Pink Sky At Night

I was relaxing in my recliner last evening listening to the thunder and rain telling me I could not go on my usual afternoon walk. In a short while it all stopped. The room was looking weird. I just figured it was the sun coming back. 

My sister text me saying " wow the sun is a big pink ball!". I jumped up and ran outside. I didn't see the sun but there was a beautiful pink hue all around. It was like looking through a red lens as I focused on the sky. It was pink. I had to snap a photo. It was beautiful but still sort of an eerie feeling that made me think of an old sailors poem.

You've heard the saying,
"Red sky at night, sailors delight. "Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning".

This saying has been used by sailors for over 2000 years.  The pinkish sky in the evening is caused by the light of the setting sun. The sun sets in the West at the same time the world is spinning therefore the sun shine bounces off moisture from the clouds that are actually moving away, giving a sign that tomorrow will be clear. 

On the other hand, a red sky in the morning could predict the opposite with signs that a storm is approaching and he sailors will take shelter on land.

Photo Shoots and Cocktails

I think I'm finally getting back on track. Last week was filled with so many deadlines, airlines and headlines.

It's been crazy at the next town over in Charlotte. I'm sure you've heard about that police shooting in town. The streets are packed with protesters taking over and, well, you know how it goes with that. Just puts us all in one of those moods. Too close to home I'd say.

But I'm here to talk about a different kind of Shoot.

Tuesday I got to fly for the first time. I did fine. Would I do it again? Sure. But I will not say I loved it. I'm not a fan of being that close to people. But the experience was great!

I was chosen by Nutrisystem for an all expense paid trip to Clear Water Florida to be in a photo shoot, commercial, and social media ads. I was over whelmed.

Once my plane landed, I had a black car and chauffeur waiting on me. He took me to the Hilton Hotel where I checked in.

I received some gifts and money then I was then taken by a limo bus to the production studio where I had a wardrobe fitting. 


I was feeling pretty special. There were seventeen of us all together. Later that evening I attended a cocktail party where I mingled and made many new friends.
I was looking pretty rough by this time. Ha.


I met a couple big names such as Anthony Sullivan, the spokesman for Oxi Clean.

I also got to spend some time and laughs with Kat Carney. Shes a lifestyle host and health journalist. You may have seen her on CNN, QVC, PBS and Nutrisystem. Before you ask, I did not see Marie.

Wednesday, was the day I did interviews for ads and social media. I was not very good with this. I just draw a blank when the camera is pointed at me and I'm put on que. I also had that southern twang that people find hilarious. I think everyone else had an accent and I was the normal one.


Thursday, was the best! I got to have my hair and make up professionally done and had several photo shots taken on a white screen. I loved this part. Being prepped and pampered is something I could get used to. I also did some speaking parts on a green screen and some photos in a kitchen scene. It was all surreal.

Another familiar face in the crowd was Meghan Linsey from the TV show "The Voice".
She was having her time in lights for Nutrisystem too.

That night, we did not have a car service and wanted to get away, So we called Ubers and headed to town for dinner.


I got a they called it.


It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I made so many new friends who have lost weight just like me! We shared stories and laughs and even tears. We exchanged numbers and emails to keep in touch.

Thursday night my black car took me straight from the studio to the airport, eyelashes and all. I had a 7:00 flight. Sadly I did not get to see the beaches of Florida because we were so busy but that's fine. I love the Carolina Beaches and will be heading there in two more weeks to finish off my vacation days.


I made it back to North Carolina where my very own personal black car was waiting on me. Nothing beats a Ford with my handsome husband driving and daughter riding shot gun as again I was chauffeured. We went to get some ice cream. Then Home Sweet Home. 

I just wanted to hold my husband tight because I missed him so much. This was the first time in 23 years that we spent a night apart. It was weird.

The next morning, I did not want to dress myself, fix my hair or drive myself to work. I was spoiled in just that little time.
It took me two days to catch up on rest.

You may see me on a commercial or ad for Nutrisystem. Its all left as a surprise that I don't even know until or if It happens.

I have lost a total of 50 lbs on Nutrisystem. Its been over a year and I continue to maintain my weight on Nutrisystem foods. You can read my whole journey HERE.

Update: I here is my first tv appearance. hahaha.

