Crochet Frenzie

I have just been on this little crochet frenzy lately. Really, I do it every night! I'm not complaining though. I'm having a good time with it and I amaze myself once I get something completed. I hold it in the air, give it a turn, smile a little, look over at my husband and with a little giggle I say, "look what I did".

It all started last year when I made little baby booties and sold them on EBay. Then I was introduced to Etsy where you make and sale homemade items. I have been a member on Etsy for a while but just recently opened my own Etsy shop. I just took a wild shot in the dark that anyone would want to buy any of my items. But I have had a couple sales and this tickles me. I named my shop "LiLiDi's". Why? Well, LiLi is what my siblings called me when they were little before they could say my name and then my father-in- law started calling me that because it is also one of my screen names. And Di is the first two letters of my middle and last name. I thought it all went together nicely and its easy for me to remember. You can find my shop HERE.

Recently one of my crochet baby hats was noticed by a local photographer in town called Encaptured & Co.. that wanted to buy it for a photo prop and since then, shes kept me pretty busy asking me to make items to use in photo shoots of little babies and even animals. She gives me some ideas and I go with it. You can see some of her work HERE. I am also making some items for my friends.

Here are a couple photo shots from Encapatured and Co. using my crochet creations. You can see these and a few more in my "crochet photo page". If your local, you should definitely look them up. They do great shots and have great prices. Encaptured and Co. will let you choose your interest and they make it memories.

Here are a few other items I made for Photo props along the way.

I have another crochet prop that I made and hope to post later, but for now, I choose not to show it and keep it a surprise until the photographer uses it. I'm hoping it will work out.

UPDATE: It worked perfectly!

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Diamonds and Daggers

"Diamonds and Daggers"

That's the name of the semi-formal that my daughter was in charge of for her sorority. Since she is on the formal chair, she was responsible for the whole venue for a semi formal.

This was a big task for her and a new experience.

She needed some help on a decoration that represented the theme of diamonds and daggers. So, my husband put on his creative hat and created the perfect thing. He went to the local craft store for some foam board to cut out some diamonds and found some daggers in some clearance Halloween supplies at the dollar store. He measured, drew up ideas and cut until it was just right.

Once finished, he had created a lovely prop for her to use for photos or decorations.

She ended up using it for a center piece on the food table.

With the buses lined up to go and DJ turning on the sound, the night was ready. It all went well even though they ran out of food. You know how those college kids can eat! She should have doubled the food but she was on a limited budget from the sorority.
She took a few pictures for me to share.

Cupcakes from a local bakery

The party room entrance.

The food table ready for everyone to come.
Every one dancing and having a good time. Well, almost everyone.
Yay! Between exams, homework, job, and meetings she did a good job getting this together!

She now has to plan for a big formal to be held in the spring. She said there was a lot she learned from doing this and a lot of things she will do different with the next one.


Ear warmer *Pattern*

Ive been doing alot of crocheting latley. Im always experimenting on new things.

The other day I thought I'd make myself something. I dont like hats because they mess up my hair and scarfs are just to restricting to me so I decided to just make me an earwarmer. I added a button to the back of it so I could easily put it on and lift it off without messing up my hair.

I like the way it turned out.

I guessed at making the flower. Later, I decided to add a pearl bead to accent it.

I cant wait for it to get cold enough to wear it. No, wait, I do not want it to get cold but do want to wear this.

Here is the pattern for this ear warmer for those crafters out there wanting to take on another task. If you can't crochet, I will have a couple of these in My Etsy Shop you can purchase.

1.  Chain long enough to fit around your head ( I chained 60 )
2.  SC first 10,  HDC across leaving 10 at the end, SC last 10, chain 1, turn.
3.  Slip stitch 10, HDC across leaving 10, slip stitch in last 10, chain 1 turn
    * REPEAT step 2 and 3 until you have the width you want.

4.  SC around the band making 2 SC in each corner stitch. Finish off.
5   Apply a button and your done.

I actually made a special crochet stitch at one end for a button hole but its not necessary. You can still get a button in there.  You dont even have to add a button. You can just stitch the ends together and make a band. Whatever suits you.

Now add your own bow or flower if you wish.

