisk and watch the magic take place. It will become a fascinating foam.


Once its all mixed together, pour it into a 9x12 ungreased dish and pop it in the oven at 350 degree for 20 minutes. That's it! 

I called this "bread" instead of cake because the texture is more like bread. Its not as moist as white cake and not as fluffy as angel food cake, but it taste just as good as either one.

Now excuse me as a sit back with a cup of coffee and a slice of this sweet pineapple goodness.

Note: I found that this particular recipe taste better once it had cooled down.

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Ponytail and a Beanie

As much as I hate to say it, "Winter is coming".

That mean layers of cloths, hats and scarves! Well I have have been making several hats using crochet lately. Everybody seems to want one now days. I didn't even know people actually wore hand made crochet items any more. The stores are full of neat looking fashionable accessories. I guess its the "one of a kind" things that interest people now, and lets face it, the economy is slack. People just want to be conservative. So, I will continue making hats til Christmas it seems.

While crocheting a hat the other day, I got to thinking of an idea. Hats are a good way to hide a bad hair day. You pull your hair up and stick on a ball cap using the little slip hole in the back to stick your pony tail out showing you have a little bit of style to that messy do.

I thought "Why not make a toboggan or beanie so that a girl can still wear her hair up? So it donged on me. "A pony tail beanie". So I made one. It worked!

 Little did I know, if you go on line, you will see more of these from other makers that seem to have beat me to the idea. Its ok. They are fun to make. I actually made this one for my Etsy shop.
With this kind of beanie hat, I can wear all kinds of layers and not worry about getting my hair tangled in my collar, hoodie or scarf.

Crochet Slippers *Pattern*

I have been on a crochet frenzy lately, trying different patterns and techniques. After making booties, hats, scarves, key chains and blankets, I decided to make something for "me". Online, I found some patterns to make slippers. After finding a few and attempting different ones, I would end up making one and couldn't master the other. I'd have difficulty keeping my place or understanding counts.

Tired and aggrivated, I finally figured out the whole idea and decided to make my own and write it down. I'm so excited about it, I wanted to share the pattern with everyone.

Feel free to pin, make for yourself or make and sale, but please do not sale my pattern.(haha, ok like it would sale anyways).

I'm a size 8. It can be modified to fit any size by adding or deleting rounds or rows.  Enjoy.

(H hook)

Ch 2
6 sc in 1st ch (this will make your circle. do not join.)(6)
2sc in each sc around, do not join (12)
1 sc in 1st sc, 2sc in the next (continue around) do not join.(18)

sc in each st around (18), do not join.
continue for 12 rounds.
At the end of last round, sl st to join, chain 1, turn.

 I used a marker to mark the beginning of my rounds
sc in next 15 stches, chain 1 turn.
repeat 19 rows (total 20 rows of 15 sc)
Place a marker on the beginning and end of row 5.(this is where you will put a strap). Optional.
 It will look something like this. Looks small and funny but will stretch. You will see. Go ahead, try it on at this point. If it does not cover your toes or covers to much, go back and add or take out a round or two.
Once you have enough rows in length, ( it took me 20. I stopped back about 1/4 from my heel to allow it to stretch and fit snug). do not finish off yet.
sc around the side to the marker
chain 10
sc down the chain toward the slipper, connect by continuing  the sc down the side, across the toe and up the other side.
at the next marker, sc the other end of the strap into the side, continue sc ending at the heel. Leave enough yarn to sew the back of the heel together. Finish off .
Tie off, weave the ends , turn right side out , and your done!

Hope I didn't loose you like I was so lost on other patterns that I tried myself.

If you show your work using my pattern, please link back to me and also id love to have the link to yours so I can see how it turned out for you.

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