My Birthday Girl

Twenty five years ago I had just ate a large banana split and was watching the World Series with Mom. That's when I felt my baby girl telling me its time to come into the World. Well, really it was mom that said lets go, I thought I was just having a cramp.

To the hospital we went, daddy was driving, Mom smiling, and me with no idea. (Confused? Well, For the sake of me and my baby, I finally escaped an abusive marriage). So I was living with my parents for a while.

I arrived at the hospital close to midnight and five hours later, I gave birth to a purple cone headed baby. She weighed 7 lbs, 13 oz. She was not the prettiest baby in the nursery at the time, but she was mine and it was instant love. When it was time to take her home, she was a normal color, chubby cheeks and had a head of dark hair with a big curl on top. Dressed in blue ruffles and silk shoes, I stood back and figured she was a keeper. She was beautiful. 

She was a colicky baby and cried every night for hours. I cried too. I was only 22 and had no idea how I was gonna get through, but I did. I managed with lots of the help of my (new) husband who adopted her as his own. We took her to church, got her through school, and she graduated college on our dollar. Times were hard and finances were tight but she was worth every bit. We raised a smart, hard working, beautiful daughter that's brought much fun and joy to my life. Shes my only, she my one. 

We are best friends and talk about everything (and everybody). We share our thoughts and secrets, laugh a lot and fuss rarely. 

I am so proud of her and what shes become. I miss her since she is now out on her own and working hard to make ends meet, just like the most of us at 25. 
She visits almost every week and we have fun taking selfies, shopping and watching TV.
She calls me Mai and I call her Boo.

She grew up so fast and in a blink of an eye she was an adult but no matter how old she gets, she will always be six in my eyes.

She keeps our pockets empty and our hearts full. 

Happy Birthday Ashley!!! 

Secret Revealed

Ok I have something exciting to tell everyone. Im gonna make this quick because Im exhausted and ready to go to sleep.
The day has been long. Im running on only four hours of sleep as I flew into Tampa Florida early.

If you follow my blog then you know I have been loosing weight on Nutrisystem. Its been over a year. Ive reached my goal and lost a total of 50 lbs. you can read my journey on the tab above.

Well, last month I got an exciting email letting me know that I have been chosen to share my success story and be on a Nutrisystem photo/commercial shoot in Tampa Florida for a week.
I still cant believe it.

Here I am in a fancy Hilton hotel. Tuesday was wardrobe fitting. They had all kinds of clothes for me to try on. I felt like a star. Later there was a cocktail party and making new friends.
Wednesday and Thursday I will be under lights and cameras and will have my hair styled and make-up. Wish me luck as im very camera shy and my biggest fear is public speaking.
More to come with photos later. Im tired.

Blogging From A Plane

Every morning, me and my husband will spend a few moments hugging and kissing and saying goodbye as I head off to work with my fresh cup of coffee he always has prepared for me.

Well today is different. I have gotten a once in a life time opportunity to fly away on an all expences paid trip to Tampa. I cant wait to tell you all about it so stay tuned. Im announing it tomorrow..

Im experiencing a lot of "first". 
First time away from my sweetie in 25 years.
First time in an airpiort,
First time on a plane (do I get a sticker or something?)
First time out of the Carolinas.

I'm so excited but just as much nervous and sad to be away from my husband and home. I have so many mixed emotions right now. I know he didnt really want me going away but supported my decision to do this. I tried to hide my guilty emotions as I exited the car and left him alone. As soon as I walked through the doors of the airport I thought to myself " what are you thinking?!" "Turn around and go back!" But I didnt. I stayed strong, held my chin up high and entered into the security zone. It was not bad at all. I enjoyed looking at all the different people. The other side of security was like a mall. Im also learning how much of a germ a phobic I am. 

Now Im in seat 19A. Way out of my comfort zone, Alone and scared. Did I mention im afraid of heights? I really wish I was next to my husband instead of whoever it is beside me. I think I want to throw up. But Im blogging. There is no throw up in blogging. I can do this. 
When I get off of this plane, im suppose to have a black car waiting on me to drive me to my destination. 

Wish me luck and say a little prayer for me on this short three day journey. Though I believe ill have fun,  I already cant wait to be back home. 
I love my man so much.