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Nuked Apples

Nuked: Our word for Microwaved.

This is one of my Fall time favorites. They're good anytime of the year but there is just something wonderful about the smell of cooked apples on an Autumn day.

These apples are easy to make and taste delicious. You can add more or less of the inside sweetness to fit your tastes. I like them really sweet.

First you have to pick your apples. Any apple will do. I like the big yellow apples that you get in the mountains, whatever they are called,  but Food Lion doesn't give me that option. So I grabbed a couple Gala apples. They worked fine.

  • Core out the center
  • Stuff the center hole with butter, and brown sugar. Pack it tight because it will melt all into the apple and out in the dish.
  • Place in a microwave bowl or casserole dish.
  • Microwave on high for 4 minutes.

Just look at all that baked like goodness! Enjoy.

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Cheesy Jalapeno Cornbread

I have to give all the credit to my husband for this one.

I have been asking him to make some of his Delicious corn bread. Maybe its Mexican corn bread? "Nope" he says. "Mexican cornbread has corn in it. This is full of cheese and Jalapenos". Two of my favorites combinations. All I know is I love it.

So, when I got home from work, I could smell the kitchen as I was coming in the door. I knew at that moment what he was fixing. Yes, I'm a lucky girl. I'm married to an Italian that likes to cook and is good at it! He has my dinner ready every day I come in. I'm pretty spoiled. I like to cook but I mostly do the cooking (if any) on the weekends.  While he tries to keep it healthy and balanced , I like to make casseroles and sweet stuff.

So, with my husbands permission, I'm sharing his recipe. Enjoy.

Cheesy Jalapeno Cornbread

1 cup- Buttermilk self rising cornmeal mix
1 cup- Self rising flour
1 cup- Milk (he used 2%)
1/3 cup- Sour Cream
1 Tbs.- Sugar
1/4 cup- Veg. Oil
1- Egg
1 cup- Shredded sharp cheese
1/2 cup- chopped jalapenos (you can use more or less. We like it hot)

Mix all together.

Pour into a heated greased Iron Skillet ( He placed it in the oven while he mixed)
Bake 425 degree for 25 minutes.

But wait.......
He also made some homemade Gumbo to too!

Not sure how he did it but it consist of chicken broth, okra, shrimp, chicken, sausage, diced tomatoes and Texas Pete along with spice and rice.
I think ill have leftovers tonight.
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Last Dance

Yes, I'm gonna say it again. I'm giving up zumba dancing. This is like the fifty hundredth time I've said I was gonna give up zumba but I finally did it. I took zumba classes for three years and until about six months ago, I couldn't wait til the next class. It was so fun and felt I was getting a great workout.

Then it happened. My zumba friends began to drift away to other things and other places until finally I found myself dancing on the back row again feeling like I did not fit in and a wall began to build around me, just like before I ever started dancing. The high was gone. Oh, I hate this feeling. I really loved dancing.

The last class I attended, I knew it was the last dance for me therefore I had no enthusiasm.
As I looked around the room at everyone that I tried to be friends with for years, I could not help but wonder if they will even know I'm gone.

Between my feelings, my achy knees and the fact that money is tight right now, It just didn't seem to be beneficial for me to continue. I wouldn't get home from work until 5:30 each day and since I like to eat before 7:00 at night,  I'd rush to eat supper and rush out the door to make class. I did this three times a week. It just became not worth it.

What am I gonna do now?

I have this fear that giving up dance will cause me to gain weight, but then again, it never caused me to loose weight so ill take the chance. Meanwhile, I plan to spend more time after work being at home with my husband.
My plans are to walk more and eat less. Walking is good exercise for me and alot easier on my knees. So now after dinner, me and my husband will take a rapid two mile walk through the neighborhood and talk about our day. After all, we are best friends and togetherness is precious to us.
Maybe I'll have time for dinner with a friend or two sometime and maybe join a couple church activities throughout the month or attend more art classes.

When things pick up and the holidays are gone, maybe me and my husband can join a gym together or some kind of workout routine together at home to keep us in shape. Maybe I can find another dance class somewhere after the first of the year that will fit better into my schedule and not take away from my family life. Maybe I will not need knee surgery before I'm 50!