Memories- Fish Camps

I grew up in a small town outside of Charlotte that is known for its many fish camps. When I was in highschool, It was a popular place kids landed their first job. There was one on every corner. I remember six of them with in a two mile stretch. Twin Tops Fish camp was only a mile from my home. The day I turned sixteen the family went to eat there. My dad took me into the kitchen where he knew the owner. "My girl just turned sixteen, can you put her to work?" I left that night with a job. I was a bus boy and enjoyed it. I was paid 3.00 an hour plus a percentage of tips. It was gas and movie money and thats all I needed at the time.

I noticed that many people who are not from around here give me a strange look when I call it a fish camp. A lot of people only know them as fish houses. I picture a fish house being fancy and serving wine. Fish camps around here are anything but fancy. The intereiors are often made up of wooden tables, bench seats and fish photos hanging on the wall that would tell the story of the fishermen. Families would make it custom to go every week and meet friends. With a roll of paper towels, a setting of paper plates and a jug of sweet tea on the table, you were ready to eat.


Fish camps were usually owned by generations of families. There was always competition on which one was the best. The other towns around would have fish camp festivals with cook offs and cat fish races. Those were the fun days. 

Fish camps are still popular and you can still see a line hanging out the door on any givin friday night. 
They are just that good.

Muscadine? Or Scuppernongs?

Let me clear one thing up first. Muscadines are black/purple and scuppernongs are greenish/gold.

When I was a kid, mom had a large muscadine vine. It produced the prettiest golden juicy sweet n sour grapes. The kids in the neighborhood would come over and we would eat them until our bellies ached. If we were not eating them, we were shooting each other with them.

I remember pinching the thick grape skin releasing the slimy seeded filling into my mouth as I was a pro at using my teeth to pinch out the seeds, leaving a sweet muscadine flavored goo on my tongue.

Well, Now days if I want muscadines, I have to buy them in the store or produce stand. I bought these yesterday. 

They were the biggest grapes I have ever seen. 

Needless to say, these were not very sweet. Not like mommas. I'm thinking the smaller ones are best and the scuppernongs are better.

One day I would like to plant a small vine that will grown around a small trellis, But then again, I remember the bees the vines attract and the upkeep it takes to keep them neat. 

Fact: Scuppernong is a type of Muscadine. So technically you can call a scuppernong a muscadine but cant call a muscadine a scuppernong. 
Did you get that?

Test post

I got a little discouraged after downloading the new iPhone update 10.0.1.

When I get a notion to blog and all I have is my phone with me, I would use the free "Blogger " app.
Well... The blogger app no longer worked as it would kick me offf with in minutes of using it. I became frustrated. So I did some research and even tried to delete the app and add it again. Couldn't. Notta.
It no longer existed. 

So I was forced to purchase the "Blog Touch Pro" app for 4.99. First app ive ever purchased but its that important to me. Apple Probably knew This.

But hey, I think I like it It's easy to change font and color. I can even make the words big when I want to shout.  

This is really just a test post so I can get familar with it. 
Ok so here is a test photo while im at it..

Its deer we saw the other week on our walk. With just a touch I was able to make the photo smaller or larger than original. I think imma gonna like this app.

Now yall gonna have to send me comments so I can see how those work too. 

All you "Blogspot" Bloggers. Good luck!!!!


Well my week started out great when I got the news that I had won the giveaway from mountainmama's blog.

She was nominated for a special award called the Amara Award. She is really excited about it and I hope she wins. When I went to vote for her, I decided to enter into her giveaway which consist of two new books from Amazon. 

One of the books is called "The girl On the Train". I have seen the preview of the movie coming out in October and though it would be good. Now I get to read the book first. I've never read a book, then seen the movie. But I will now. She said it was hard to put the book down to get ready for work in the mornings.

The other book is called "Then New Neighbor". She said she was hooked from the very first page. I cant wait to read it too as I like suspense and/ or love stories with a little edge.

I have a couple trips planned in the coming weeks and this will be a good time to relax and read.

Thank you Mountain Mama

If You Like Apples

Nothing says Fall like the smell of cooked apples. Just having them simmer on the stove for a while can put me in the Autumn mood. That was hard for me to say being Summer is my favorite season and I hate to see it go but then Fall comes in second.

With that being said, I headed over to BJ's blog and tried the sweet concoction she posted about last week. It consist of cooked apples in a cinnimon sugar made carmel then drizzled on cheese toast. Oh my gosh! I ran to the store for apples and when Saturday came, I was on it. And it was a win!

Go check out her little green apple post HERE. Just do it. Go Now. While your there read some of her other posts. Shes full of charm. 

I made enough apples to snack on later or have with lunch . 
I even made an apple rose by carefully peeling the apple without the skin breaking.
(Another thing she did that I had to try.)

Ok Mrs C. How did I do?

Venting- Mall experience

Sorry to bring a grumpy post to you on this lovely Sunday but I need to vent. Them Im heading to church.  

I didnt have a fun experience at the mall yesterday. People are really starting to get on my.....ok let me back up, I can tollerate many people. I try to keep in mind that they have different morals, backgrounds and life styles. I smile at everyone. But there are times I feel like Im the only nice guy around. Yesterday just about made me loose all my kindness. 

In one store, as I was looking around, a lady on her cell phone was talking so everyone around her could take notes. She was loud, rude and the language would make a sailor blush. I just slipped away to another store.

Another store; I saw some shoes I liked so I began to sit on the little padded bench to try them on, when....a kid does a big Geronimo belly dive onto it. I almost sat on him. His mom sees him do this but does not say anything to him. I would have left the store with moms hand print on my rear end. 
Its ok, I just went around the corner to the next seat trying hard not to touch someones purse they had left sitting on there while they looked around. 

It never fails, everything I want to look at, so does everyone else. This really gets to me. If there is only one person in the store other than me, that person will step in the path of my shopping and look at the same darn thing, usually standing right in front of my view. I have politely said excuse me but either the person doesnt know what that means or they just want to be butt holes. 

To top off my lovely shopping experience, my husband and I met back up. As we were walking side by side with plenty of open floor around us, a group of very large... [umm biting my tounge]...young women walked past me coming from theopposite  direction. One of the [uumm biting my tounge] women hit me pretty hard in the side with her hand, as our shoulders also hit together. In my younger days, this would have been an instant fight. I just turned to her and gave her the ole stink eye as she casually walked away with her friends. They were giggling and laughing. They knew what they were doing. They were very rude and disrespectful. Im too smart to say anything, too small to go to jail, and too old to take a butt woopin. 

My feelings were sort of hurt because I always make a point to be friendly to everyone. The more I thought about it the more mad I got. My husband told me that I can just expect things to get worst in this world. I think hes right. Its sad and I can only pray for better tomorrows. 

I think ive made up my mind to do most of my Christmas shopping this year from online while sitting in a basket. :)

Mini Taco Salads

As I brag about a lot, I'm a lucky gal that has a husband that has my dinner ready every night. I still eat Nutrisystem meals regularly, he has those prepared as well.
Often though, I will eat whatever he cooks instead. This does me good.

We run out of ideas for low calorie dinners at times but last night I decided to do dinner and give him the night off. I had an idea. The fridge and pantry were rather empty and was time to go to the grocery store (but dinner first). 

With only 4 wheat tortilla shells left, a can of fajita flavored chicken, and a cup of frozen peppers and onions, I made these delicious little taco salads. They each only took a pinch of cheese, Pico and lettuce to complete. 

To make your own taco salad shell: 

Heat the tortillas in the microwave with a damp paper towel draped over them to keep them moist. About 30 seconds.

Spray the bottom of muffin pan with cooking spray and place tortillas as pictured. 

Bake 375 degrees for 10 minutes. 

Fill with your favorite fillings and enjoy.

The ones I made were less than 300 calories for two.

Feeling Corky

It was a rainy day. I have already seen every Hallmark movie and Law and Order show on TV. I was bored.

I'm low on yarn and have no crochet orders to fill, so I didn't have anything to crochet. 

I went to my craft room closet and pulled out my beads and trinkets and tried to figure out something to make.
I do this. I'm always wanting to be doing something. I have worry hands. Always fidgeting, doodling or googling. Otherwise, I'd just doze off in the recliner and waste hours. 

I looked up and notice those jars of corks I have collected through the years were not serving any other purpose other than, well, sitting in a jar. So I grabbed a handful and began crafting. 
Note: I don't drink this much wine. I find a lot laying on the ground at the campground after the Frenchies pack up and leave. (Can I say that?). 

Without much thought, I created some little cork key chains. I have no clue how to make jewelry so I fiddled around until I got it all pieced together. I think I did a pretty good job adding beads.

I let my daughter pick out a couple of the cork key chains I made to give away to friends and they loved them.

What is your favorite wine? As you can see, I like Duplin. It's made right here in North Carolina. Perfect wine without the vinegary taste. Its sweet and smooth and they have may types to choose from.

Hot Dog Enchilada

"Oh for the love of hot dogs!" Yes, I love hot dogs so this recipe just got me tickled!

I give my husband all the credit for this one. Fortunately he has my dinner ready for me when I get home from work each day. I showed him this idea for hog dogs and he did so good with it. He even snapped some photos. Isn't that just the sweetest? I even gave him his own photo credit. haha.

This recipe turned out so good!  Here is how he did it.

2 cans Hormel chili with beans (hot is best)
1  package hot dogs
10 flour tortillas
1 (8 oz) package Cheddar cheese, shredded

Spread 1 can of  Hormel chili and beans (hot is best) in the bottom of a 9x13 inch casserole dish.
Roll each hot dog (we like all beef) inside a flour tortilla and place in baking dish on top of the chili ,seam side down.
Top with another can of chili and beans, and add cheese on top.
Cover with foil or glass lid and bake in oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes.

You can use your own variations with less chili and cheese or more. Whatever suits your family's taste.

I added some slaw and chips and I had a hot dog buffet right there on my plate!.

Hey! That Was My Idea!

Have you ever had an idea of something to invent then later see it in the stores? Inventions thought up by you but created by someone else?
You know what Im talking about. 

Well there have been a few things I've thought of that would make life much easier but someone beat me to it. Ok heres a couple for instance:

  • A long time ago I thought it would be nice to create squeeze jelly. Later on I saw some on the grocery shelves. Your welcome Mr. Jelly container guy. (Squeeze yogurt, not my idea).
  • Then one day I thought it would be nice if ketchup and mustard could sit on their lids so you wouldnt have to shake them down to squirt them out. Bam! In the stores within months afterwards.
  • While lugging a whole bottle of clothes detergant to the laundromat at the campground once, I thought it would be nice if I could create single tablets that I could just carry in my pocket to toss in the machines. Yep, someone read my mind on that too. 
So, I give up. Ill always get beat to the idea of anything that comes from this lefty nobrainer, so if anyone wants to take a shot at one of my last two thoughts of invention, please create a way to save left over pizza. "Pizza Keeper". Something of the sort of a layered pocketed dish that will store half a pizza in single slices. Pizza boxes are way to big for the fridge and the toppings will stick to any other dish you put them in especially if you have to stack them. 
And lastly, "toothpaste tablets".

Any takers?  

Easiest Cream Cheese Danish Ever

Easy is the word for this sweet little treat. So keep your PJs on, grab your cup of coffee and forget about Bojangles! This Cream cheese danish will hit the spot.

It only takes five ingredients that you probably already have.

2 large cans of crescent rolls (1/2 the remaining ingredients if using one large can or 2 small cans)
1 8oz cream cheese (room temp so it mixes easier)
1/2 cup of sugar
3/4 tsp of Vanilla
1 tsp sour cream

Carefully open the crescent rolls and avoid unrolling the dough.
Slice dough into 1/4 inch thick and place on cookies sheet.

Press the centers with your finger or spoon to create an indention.

Mix cream cheese, sugar, vanilla and sour cream together until smooth. ( I used a whisk but a mixer would work too but who wants the mess?)
Add about a tablespoon of mixture to the center of each piece of dough where you made the indentions. You can add more or less if you prefer.

Bake in oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.

Once they are done, you can add a homemade icing to drizzle over the tops.

1 cup powder sugar
1 tbsp milk
1 tbsp melted butter

Feel free to experiment a little and add some fruit of your choice before you add the cream cheese. Or maybe add a sprinkle of cinnamon.
Cinnamon? Ooops, I think Ive just come up with another idea. Oh my! Somebody stop me!